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The Bilāl Movie: Why it still reinforces the Slave-Narrative of Black-People.


The Bilāl Movie is actually a Sucka-Emcee Production: Bilāl ibn-Rabāh (May Allah be pleased with him) actually was Arab via his Father Rabāh, from Banī-Jumah, one of the Families of Quraysh, making Bilāl Tribally-Related to Muhammad (Peace be upon him).(The Sealed-Nectar) The mere fact that Rabāh is neither casted, mentioned, nor even referenced directly/by Name within the Film truly says a lot, as per the Agenda of the Producers of this Film: to do exactly what the Pagan Arabs did to Bilāl, which was to deny him his Arabness & replace it with Blackness. I’ll speak more on this-The Reason why Blackness was imposed upon Bilāl is because as a Slave (prior to his Liberation) he had 0-Rights, not even the Right to lay claim to his own Paternal Arab-Genealogy. This, of course, was due to the fact that the Arabs possessed immense disdain for Abyssinia/Ancient-Ethiopia & its People, resulting from the generational Military-Conflicts between them, based upon religio-political & socio-economic dominance in the region, which of course was imposed upon Bilāl, by virtue of him having an Abyssinian-Mother.

The Political-Discord between the Arabs & Abyssinians occured as a result of the Abyssinians of Yemen, then a Colony of Abyssinia, wanting to divert Commerce from al-Makkah to Yemen via making a Church named al-Qullays: a Mock-Ka`​bah, to draw Pilgrims to make al-Hajj/Pilgrimage in Yemen as opposed to al-Makkah. Once the Quraysh learned of this, a Man went to Yemen and desecrated this Church, infuriating the People of Yemen, thereby inciting War…this became known as the War of the Elephant. After the War/Year of the Elephant, which an Abyssinian-Army with an Elephant-Cavalry failed to invade/conquer al-Makkah and were defeated (resulting from Allah casting upon them Flocks of Birds dropping Sijjīl/Firery-Stones [Noble-Qur’ān: Chpt.105; at-Tabarī; as-Suyūtī]), in retaliation, the Arabs of al-Makkah: the Quraysh & their many Allies in turn invaded Yemen. When this happened, countless Abyssinians were captured by the Arabs, including the Mother of Bilāl, Hammāmah, of Abyssinian-Royalty, and Human-Trafficked to al-Makkah-These People became Slaves.(ibn-Ishāq, at-Tabarī, as-Suyūtī) And, this is actually why Bilāl ibn-Rabāh was referred to in a disrespectful way, by Abī-Dharr al-Ghifārī (May Allah be pleased with him)…by the way: the Narration never textually states that he called Bilāl “Son of a Black-Woman”…that was a Commentative Add-On, as is commonly told concerning this Story. This is exclusively based upon Scholastic-Conjecture on part of al-Bukhārī, which this Add-On exists within his Hadīth-Collection of Sahīh-il-Bukhārī.(Fath-ul-Bārī, ibn-Hajr) Ironically, even Abā-Dharr al-Ghifārī is described as being a “Black-Man”, relative to his Dark-Skin.(ibn-Ishāq, at-Tabarī, as-Suyūtī, Muslim, ibn-Sa`d, adh-Dhahabī, http://www.alajamwalarab.com)

This Film also (subliminally) simply is a Muslim-Version of 12-Years A Slave: it reinforces Subserviance, Destitution, Acceptance of Slave-Culture, etc. Why is it that Bilāl is the only “Black-Companion” highlighted/depicted in Film, Narrative, etc. as “the Slave/Ex-Slave”?!!! Why is it that none of Bilāl’s Military/Statesmanhood Accomplishments are ever highlighted/detailed in Film/Narrative?!!! For example: did you know that Bilāl participated in all the known Major-Battles during the Lifetime of Muhammad (Peace be upon him); did you know that Bilāl was the 1st Minister of Bayt-il-Māl/Secretary of the Islāmic-Treasury: the Chief-Administrator responsible for the collection of az-Zakāh/Taxation & distribution of as-Sadaqah/Philanthropy?!!!(Battles Of The Prophet, Lives Of The Companions, at-Tabarī, as-Suyūtī)

The only Reason why Bilāl is still inaccurately portrayed as being “Black” is because he was once a Slave. Had he always been Free, no one would’ve ever attributed “Blackness” to Bilāl. Let’s actually take a look at what the Skin-Complexion of Bilāl actually was. According to Ahādīth/Narrations, recorded in various Collections: Bilāl really wasn’t any “Darker/Blacker” than any other Muslim/Non Muslim Arabs of his Lifetime, as per Skin-Complexion. In fact, it was common-place for Arabs to boast & laude their Dark-Complexions & ridicule the Complexions of Non-Arabs described as al-Humrah (Reddish-White), as well as al-Asfar (Yellowish-White).(Lisān-ul`Arab: Lexicon of the Arabic-Language, ibn-Manzhūr) There also various Other-Colors which the Arabs would use to describe one another as per DarkSkin, like al-Akhdhar/Green…do you have any Idea how Dark someone’s Skin-Complexion has to be in order to be called “Green”?!!! I’ve literally seen People so Dark that they have a Green-Tint to their Skin-Complexions. However, ironically, almost every single portrayal of him in Literature, Film, etc. depicts him as “Shaka Zulu Black” and/or the Darkest-Person around. Like, in the Film “The Message” for example…the Producers of this Film (in both the Hollywood & Arab Versions) purposely casted the Darkest/Blackest Human-Being they could find to portray Bilāl on Screen…the Question is why?!!! Simple, to continue the Pseudo-Narrative of equating Blackness to Slavery & Servitude. Even in the Hollywood version of “The Message”, Bilāl is emphatically called “Black-Bilāl”…Word4Word…that alone should tell you something.

The Pseudo-Narrative of Bilāl is directly paralleled with the Pseudo-Narrative of Sally Hemings: the only Reasons why either of them are ethno-historically falsely-portrayed as being “Black” is because they were both Born-Slaves & both their Mothers were Black (Hammāmah, Betty Hemings: even Betty Hemings herself had a European-Father but cause she was a Slave she was considered “Black”). The Father, Paternal-Grandfather, Paternal Great-Grandfather of Sally Hemings were all White-Men/Slave-Owners. Her Slave-Owner, Thomas Jefferson (who essentially used her as a Sex-Slave) was actually her Brother-In-Law (Jefferson’s Wife, Martha Wayles & Sally Hemings had the same Father: John Wayles).(at-Tabarī; Hayāt-us-Sahābah; Virginia House of Burgesses: British Coastal Colonial Law of Slavery, 1660)

Muslim Matters actually published a Review of the Movie.(https://muslimmatters.org/2018/02/03/5-things-to-know-about-the-movie-before-watching-it-review-of-bilal-a-new-breed-of-hero/) Their Film-Commentary of Bilāl not only reinforces my Point, as per the continuation of a Pseudo-Narrrative, predicated upon al-`Asabiyyah/Xenophobia, but also the Major-Themes of Islām aren’t even highlighted. Once again, the important Narrative of Bilāl has been shamefully compromised, at the expense of wanting to capitalize on “Blackness” being at the forefront of World/US Politics via Libya, Police-Brutality, Racial-Profiling, Human-Trafficking, etc.

Gareth Bryant/2018

My thoughts on Batman: The Dark Knight Rises & James Holmes: Humanity Falls


It’s been an entire week since the Batman movie massacre, that has shaken Aurora, Co, and has forced a nation into deep uproar, about gun-control, as well as, the two front-running Presidential candidates to make public outcries about gun-violence. However, when a Muslim observes this tragedy, and, a tragedy it definitely was, we must also reflect upon many of our own aspirations to catch the very first viewing of Batman: Dark Knight Rises. Muslims were making any & all types of excuses, asking all types of religious questions, to various religious personalities, concerning the religious permissibility of watching this final segment of this newest Hollywood spin on the well-known Batman saga, instead of preparing to concentrate on fasting during the Month of Ramadhan, whose first day coincided with the 20th of July. Muslims around the world annually anticipate the coming of Ramadhan, as a way to redeem ourselves & reform ourselves, to make us better Muslims & overall better Human beings, through our fasting & various other positive actions, while at the same time, disregarding any & all negative actions & behaviour.

Now, in spite of what had happened, at the hands of one James Eagan Holmes, responsible for the carnage in Aurora, we, as Muslims, must honestly ask ourselves, “If I were in Aurora, knowing what I know about what had happened, would I still go to see the Batman movie?” Not surprisingly, many Muslims would definitely say “Yes” if they were to ask themselves this question. It shows a true disconnect with reality. And, the reality is that death will come for all of us, both Muslim & Non-Muslim, alike. The question now, is whether we will be ready to meet our Lord.

Let’s go off on a tangent, just a lil’ bit, and place some focus on James Holmes & the victims. James Holmes seemed like the typical all-American boy: straight-A student, Ph.D. candidate, the works. But, there was a dark void inside of him, that he felt necessary to fulfill at any cost, regardless of its consequences. He was haunted by some demons that was consuming him, and, in turn would destroy precious lives, without any type of justification what so ever. Then, there are the victims of this tragedy, whom they & their families deserve our utmost sympathies & condolences. Death is never an easy thing to cope with, especially when it hits home-base, effecting those whom we love, and, especially when it’s a direct result of senseless violence.

These people, cut down by Holmes just wanted to see a movie, enjoy the weekend. But, they meet their end in a very horrific way, that has sent their families into unspeakable turmoil, and, for what reason? So, some guy can live out a demonic fantasy, to be the Joker?!!! The actions of Holmes have sparked a nation-wide discussion, among politicians, community-activists, public personalities, etc., about gun-control. But, what about the discussion to help the families of these victims heal?!!! That’s just as much of a prevalent issue as the weapons that these people claim to want off of the streets.

The true issue is that our societies glorify violence & carnage, via entertainment, The Godfather, Scarface, The Sopranos, The Wire, Spartacus, etc. However, when someone goes off, and starts to want to manifest violence that they see, being depicted through media, no one wants to take responsibility for their contribution to our violent world. Now, don’t get me wrong: James Holmes was dead-wrong for what he’s done-I’m sure that he’ll receive the maximum available punishment for his crimes in Colorado, and, also, in the Hereafter, he’ll have to be held accountable, to Allah, the Lord of the Universe, for his actions. But, what about our own actions, which encourage violence on the big screen, but condemn it in reality.

Honestly, this is very hypocritical-We must hate violence all-around, not jst when some monster takes a weapon & massacres people in a theater, but, also, as well, when we’re watching our favorite mob & crime films & T.V. shows. We’ve become so desensitized by violence & its effects, that eventually, if not corrected by our societies, will promote not only more copy-cat incidents like this, but the nearly irreversible disregard for the sacredness of life itself. We all, regardless to whether you’re a politician, an actor, an executive producer of a show, a radio host, a music star, an educator, a parent, an older sibling, a religious leader, whomever, and, what ever you may be, we all have significant influences over one another, whether we’re willing to accept this or not. So, it’s really up to all of us, to change the tide of violence in our societies, to prevent Humanity from falling into the abyss of violence.