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My thoughts on Trayvon Martin!!!


Gareth Bryant...

I am Trayvon Martin!!!

It could’ve easily been me gunned down, like a dog, because of the color of my skin.
Law-enforcement would protect the murderers and give no justice to my kith and kin.

I am Trayvon Martin, too.
This could have been you.

To them, I’m just another Nigger, they would gladly celebrate my death, caused by my killer.
It’s the same the world over: the oppressed are criminalized, while the tyrant is made winner.

I am Trayvon Martin, too.
This could have been you.

It’s truly a shame that I must always live my life as a living target, with a bull’s-eye on my chest.
I’m constantly placed upon the edge, walking on eggshells, this keeps me paranoid & stressed.

I am Trayvon Martin, too.
This could have been you.

Why is the Black man always on the endangered-species list?
It’s like it’s my destiny, to forever…

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Illogical But True # 16 – Using “lynchmob” to describe what happening to Paula Deen


This is crucial!!!



Some fact about lynching:

Lynching, the practice of killing people by extrajudicial mob action, occurred in the United States chiefly from the late 18th century through the 1960s. Lynchings took place most frequently in the Southern United States from 1890 to the 1920s, with a peak in the annual toll in 1892. However, lynchings were also very common in the Old West. It is associated with re-imposition of white supremacy in the South after the Civil War.

event_omaha_courthouse_lynchingThe Tuskegee Institute has recorded 3,446 blacks and 1,297 whites were lynched between 1882 and 1968. Southern states created new constitutions between 1890 and 1910, with provisions that effectively disfranchised most blacks, as well as many poor whites. People who did not vote were excluded from serving on juries, and most blacks were shut out of the official political system.

At the start of the 20th century in the United States, lynching was photographic sport. People sent picture postcards of lynchings they had…

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Ramadhan is Our chance!!!


It’s the perfect endeavor to start anew.

A way to escape tests we go through.

Ramadhan allows us to improve constantly.

Ramadhan gives us the true beauty of mercy.

What Allah descends, via blessings, cannot be matched.

All our actions are more valued, more closely watched.

Through each & every day, from one sunset to the next…

…we are granted extra chances, to be better than the rest.

Though stressful & tiring, it’s among the greatest things…

…there are no compensations, for what Ramadhan brings.

We hunger and restrain, all-day…

…we pray & seek mercy, all-night.

Ramadhan has been bestowed upon us…

…it’s a cleansing, when we don’t do right.

The gates of Paradise are opened, to their widest…

…the gates of Hell sealed & locked with iron plates.

We wish to be of those who arrive to Ramadhan, wanting freedom, from our own error…

…we hope that our sins be erased, that we not be punished for them on the Day of Terror.

Gareth Bryant/2013