Gareth Bryant VI

This is the official writing-blog of Gareth Bryant. To keep it simple: I just love writing poetry & writing generally. I can make a poem out of anything, and I can write about any subject matter. This is just one of the things that Allah has given me as a talent, and I plan to share that with as many individuals on Earth as possible.

If you enjoy poetry/writing just as much as I do, or even more, then, this page is just for you & so is my writing & poetry. 🙂

Any thoughts, reflections, advice, comments, complaints, please, feel free to leave them, so I can receive them, and make attempts to not only improve my own writing, but to make sure that whoever views this page is able to enjoy what I’m presenting even more, and if they’re not enjoying what’s being presented, that I go out of my way to make sure that they do enjoy it.

Thanks in advance,

Gareth Bryant

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  40. What’s up Gareth? Thanks for following my blog. It’s very much appreciated. I like your blog as well. You have some very interesting topics. Peace and stay blessed.

  41. Hi Gareth,

    You seem to be very sure of yourself in stating that you “can make a poem out of anything” and “can write about any subject matter”. What confidence! Good on you! Nevertheless, it is a very big claim and brave declaration on your part though. Perhaps some humility, discretion and reservation are the better parts of valour.

    Happy December to you!

  42. Sallaamu Alaikum
    I enjoy writing what I feel deep in my heart, my emotions, my thoughts. If the Muslims, Christians, Jews, and the people of any religion knew their religion well, there would only be one religion, the religion of love and peace and mercy.

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