I have decided to seriously pursue modeling, out of fun, as well as to make an actual career out of. It is my hope to acquire constant-connections, through networking with various clothing brands, independent, photographers, etc. I want to really gain a foothold in the Modeling-industry, as a Muslim, mainly, because, I want to dispel the many negative notions, stereotypes, misconceptions, about the Modeling-Industry, among Muslims.

Many Muslims actually believe that the Modeling-Industry is only for Non-Muslims, Homosexuals, etc. Many Muslims believe that in order to be a Model, you have to sacrifice everything about who you are, that you have to objectify yourself (mostly sexually), in order to make it as a Model. I’m basically here to abolish any/all stereotypical misunderstandings about Modeling as well as the Modeling-Industry.

Gareth Bryant V

I want to be a Muslim-Model, whom other Muslims can look to as an example, that Muslims can venture into any industry, regardless to whatever that industry may be, and succeed, so long as that industry is inherently Islamically acceptable, as well as if a Muslim isn’t compromising their religious/personal principles. So, with that being said, this is what I do.

For info. how to contact me, for scheduling photo-shoots, modeling-jobs, etc.:

For more information about my interviews/photo-shoots which I’ve already done, as well as companies & websites which I’ve interviewed/modeled for:

Mischka Velasco:

Sole Imprint:

Alan Mildor:

Aaron Mark:

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  1. I find your pursuit interesting – I don’t think that modelling means degrading yourself sexually at all, but how would you reconcile your Islam with an industry that puts so much focus on image? I could understand modelling privately for designers in Muslim countries, but in non-Muslim industries, I doubt that putting yourself so much on display is in accordance with Islamic beliefs about modesty.

    • Very good observation…here’s my response: as Muslims, we have an obligation to express ourselves, in an Islamic context, no matter where we reside, because if we don’t define ourselves, someone will & we can’t afford that. So, as long as there is not religious compromise, referring to what/how I’m modeling, with the Permission of Allah, I’m all-set.

  2. What does your wife say? I’d never allow my husband to be a model (If I had a husband again.) I’m a very jealous woman. You’re very attractive.

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