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The Mercy of Allah Can Never be Measured by any of Us:



My story about how merciful Allah has been to me personally:

I distinctly remember, a few years ago, as I was still struggling with my own ego & desires to become more religious, more of a true Muslim, I used to party a lot. It’s was like I was at every single jump-off-I was just everywhere. I was a well-known party-dude in my day, but this is not about my party-days; but, rather, this is about an event that compled me to quit partying. I used to frequent several dancehalls & clubs, obviously being a Muslim at the time indulging in so many things unbecoming of a Muslim in the first place, there was one party that I had went to, one night, that really changed my life.

It was a bout 1:30am.-The party had just started gettin’ live, people were packing themselves into the party spot, and like at any party, people are dancing, drinking, smoking, trying to leave with somebody, to wake up with them the following morning, the usual club life-style. Anyway, I was no different at the time than anyone else who indulged in this life-style. But, this night, things were really different.

This one clown starts a fight with someone, which just comes with the territory of the urban club atmosphere: Dudes from other hoods got beef with one another, either over a bruised ego, gang-affiliation, drug-turf, money, girls, or just random dumb stuff, like the proverbial “he stepped on my sneakers”, which, actually happens sadly (all of the above in most cases). Well, I don’t know who started the fight & I didn’t really care, I was just pissed that people never wanted to jst have a good time, especially Niggas (Yeah…..I said Niggas!!!). So, as the altercation went on, dude pulls out a gun (which by the way is oh so easy to sneak into clubs, still til this very day, it’s just what it is).

To make matters worse, people who see the gun start a mad frenzy of a chant, “Gun…Gun…Gun!!!”. Now, growing up in the hood, I know for a fact that when someone yells, “Gun”, or any word remotely akin to “Gun”, it means that 9-10 someone’s either gonna get shot at or shot down. So, as Humans we naturally all panic & start trying to use one another as shields, to prevent getting shot at. Then, the dude just starts shooting at the crowd…..

Now, here’s where Allah’s mercy steps in & saves the day, literally:

…..Now, keep this in-mind: As a Muslim, I wasn’t supposed to be there, partying, anyway, or doing any of the other things that occur at these parties. So, here I am, this wanna-be Muslim, doing things prior to my life being in imminent danger that was obviously Islamically prohibited, and now, my back is against the wall, literally, not knowing whether I’m gonna live or die (I really don’t know how many of you all out there have been in a similar situation; but, just in case you haven’t, let me tell you know: Being shot at is not fun!!!). But what happens next is why I’m even here to write this-The dude who shot at us missed every single shot that he fired, no joke-The guy was less than 5 feet away from the crowd, and even though the lights were off & it’s so scary & confusing at the same time, I could see him pointing the gun at all of us, just lettin’ off, round by round, by round, and yet, no one got hit.

So, after he emptied, he tried to reload & that’s when the crowd decided to rush the guy & get the hell out of dodge before he decides to use as as target practice again. For a long time, I was just astounded as to why I didn’t die, or, at the very least, get shot, because I know that I particularly was definitely within his firing range. It really wasn’t until I became more religious that I had realized that it really wasn’t so much of him not having good aim that saved my life, but it was Allah the One who controls life & death, who decided that it wasn’t my time yet & I’m most certainly grateful that he chose to preserve my life even in spite of the fact that I was committing blatant acts of disobedience towards Him, in front of Him.

This experience was one of many necessary happenings, which still stand as definitive signs of Allah’s existence, power, and particularly His mercy, because realistically, Allah didn’t have to allow me to live on. The things which I’ve done were so shameful, from an Islamic perspective, that if I were not myself, I would’ve punish myself for doing those things. But, this is why Allah is who He is & we are who we are. Now obviously, I can’t predict how exactly Allah chose to keep me safe, I can take a pretty good guess: I’m guessing that He sent Angels to that particular place, to protect not just me but the whole crowd, even people who were not Muslims were protected. That’s even more amazing than me, a disobedient Muslim, still being protected.  I’m guessing that they wrapped there wings around the crowd, basically an angelic bullet-proof vest, stronger than any type of teflon vest out there.

Honestly, it doesn’t even matter how Allah chose to save me, or even whom He chose to use to save me, the point is that He did save me, and that’s something that I’m always compelled to think & reflect upon, the night when my life could’ve came to a bitter end.

Gareth Bryant/2013

Thank you for your support in viewing Gareth Bryant’s Writing Page!!!


The praise is for Allah!!!

Only 4 months after the debut of Gareth Bryant’s Writing Page, the 5,000 viewing mark has officially been crossed!!! I’d like to personally thank anyone & everyone who’s ever viewed my writing page, or anyone who consistently views my writing page. This really means a lot to me!!! (So happy!!! ^_^)

My thoughts on a Woman’s beauty:


The Canvas & the Painter!!!The woman is like a canvas, and I am like her painter.

I’ve used my long, brown paintbrush, with its gentle bristles, to paint her entire body.
I’ve longed to give her blank body expression; it is just as though she consumes me.

I’ve drawn ridges up and down her tender spine, similar to the lengthy mountain ranges.
I’ve drawn for her a smile unforgettable, like the radiance of the Sun & without changes.

The woman is like a canvas, and I am like her painter.

She never worries about me making mistakes; I keep her mind at ease.
She is always in awe of my expertise; I always produce a masterpiece.

On her canvas, I have placed lush green valleys, with beautiful lakes, rivers & springs.
Her arms and legs are drawn & painted delicately like an Eagle’s noble, golden wings.

The woman is like a canvas, and I am like her painter.

I have made her skin, as soft as clouds in the Sky; the woman’s canvas is certainly a treasure.
A woman’s grace and beauty is simply priceless; a woman’s value has absolutely no measure.

So, whenever you see a woman, think of a beautiful painting.
She is a perfect display of artistry; she’s just simply amazing.

Gareth Bryant/2011

The Graves: Our Death-Caves


Graves pic

We view death as something so far, and yet, it’s so very near.

It’s not until the Angel of Death comes that we’ve got it clear.

When he comes for our souls, we cannot even use a ruse.

Death is a battle that we are all divinely-destined to lose.

Welcome to your grave, it’s your final resting-place, it’s just like a cage.

Eventually, you’ll go there, no matter your life-stage, no matter your age.

It’s like “Tag”, ready or not, he will come; but, unlike a game, getting caught by him will not be any fun.

The pain that’s in store for you, if your body tries to cling to your soul, is something anyone would shun.

You cannot resist what you can’t control; once he takes hold, he’s never letting go.

Only Allah’s mercy will determine whether your soul leaves your body fast or slow.

Welcome to your grave, it’s your final resting-place, it’s just like a cage.

Eventually, you’ll go there, no matter your life-stage, no matter your age.

We will all be draped from our heads to our two feet, we will be covered with a three-sheeted clad.

The grave will be deep, dark, hollow, and sad; there is no bright beautiful clothes, no satin nor plaid.

Welcome to your grave, it’s your final resting-place, it’s just like a cage.

Eventually, you’ll go there, no matter your life-stage, no matter your age.

We will all eventually cross the other side, housed inside of a narrow cavern of a coffin.

So attached to this material-life are we, refusing to reflect upon this reality far too often.

It will be a cold, tight, dusty place, full of mold, this place is a reality that we all have to learn about.

There’s but one way in & yet no way back out, too late to return to life, you can’t scream or shout.

There will be a day and a time when we’ll all be committed to the ground.

So, worship Allah until you die & make your relationship with Him sound.

The Blue & Black Angels will question you.

Shame on you, if your answers not be true.

Gareth Bryant/2013


Love!!!So important is this four-letter word.
It is something we all have heard.How often it is said, yet it is rarely meant.
It’s more important than any money spent.A lot of people use the phrase: “I love you” so spontaneously.
However, they also seem to fall in & out of Love so casually.

Is it really Love, or just merely Lust?
How can there be Love without Trust?

Is the one you claim to love in your thoughts, day & night?
Are they someone your heart yearns to hold so tight?

Perhaps you’re the one who wears their heart on their sleeve.
Or, when the going gets tough, you are the first one to leave.

These are the crucial questions you must answer yourselves.
Perhaps you have learned that your Love was never genuine.

Or, perhaps you are still in denial, keeping your hearts atop of shelves.
Maybe you’ve realized that you were a dog chasing its tail, all over again.

Some people may view others like this as being phony.
Yet, others may choose being phony over being lonely.

Gareth Bryant/2008

My thoughts on Love:

Season’s Warnings!!!


Author’s note:

This is my advice for all of you out there who’ve been waiting all-year for this holiday shopping season to befall us. Well, it’s here; but, I’m here just to give you some insight, to make sure that you don’t become just another victim of the industries which feed off of our pockets.

Brand-Names!!!For some strange reason, we all love to don designer labels, to bear another man’s name.
It could be Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, or Louis Vuitton, wanting to be owned is the same.

We are all victims of our own self-enslavement, to these big-time corporations.
We give them our money without question; we represent consumer generations.

It’s sad how we need allow the names on our clothes to determine our self-worth.

We are only valued as a sale, a fashion serf, tied to the the label of a greedy designer baron.
We place so much importance on brands that do nothing for our communities or children.

These brands project lifestyles that most of their consumers would never be able to afford.
But, the image of wealth & status in our society is appealing; we just want to be on board.

It’s sad how we need allow the names on our clothes to determine our self-worth.

These fashion pariahs only want our money; they need us to stay at a lowly societal rank.
We waste our money on brand names, while these people laugh all the way to the bank.

Their only concern is what they can get out of our pockets; it’s the reality we must know.
Buying these name brands are one of the reasons our communities don’t prosper & grow.

It’s sad how we need allow the names on our clothes to determine our self-worth.

It is high time to take ownership of one’s own self back!!!
Don’t allow these brand names to own you, that’s wack!!!

We must love & dignify ourselves enough not to enslave ourselves to brand names!!!
If this cycle doesn’t end soon, we’ll continue to be senseless, fashion-crazed lames!!!

Gareth Bryant/2010

My thoughts on the Night & Day:


The Sunset!!!

The Day is just about nearly done.
The Sun sinks slowly, in the West.

The Sun is almost gone.
It has to leave, for rest.

The Sky gets darker; the Horizon becomes pink & yellow.
There’s a slight breeze; the atmosphere is quiet & mellow.

The Night begins to chase the Sun far away.
It has shed enough of its light, for one day.

There’s a dark blue tint, stretching & covering the Sky.
The Sun leaves us with its Solar glare, saying goodbye.

The Sunset has arrived, the Sun must give way.
We must endure the departure of our sunny day.

We look on, as we see the Sun being devoured, by the land.
We are helpless, as if we’re watching it sink, into quicksand.

The Darkness has overtaken the Light.
The Day is gone, it is now the Night.

The Sunset reminds us that nothing lasts forever.

Gareth Bryant/2009

The Sunrise!!!

Bright rays of light cut the Sky.
They form shades of pink & blue.

They give chase, to the dark shadow of the Night.
The Sun begins a day that is bright & brand-new.

From the long-stretched Horizon, the Sun’s golden rim emerges high.
As if it were a mighty Tree, it springs rapidly above, from the ground.

Its glow is greater with each moment, as it ascends to the Sky.
The Sun is big & bright; it begins shedding its light all around.

The mood is calm, as the Sky becomes lighter, yet clearer.
The Sun floats in the Sky, just like a leaf floats on a River.

In a Rainforest, the Sun makes the leaves of the Trees greener.
In a Desert, it makes the winds of a Sandstorm a little meaner.

It rises from the East every day, without the slightest hesitation.
It is one of the signs of Allah, made for Human contemplation.

In Nature, the Sun shines on Mountains & Valleys.
In cities, it even shines on street corners & alleys.

The Sunrise is a reminder, that we’ve made it through the Night.

Gareth Bryant/2009

What “Change” has there really been in America?!!!


Since we are approaching the last official year of the 1st. presidential term of Barack Obama, one has to honestly reflect upon how his presidency has affected this country & the world. We cannot just get caught up in the nostalgia of “He’s the first Black President, woo hoo!!!”. We must critically think about what policies that he’s supported & carried out as the Chief Executive of the United States, during his nearly four-year tenure of what could potentially be his only term as the leader of the “Free-World”.

No, it’s not time to break out the worn out Obama hats, shirts, bumper stickers, etc. labelled “Yes, We Can”, or “Change We Can Believe In”. It is truly time for reflection as to whether the U.S. is truly a better country since this man’s been a President. For this reflection, I’ll be taking the liberty of mentioning several happenings throughout the current tenure of this U.S. President & I’ll let you decide has “Change” that this man had promised for this country truly come.

Hate crimes:
Dec. 3rd, 2010-
A twenty-seven year old Black man, by the name of Frederick Jermaine Carter, was found hanging to a tree, in Greenwood, Miss. The Obama administration has yet to even acknowledge the event taking place, and there was no mention of a Federal investigation of this case (ironically enough, Greenwood is a mere 10 miles away from Money, Miss., where Emmett Till, a 14-year-old Black youth, was tortured and murdered by racist whites, over 50 years after the Emmet Til tragedy)-This case was just swept under the rug, by Leflore County Sheriff Ricky Banks, along with the county coroner, declaring Carter’s death a “Suicide”, as a result of him having a history of “Mental-Illness”.

Now, for you & I, who possess basic-intelligence, here’s some serious questions for us to sincerely ask ourselves: When is the last time that a legitimately mentally-ill person used a tree to assist them in a “Suicide”?!!! (Never); when is the the last time that a Black man used a tree to assist him in a “Suicide”?!!! (Never!!!); also, how is the man going to “hang himself”, when he was found tied/bounded to the actual tree that he “hanged himself” from?!!! (Impossible!!!).

Now, just by virtue of the fact that there’s a Black man in the White House is justification enough to have had this case world-wide news; however, sadly, it was just another important issue that was kept under cover, for fear that people would truly realize that having a Black man as a President doesn’t secure shit for Black people, those who came out in droves to vote for this man, really believing that he was their savior-If a White man, or any group of Non-Black individuals would’ve done the same to one of them, this case would’ve been treated the same exact way, especially if they weren’t of any type of known, significant status in our society.

The economy:
It’s not that the Federal bailouts given to the Wall Street titans were bad enough, but to add insult-to-injury, they’ve grown more wealthy & powerful during the Obama years, thus far-According to a report, by Zachary Goldfarb, of the Washington Post:

  • Wall Street firms — independent companies and the securities-trading arms of banks — are doing even better. They earned more in the first 2 1/2 years of the Obama administration than they did during the eight years of the George W. Bush administration, industry data show. […]
  • The largest banks, including Bank of America, Citigroup and Wells Fargo, earned $34 billion in profit in the first half of the year, nearly matching what they earned in the same period in 2007 and more than in the same period of any other year.
  • Securities firms — the trading arms of big banks and hundreds of other independent firms — have fared even better. They’ve generated at least $83 billion in profit during the past 2 1/2 years, compared with $77 billion during the entire Bush administration, according to data from the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association.

#Enough said!!!

Anwar Al-Awlaki, a Muslim, as well as a U.S.-citizen, was violently blown to bits, by a CIA-controlled drone-missile attack in Yemen. What still puzzles me, till this very day, is the simple fact that none of the actual charges of “terrorist-activity” against this man was even established, until after he conveniently out of the country, relocated to Yemen, even though he was continually probed by the Feds for at least 5 years before he even left the U.S. to spend the rest of his life in Yemen-Ironically the charges that he had actually gotten arrested for & then released while in the U.S. had absolutely nothing to do with “terrorist-activity”. This is something really difficult to wrap my head around: Anwar Al-Awlaki was accused of being the chief recruitment figure for Al-Qaeda in America, yet you wait until the man leaves the U.S. to go to Yemen to do something about it?!!! What sense does this all make?!!! (None).

He was denied his right as a Human being & a U.S.-citizen to have his day in court/any court, via due-process, even though his historical counterpart, Oliver North, the most corrupt U.S. Military official on record, who aided known terrorist-groups, by supplying them with money gins, in exchanges for drugs to be smuggled into the U.S. during the 1980′s, infamously known as the Iran-Contra Affair, did more than Al-Awlaki was even accused of. Yet, North was eventually acquitted of all 16 counts of Federal felonies thrown at him, received an official Presidential-Pardon, and retired with full rank & pension as a Lt. Colonel of the U.S. Marines (check out my article on this same blog, titled, “If Anwar Al-Awlaki were Oliver North, he’d still be alive & chillin’” for more info. about the Iran-Contra Affair). Then, there’s Somalia, the mythical land of African Al-Qaeda & pirates, even though, unlike the Taliban, Saddam, and Qaddafi, Ash-Shabab have not been ousted (check out my article on this same blog, “Somalia [The Anatomy of a Tragedy]” to find out why).

These are just a few of the countless examples of how the mythos of Barack Obama has continually become a political epic-fail, and has been able to keep the American people deaf, dumb & blind. It’s very obvious to me, and should be just as obvious to you all, that Obama being a President, the first Black President, or what ever posthumous title that you’d wish to refer to him by, has not changed any of the business-as-usual policies well-established in this nation.

In short, “Ain’t shit change, except da number after da dot, on da Range (Rover).”
Christopher Wallace (AKA: Notorious B.I.G.)

Gareth Bryant/2012

Some Brief Islamic-History (the Origin of al-Hijāb/Islāmic-Dresscode):


Hijab and Niqab pic

This Article has been written as a Result of a Previous-Lecture that I had given about al-Hijāb/Islāmic-Dresscode at Hudson County Community College, in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Unfortunately, whenever the Subject of Hijāb comes-up, it’s basically always Gendercentric/Gynoentric-It’s always concentrating upon the Hijāb of the Muslim-Woman & not enough, or at all, upon the Hijāb of the Muslim-Man. I personally view this Bias, when it comes to only mentioning the Hijāb of the Woman, without including the Hijāb of the Man, as very unjust/unfair, for the following reasons: It gives Lots of Muslims&Non-Muslims the Impression that Muslim-Men can wear whatever they want, without Reservation, which makes the Islāmic-Mandates of Hijāb seem Misogynistic. Also, the Rise of a Feminist-Mentality (amongst Muslim&Non-Muslim Women) has established the very Radically-Deviant Opinion that Muslim-Women don’t have to wear Hijāb at all, because it’s something that puts Muslim-Women back, as opposed to putting them forward. Then, there’s the whole Fallacy that the Hijāb is just an “Arab-Thing”, or something which predated al-Islām in “Pre-Islāmic Arabia”.

Firstly, the Farīdhah/Islāmic-Ordinance of al-Hijāb originates not from “Pre/Post Islamic-Arabia”, but rather, according to “Stories of the Prophets”, written by ibn-Kathir, the Hijāb was initially an established Islāmic-Mandate for our Human-Parents: the 1st-Muslims from amongst Mankind, Ādam/Adam&Hawwā’/Eve (Peace be upon both of them)-Ibn-Kathir has clearly explained, in his work, that when they disobeyed Allah & ate from the Tree which Allah told them not to go near in the Paradise: they were evicted from the Paradise itself. When they were subjected to live upon the Earth, Allah had thus commissioned both of them to wear Clothing, to cover their private areas. So, Adam had made Clothing for himself, which covered him, from his Navel to his Knees (which coincides perfectly with the Statement of Muhammad [Peace be upon him] when he described the `Awrah [Private-Area] of the Man in which & he said, “Whatever lies between the Navel & to the Knees is an `Awrah/Privacy.”.[Sunan ad-Dāraqtūnī & al-Bayhaqī]), and made Clothing for Eve, which covered her entire body from Head2Toe (which also coincides perfectly with how Muhammad [Peace be upon him] described the `Awrah [Private-Area of the Woman] when he said, “A Woman is is to cover her Entire-Body & reveal nothing except her Face&Hands, once she becomes pubescent.”.[Sunan Abū-Dāwud])-Now keep in mind that they were the only Humans upon the Earth at this time. So, the Fact that this was ordained for them, when there were no Other-Humans around, except them, is very important & significant. This proves undoubtedly that the Hijāb for both Men & Women possesses Roots via Islāmic-Antiquity.

In All-Reality, the Purpose of al-Hijāb is to maintain proper Etiquette & Decency between Men & Women, that they treat one another with Respect, and not to merely view one another nor themselves just Sexual-Objects. But, unfortunately, we all live in a Modern/Secular-Context, which pintificayes/promotes General/Full-Scale Immorality via Sexualization of our Global-Society. Also, we live in an Age where these disgusting Misogynistic&Feminist-Ideas of what Men&Women are outside of an Islāmic-Context & this has caused Muslim-Men&Muslim-Women to have developed Demented Religio-Stances as to how to practice al-Islām on an Individual-Level, as well as a Social-Level. For now, let’s just stick with the individual aspect of practicing al-Islām.

The Feminist-Community has basically blacklisted the Islāmic-Obligation of Muslim-Women to cover properly as something “Archaic/Savage”, meant to demean Women. On the Contrary: both Masculine-Hijāb & Feminine-Hijāb was established to uplift both respective Genders, never to debase either of them. However, because Secularism has become the Ideological-King of our Modern-Societies, People like Members of the Feminist-Community have actually supported various Movements to get Feminine-Hijāb banned in as many places as possible. Basically, they want Muslim-Women to shame themselves before Men, as well as Other-Women, by exposing Parts of their Bodies which Allah has ordained to be covered & concealed from Public-View, as Allah says in the Qur’ān: “Oh, Prophet!!! Tell your Wives, Daughters & the Believing-Women to cover themselves with their Garments. This is to ensure that they be recognized & not harassed. And, Allah is All-Forgiving, Most-Merciful.”.(Chpt.33, V.59) In all actuality the purpose of al-Hijāb is not to make us miserable, rather to dignify our Humanity. I mean, really: do you want a bunch of Horny, Ill-Mannered Men who don’t believe in Allah & the Last-Day or Disobedient-Muslims to drool over the sight of your Body?!!! We need to seriously think about this!!!

Now, there are those who would argue that Men should have more Self-Control, or that Women shouldn’t have to cover just because Men are Lustful. Well, from a Human-Perspective: that’s a very Good-Point. But, we’re not the ones who make the Rules; rather, the Creator/Lord of the Universe has ordained how Men & Women are to worship, behave, act, and dress…not us-The Whole-Reason that Allah has ordained that Men&Women cover Different-parts of our Bodies is because by our very Human-Nature, which He has created us with: Men&Women are Anatomically-Attracted to Different-Things. Let’s be very honest here: we all know that, even anatomically, Women are more attractive & possess more to offer Men than the other way around.

The reason why Women are required to cover their Entire-Bodies is because every Aspect of the External-Anatomy of a Woman is attractive to some Man in some Way. And it’s not normally the Other-Way around. Meaning that every Aspect of the Anatomy of a Man isn’t attractive to a Woman. Women are attracted to very Specific-Things on a Man’s-Body, while Men are attracted to a whole Number of Things on a Woman’s-Body. The Islāmic-Ordinance for both Men & Women to cover their Bodies a Certain-Way is actually a Mercy from Allah, for all of the Reasons that I already mentioned previously. The Whole-Notion of supporting Secular-Legislation in Countries that are attempting to legally eradicate Feminine-Hijāb are truly indicates that there’s People whom’re hell-bent on establishing Secularism everywhere. They’re the Aides of ash-Shaytan/Satan…his Shayātīn/Satanists. Their Aim/Goal is to extinguish the Light of Allah (i.e. al-Islām). This is systematically being allowed, because, al-Islām is the only Force that stands in between those who wish to see the World immersed in complete Ego/Desire-Driven al-Fasād/Corruption, and their Goal of a World without any Morality via Divine-Guidance established anywhere.

Gareth Bryant/2012

Somalia & Haiti’s incredible plight:


Scorched earth, as a result of no rain; its people have no food and have forfeited their pride.

Ongoing drought & famine has crippled an entire generation, the world just turns a blind-eye.

Murder has been made the order of the day, no one is ever secure, no such thing as a safe space.

Astronomical and unchallenged atrocities committed there has been accepted, it is common place.

Lies told by our government that Ash-Shabab took over; well, why have they not been ousted?

It’s ironic how they’ve managed to keep power, yet Saddam, Qaddafi & the Taliban were routed.

Apparently, the U.S. has been too busy, with sending troops to secure the poppy & oil fields.

Historically known to be rebellious, a band of slaves, they defeated the British, Spanish, and French.

America & Europe enacted sanctions, choking its people just like nuts & bolts choked by a wrench.

Immersed in an abyss of poverty, while the country is continually exploited beyond imagination.

This island has always been given the raw deal, and people wonder why it is such a torn nation.

It’s no accident that they’ve always been debased, no one wants them to rise.

Gareth Bryant/2011