My Nightmare!!!

It is very scary, the current state of affairs.
The Muslim-World is in shambles, and we don’t seem to care.

We turn on the T.V. & the Radio, viewing our brethren oppressed.
We often turn a blind-eye, ignoring them when they are distressed.

The Disbelievers are devouring the Muslims like a feast.
The Muslims-World is like sheep, hunted down by a Beast.

The Enemies of Allah attack us like a swarm of Bees.
I am tired of the Muslims being subjected to these tragedies.

Our worst enemy is Racism.
We allow the Devil to divide us into schisms.

Allah made us into different Nations & Tribes, to recognize one another.
Instead, we use our ethnicities & nationalities to hate each other.

We need to unite & stand together.
It’s time for us to establish Islam, for Allah’s pleasure.

We need to stop claiming countries.
All of the Muslims ruled under the Khilafah, without boundaries.

The Muslims being divided is a punishment.
Our humiliation & oppression is a testament.

Only through Islam will Allah’s help descend.
Only through Islam will my Nightmare end.

Gareth Bryant/2008

My Dream!!!

I have a Dream… Dr. King.
I only hope that my Dream is more inspiring.

My Dream is to revive the Islamic-Tradition.
To obey the Commandments of Allah, without rendition.

To free every Muslim, falsely accused of a crime and in prison.
To kill any man who violates our women.

To give the Nation of Muhammad it’s honor back.
At the present time, our condition is kinda wack.

Islam is well known, yet our practice of it is meek.

Our numbers are huge, yet our Faith is weak.

When our enemies attack us, we are quick to retreat.

We are like the Foam of the Sea, carried away by the Winds.
We follow the Disbelievers blindly; we love their fads & trends.

My Dream is to end our plight.
For Men, who believe in Allah to fight.

Men who can battle an army of Millions.
Men who can protect our wives & children.

Men who can put an end to Racism.
Men who can destroy every Class & Caste system.

Men who can end Global-Warming.
Men who obey Allah, giving the Glad-Tiding & the Warning.

My Dream is that Muslim children stop dying.
That Muslim women stop crying.

Gareth Bryant/2008


I am often torn, between my desire & conviction.
Sometimes, I am confused about making a proper decision.

I am constantly faced with temptation.
I strategize how to deal with my tests, through contemplation.

It is difficult when I am pulled in different directions. To think clearly & correctly determines either my rise or fall.

However, the Devil & his cohorts attack me, using my weaknesses against me as their weapons.

Constantly whispering to me, but I must resist, fighting back & standing tall.

I must choose, between salvation & damnation.
Using my Faith in Allah, to ward off Satanic domination.

Failure is not an option; defeat will ruin me.
Chasing the Paradise is the only way to avoid such a catastrophe.

Gareth Bryant/2008

We Are All Characters!!!

Each of us is a Character.
As though Life is a written story.

We either cause sadness, or laughter.
We all want to be the main focus, and get the glory.

None of us want to be Antagonists.
However, we get trapped by Negativity.

Forging us into Madmen.
Slowly, but surely, deteriorating our morality.

We fight, kill, lie, and steal.
It seems horrible, yet it’s all real.

Then, there are the classic Good-Guys.
Those who always save the day, by surprise.

Loved & hated by many.
They cause the happy ending.

They spoil the plans of the Villains, making them angry.
Yet, unlike a story, Real-Life’s end isn’t so rewarding.

In Real-Life, the Bad-Guys get the glory.
The Good-Guy role is so overrated.

The Ending is often sad & gory.
Qualities like Integrity & Honesty become outdated.

So, which Character are you?
Which part of Life’s story for you holds true?

Gareth Bryant/2009


Hatred is in the Heart of every Man.
It’s often stored like food, in a Can.

We often wear it, like an outfit that’s name-brand.
However, why we hate is often hard to understand.

Our Hatred is often based upon Color & Race.
Or, the fact that someone’s from another place.

Hatred is everywhere, in Stores & Malls.
Even at Schools, while Students are in the Halls.

But, why is Hatred so strong?
Why do people do though it’s wrong?

It seems like all the Love in the World is gone.
Hatred is like Weeds, which choke a Lawn.

Hatred can cloud your Heart, just as Fog can cloud your Vision.
There are many things used to justify Hatred, like War & Religion.

How can we stop this madness?
Hatred causes so much sadness.

Let us respect one another, to prevent further tragedies.
Let us love one another, for the sake of Humanity.

Gareth Bryant/2009


What is this word, and what does it mean?

It is doing what you have to, without questioning your intent.
Being your own person, without anyone’s approval or consent.

Why is the manifestation of this word rarely seen?

We have allowed cowardice to consume us, letting evil thrive.
Not acting to stop it, or speaking out against it, keeping it alive.

We do not stand up for justice; we let the opportunity to right wrongs pass us by.

Courage requires that you stare oppression in the face.
If challenged, do not flee out of fear to a different place.

You must stand your ground; hold dear to what you believe in; hold your head high.

Courage is something that cannot be bought, stolen, or sold.
It is the fire inside you; it keeps you young, as you grow old.

Courage is what keeps us on the Straight-Path.
We must keep the fire of Courage burning bright.

No condition or opposition must dwindle our light.
Doing what’s right protects us from Allah’s wrath.

We need Courage, to maintain our integrity.
Cowardice is a disease, it destroys us readily.

How is one’s Courage no longer novice?

Through actions of confidence, conviction & goodness.
Through thoughts of sincerity, concern & kindness.

How can a single person conquer Cowardice?

Doing good, even when you are not helped & alone.
You must be your own foundation, as strong as stone.

Gareth Bryant/2009

Keep your Pants up!!!

This style and trend is so disturbing; I can’t tolerate it anymore.
I’m tired of seeing men’s pants saggin’ & draggin’ to the floor.

Keep your Pants up!!!

This style evolved from jail & prison; ask anyone who’s been there.
Every inmate had their pants this way; they didn’t have belts to wear.

Keep your Pants up!!!

Another reason a person’s pants were this way was to identify him as a “Fag”.
Inmates would always be viewed as targets, whenever their pants would “sag”.
A person who was raped automatically became another man’s property.
Abused & controlled, bought & sold, it is truly a great crime & tragedy.

Keep your Pants up!!!

People used “Sagging” as a fashion-statement, once they left jail and prison.
Young men just followed the trends of the street, not knowing its sad origin.
They just followed what they saw, not truly aware of what “Sagging” really stands for.
When young men wear their pants like this it means that they’re another man’s whore.

Keep your Pants up!!!

This trend is disgusting, it needs to end now.

“Sagging” should have never lasted this long.

It’s degrading & insulting to our youth & people.

Those who encourage it to continue are dead wrong.

Gareth Bryant/2009


Why are our women “Bitches”?
We degrade at them, beat them & crush them.
We belittle them, and destroy their self-esteem.

Why are our mothers “Bitches”?
We don’t respect, honor, appreciate, or love them.
We make them weep, their tears flow like a stream.

Why are the mothers of our children “Bitches”?
We deny responsibility and neglect the Child-Support.
They’re forced to be both parents, it’s the only resort.

Why are our daughters “Bitches”?
Daddy’s little-girl is helpless and completely alone.
No clue how a man is to treat her, he’s long gone.

Why is a “Woman” a female-dog?
It’s really sad how easy it is to call a woman by other than her real name.
This word “Bitch” hurts so many and saying it so comfortably is a shame.

When did our love for women turn into hate?
We seem to let our bad experiences determine how we treat others.
We have to end this cycle and be examples for our young brothers.

If someone calls a woman we care about a “Bitch”, we all wanna fight.
But, if we say the same thing to woman, it’s just supposed to be alright.

We were all birthed by women, so let’s start honoring females.
When we view women as “Bitches”, we disrespect ourselves.

Gareth Bryant/2009

Mr. Popular!!!

Mr. Popular is the one we all want to be, until things go wrong.
We all want to have attention, the fame, the prestige, the the name.

We do not realize that this limelight has some harsh consequences.
For some of us, there is no turning back from this popularity game.

Even though we want to be popular, it is very stressful & overrated.
You begin to be treated like less of a person, and more like a thing.

The spotlight is too bright, you can’t hide from anyone; your every move in known.
The crown worn is heavy, for he who wishes to pursue the title of a popularity king.

Whoever is at the top of the food chain, there are many adversities.
If you are not careful & fail, there are often many severe calamities.

But, we are often blinded by the glitter and glamour.
We don’t care for anything, except praise & splendor.

We do not deem the price popularity too high to be paid.
We just want our 15 minutes of fame, to be out of the shade.

We don’t mind being scorched by the hot Sun of popularity, not worrying about the burn.
Meanwhile, someone else is just waiting for us to fail and fall, just waiting for their turn.

Gareth Bryant/2010

Every Man must take a stand!!!

We, as men, must all decide our destinies.
We’re no one’s possessions or properties.

There is a necessary desire for every person to stand on their own two feet.
One must fight for what they believe; there’s no room for a forfeit or retreat.

If you do not stand up for yourself, do not expect others to stand up for you.
Every man must fight his own battles; victory & defeat will expose what’s true.

One must have courage to overcome any adversity.
To win, one must use his integrity as his dexterity.

When your back is against the wall, remember your own strength and ambition.
Fight with all of your might, don’t give up, victory only comes with determination.

Be on your guard, ready to attack.
When others push, you push back.

Whoever chooses to run away from their problems, they are a coward.
You’ll never be rid of your issues, unless you decide to move forward.

No fight is ever easy, but you can’t live life without any struggle.
You can’t run away from everything, or lock yourself in a bubble.

Do not let others tell you what you can & cannot do.
You keep standing tall, until your life is through.

Gareth Bryant/2010


For some strange reason, we all love to don designer labels, to bear another man’s name.
It could be Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, or Louis Vuitton, wanting to be owned is the same.

We are all victims of our own self-enslavement, to these big-time corporations.
We give them our money without question; we represent consumer generations.

It’s sad how we need allow the names on our clothes to determine our self-worth.

We are only valued as a sale, a fashion serf, tied to the the label of a greedy designer baron.
We place so much importance on brands that do nothing for our communities or children.

These brands project lifestyles that most of their consumers would never be able to afford.
But, the image of wealth & status in our society is appealing; we just want to be on board.

It’s sad how we need allow the names on our clothes to determine our self-worth.

These fashion pariahs only want our money; they need us to stay at a lowly societal rank.
We waste our money on brand names, while these people laugh all the way to the bank.

Their only concern is what they can get out of our pockets; it’s the reality we must know.
Buying these name brands are one of the reasons our communities don’t prosper & grow.

It’s sad how we need allow the names on our clothes to determine our self-worth.

It is high time to take ownership of one’s own self back!!!
Don’t allow these brand names to own you, that’s wack!!!

We must love & dignify ourselves enough not to enslave ourselves to brand names!!!
If this cycle doesn’t end soon, we’ll continue to be senseless, fashion-crazed lames!!!

Gareth Bryant/2010

The Pledge of Illusion:

What good is a pledge, when the loyalty is always one-sided?
This pledge of allegiance of the United States is often biased.

The false cloak of “American-Values” has tragically consumed the trust & good-will of many.
When our hands are on our chests, do we think of those oppressed by this nation’s tyranny?

Patriotism has become fanatical Fascism, the motivating force being power & racism.

The “Founding-Fathers”  built this nation using free-labor of captives during slavery.
The carnage committed against Native-Americans was deemed as justified savagery.

We forgot about the Black-Codes & Jim-Crow; most of us are oblivious, we really don’t know.
What happened to “Black Wall Street” isn’t found in any school-books that they want to show.

Patriotism has become fanatical Fascism; the motivating force is power & racism.

America wants no one with nuclear-weapons, yet they’re the only ones who ever used them.
Hiroshima & Nagasaki, cities full of civilians, were they ever a threat to America’s freedom?

Vietnam was a country used as a testing-ground for Agent-Orange and Napalm.
The U.S. tried to force Democracy upon them, with the policy of the strong-arm.

Patriotism has become fanatical Fascism; the motivating force is power & racism.

So, the next time that you want to pledge allegiance to the flag, think clearly of the past.
Decide for yourself, whether your loyalty to a regime is valid; do a compare & contrast.

Gareth Bryant/2010

The Cleansing!!!

I’m dirty and wretched, I need to be cleansed; it seems like I just can’t get clean enough.
Scrubbing away at my skin, to remove my sins, washing away the shame & guilt is tough.

As I stand under the shower, water running down my body, I feel some type of comfort.
It’s like my misdeeds fall off of me like the dirt & grime, my showering is the only resort.

If only I could do this all the time, just let the water wash my sins away.
But, it’s no use; it seems like I sin more and more, each and every day.

How can I expect to ever get cleansed, if I just continue the sinning?
The evil I’ve done should never have happened from the beginning.

But, I just keep thinking of the next time to shower.
I’m often found drenching myself, for over an hour.

It’s just so good to feel clean; you actually feel less ashamed.
It’s like a burden has been lifted; I feel like I’ve been tamed.

The cleansing process is an arduous road.
It is a constant challenge; it never gets old.

There is a breaking point, when I just break down and sigh.
I wash my body to save my soul; some days I just sit & cry.

I am left thinking of how my sins bear down on my back, like the world is on my shoulders.
The severity of my evil deeds are so tremendous; I feel like I’m weighed down by boulders.

But, I am reminded that Allah’s wrath is not as great as His mercy.
He allows us to make repentance for our sins, such a fine courtesy.

So, with that in mind, I shower even more because Allah is forgiving.
He gives us the the chance to wash our sins away; it’s a great feeling.

Gareth Bryant /2011

Why do I love You?

Some would consider me the fool because I love You.
It’s hard for them to understand that loving You is true.

Those who believe and say that You do not exist, mock me because I love You.
They’re only damning themselves for not acknowledging You, if they only knew.

You are the one who gives me life, as well as relief after all my strife.
You shaped my body & made my intellect to be as sharp as a knife.

Oh, Allah…I love no one more than You!!!
You are the reason for all of the good I do.

Oh, Allah…You have honored me, by guiding me to Islam!!!
The way of truth, the only true salvation, not invented by man.

Oh, Allah…you have given me mercy that I don’t even deserve!!!
I been sinful & ungrateful; yet, my life you’ve chosen to preserve.

Oh, Allah…I love no one more than You!!!
You are the reason for all of the good I do.

Your kindness is boundless, Your bounties glamorous.
Without You, I am simply left misguided and friendless.

It is You, Oh Allah, who protect me from all adversity!!!
There’s no god, except You; You alone possess divinity.

Oh, Allah…I love no one more than You!!!
You are the reason for all of the good I do.

You see every one of my sins; yet, instead of punishment, choose to overlook my evil.
Never will there be one who forgives like You; Your dispense of mercy has no equal.

Gareth Bryant/2011

The heaviness of my Heart!!!

It’s as though my heart weighs over a thousand pounds.
I’m left senseless, yearning for self-definition & meaning.

When in my emotional trance, I cannot hear any sounds.
The obesity of my many emotions are indeed deafening.

I’m always at loss for words, whenever I am reminded of a past love, or a tragic moment.
My heart goes into mood-swings, it’s so hard to cope; sometimes, I just can’t deal with it.

It’s all been couped up, not being released, and it is literally killing me!!!
I need Allah’s help, to rid me of my demons, that I may finally be set free.

He’s the only one, who can ever relieve me of my cardiac stress.
It’s only through His guidance that I’ll be able to fix this big mess.

I can’t allow myself to get sucked into these very obvious emotional traps.
I need to just let go of my emotions, instead of keeping them under wraps.

Gareth Bryant/2011

Dear Gangster-Muslim:

Stop frotin’& stuntin’…ya not really a true “G”!!!
This whole gangster stuff is so sickenin’ to me!!!

You’re buildin’ a name for yourself that does not really reflect who you are.
You aim for something to prove in the streets & think you’re ready for war.

You think that it’s cool to live off of lies that you make.
People around you just laugh, they know you are fake.

Yo, homie….. just stop tryin’…..ya rep is fraudulent in da streets!!!
Yo, Pinocchio…stop lyin’….ya nose is longer than ya rap-sheets!!!

You’re supposed to a Muslim…what type of life are you living?!!!
What drives you to want to be comfortable with all of  this sinning?!!!

How can you enjoy pursuing a life of pointless vice and malice?!!!
Why would you settle for living a life of endless killing & violence?!!!

You want the fame, the hoes, the fast-money, the clothes…..but, there is a price you have to pay.
You think that the gangster-life is just a game…..but, this lifestyle will lead to your doom one day.

Yo, homie….. just stop tryin’…..ya rep is fraudulent in da streets!!!
Yo, Pinocchio…stop lyin’….ya nose is longer than ya rap-sheets!!!

Why would you rather be honored by the dregs of society than the Creator of the Universe?!!!
If you think that being a gangster will make you better, in the Hereafter it’ll make you worse!!!

You’ll have to give an account to Allah about your life; how would you justify killing or stealing a purse?
The punishment that awaits for “gangsters” like you will be severe & won’t end; what a terrible curse!!!

Just be a Muslim…..leave the gangster out of it!!!

Gareth Bryant/2011

The Sweetness of Ramadhan!!!

Ramadhan is upon us, so get ready for the blessings that are ahead!!!
Utilize all of your time in this month & be grateful you are not dead!!!

There are so many of us, who have not made it this far.
They’ve returned to Allah, as either Muslims or Kuffar.

Chase the goodness of Ramadhan, for some, it’s our only shot!!!
We need this to shield us from the Fire, because the Fire’s hot!!!

Don’t do the same lame things that you’ve done last year!!!
When you hear the Qur’an recited, shed at least one tear!!!

When having Iftar, we should eat much less!!!
Don’t have arguments or fights, avoid stress!!!

Chase the goodness of Ramadhan, for some, it’s our only shot!!!
We need this to shield us from the Fire, because the Fire’s hot!!!

We all need the coolness of Allah’s mercy in this month, just like our tongues need cool water.
Make sure that you’re focused on the true objective, don’t waste time & end up being a loser.

This month is when the Qur’an was revealed, so we need to read it more!!!
We must attach ourselves to the Qur’an, make it something that we adore!!!

Chase the goodness of Ramadhan, for some, it’s our only shot!!!
We need this to shield us from the Fire, because the Fire’s hot!!!

If we don’t attain the great mercy within this month, we will all fail!!!
Let us not fail!!!

Gareth Bryant/2011

I am Troy Davis!!!

I am the prey of a racist, and the victim of a fascist.
I’m a doormat of a bigot who’s a coward & a faggot.

I am Troy Davis!!!

Way back in 1989, I was falsely accused of an unsolved crime.
I’ve been locked down for 20 years, doin’ someone else’s time.

I am Troy Davis!!!

Been screwed by the Georgia Pardon board; they just need a Nigger as a “scape-goat”.
They view us all the same; they just paint us with the same brush and paint coat.

I am Troy Davis!!!

They’ll treat me just the same; their tactics are despicable & lame.
They never want justice for all; they just want someone to blame.

I am Troy Davis!!!

Although the evidence against me is inconclusive, I am next in line for an execution.
There’s no way they’re giving me a break; for them, my death is the only solution.

I am Troy Davis!!!

No one wants to hear my story.
My ordeal is very sad and gory.

Imagine being accused of a crime, just because you fit a profile.

Gareth Bryant/2011

The Terrific-Ten:

This is the story of some of the very greatest men there’ve ever been; only the Prophets could top them; no one else could out-shine them:

Let’s start with Abu-Bakr As-Siddiq, short & sweet; the best of the best, can’t be beat.
His love for Allah & Islam leaves one in amazement.

`Umar ibn-ul-Khattab was always on his job; never a slacker, he is the original gangster.
His devotion still, til this day remains uncontested.

`Uthman ibn-`Affan was oh so baller; no one before or after him ever stood any taller.
His charity is beyond belief, it is just simply legendary.

`Aly ibn Abi-Talib was the best warrior around; if you dared to fight him, you were goin’ down.
His death at the hands of the Khawarij was a tragedy.

Talhah ibn-`Ubaydillah was the pearl of Uhud; he was a ride-or-die dude, he did all he could.
Although killed at the Battle of the Camel, from a fight he never ran.

Az-Zubayr ibn-ul-`Awwam was always caught between a rock & a hard place, but always stared adversity straight in the face.
He was deceived & murdered at the hand of the coward Marwan.

`Abd-ur-Rahman ibn-`Awf was Makkah’s Bill Gates & Madinah’s Warren Buffet; wealth for him was just a means to an end, he never wanted it.
He was the Job of the Companions; everything that he lost, Allah gave it back twice.

Sa`d ibn Abi-Waqqas was a number-one boss; anyone he ever sided with never loss.
He went to China, now we know why Chinese Muslims make bangin’ Halal rice.

Abu-`Ubaydah ibn-il-Jarrah was a superstar at Badr; his sacrifices for the Din was like no one other.
He forfeited the grand life of a king for the simple life of a nomad.

Sa`id ibn-Zayd never took an oath; he never wanted to be accused of being a liar & attain the people’s loath.
Whenever in a battle, he was known as “The Shield of Muhammad”.

Gareth Bryant/2011

Somalia’s & Haiti’s incredible plight:

Scorched earth, as a result of no rain; its people have no food and have forfeited their pride.

Ongoing drought & famine has crippled an entire generation, the world just turns a blind-eye.

Murder has been made the order of the day, no one is ever secure, no such thing as a safe space.

Astronomical and unchallenged atrocities committed there has been accepted, it is common place.

Lies told by our government that Ash-Shabab took over; well, why have they not been ousted?

It’s ironic how they’ve managed to keep power, yet Saddam, Qaddafi & the Taliban were routed.

Apparently, the U.S. has been too busy, with sending troops to secure the poppy & oil fields.

Historically known to be rebellious, a band of slaves, they defeated the British, Spanish, and French.

America & Europe enacted sanctions, choking its people just like nuts & bolts choked by a wrench.

Immersed in an abyss of poverty, while the country is continually exploited beyond imagination.

This island has always been given the raw deal, and people wonder why it is such a torn nation.

It’s no accident that they’ve always been debased, no one wants them to rise.

Gareth Bryant/2011

Our Caves: The Graves!!!

We view death as something so far, and yet, it’s so very near.
It’s not until the Angel of Death comes that we’ve got it clear.
When he comes for our souls, we cannot even use a ruse.
Death is a battle that we are all divinely-destined to loose.

Welcome to your grave, it’s your final resting-place, it’s just like a cage.
Eventually, you’ll go there, no matter your life-stage, no matter your age.

It’s like “Tag”, ready or not, he will come; but, unlike a game, getting caught by him will not be any fun.
The pain that’s in store for you, if your body tries to cling to your soul, is something anyone would shun.
You cannot resist what you can’t control; once he takes hold, he’s never letting go.
Only Allah’s mercy will determine whether your soul leaves your body fast or slow.

Welcome to your grave, it’s your final resting-place, it’s just like a cage.
Eventually, you’ll go there, no matter your life-stage, no matter your age.

We will all be draped from our heads to our two feet, we will be covered with a three-sheeted clad.
The grave will be deep, dark, hallow and sad, there is no bright beautiful clothes, no satin nor plaid.
We will all eventually cross the other side, housed inside of a narrow cavern of a coffin.
So attached to this material-life are we, refusing to reflect upon this reality far too often.
It will be a cold, tight, dusty place, full of mold, this place is a reality that we all have to learn about.
There’s but one way in & yet no way back out, too late to return to life, you can’t scream or shout.
The Blue & Black Angels will question you.
Shame on you, if your answers not be true.

Welcome to your grave, it’s your final resting-place, it’s just like a cage.
Eventually, you’ll go there, no matter your life-stage, no matter your age.

There will be a day and a time when we’ll all be committed to the ground.
So, worship Allah until you die & make your relationship with Him sound.

Gareth Bryant/2011

The Truth behind the Lie:

We all want to live comfortable lies.
Yeah, I said lies…just lies, not lives.
We never want to come to terms with truths.
We are too afraid to receive an honest bruise.

We must all decide for ourselves what’s real & what’s fake.
It’s no easy task; there’s no way to tell how long it will take.

We must look deep within our hearts, to discover the oasis screened by the mirage.
So many things are thrown at us to keep lies alive; Like an onslaught, it’s a barrage.
It is often said that every lie has a lil’ bit of truth.
Lies cover truth the way enamel covers a tooth.

In this world, controlled by illicit desire, vice is the king.
Everyone has a price & will sell themselves for anything.
We all lie, to keep up in public, donning falsified appearances.
We’re ashamed of who we really are & our true experiences.

It is often said that every lie has a lil’ bit of truth.
Lies cover truth the way enamel covers a tooth.

Since people always say the truth hurts, then a lie has to be a sedative.
Bullet wounds of honesty are covered by band-aids that are deceptive.
The wound of truth never heals; it just festers into an on-going infection of deception.
The iodine of integrity is the only cure for this rapid spreading of immense falsification.

It is often said that every lie has a lil’ bit of truth.
Lies cover truth the way enamel covers a tooth.

It’s ironic how sell ourselves short for a lie; yet, sacrificing for the truth is a price that’s way too high.
Falsehood is oh so very destructive; when will we ever learn that there’s no such thing as a white lie?

Gareth Bryant/2011


Great are all the enumerable favors that Allah has given me.

Received without Him wanting payback, He gives for free.

And, He only requires that we devote ourselves to Him solely.

This service, which we owe our owner, is for Him exclusively.

I must always remind myself that Allah is my benefactor.

The obligation for thankfulness is only to Him, my master.

Under no circumstance am I to ever be arrogant & boastful.

Divine is His justice, and for sin, His punishment is wrathful.

Even with very little, I owe everything I have to Him.

Gareth Bryant/2011


Incompetent, incapable, unruly, worthless, despicable is I.

Nonetheless, I pretend that I am the source of my supply.

Grave will be my affair with my Lord, whenever He is not praised.

Revenge will be His; when He is not given credit, He’s not pleased.

Arrogance is a poison of the Heart, it corrupts the Soul from the start.

Tremendous is the nerve of a person who is prideful, it’s just not smart.

Impetuous is my ego, it’s out of control; I take myself way too seriously.

Terrible is my state of mind; I don’t even deserve my Lord’s generosity.

Undesirable is this destructive spiritual disease & shameful is my gall.

Deceived by the Devil that I own anything, it is Allah who owns it all.

Every time we behave this way, the further we will go astray.

Gareth Bryant/2011


Stains on the good name of a person will oftentimes never vanish.

Like a dark, ugly coat of paint that does nothing except tarnish.

Accusations against individual honor & integrity is just deplorable.

Nothing about ruining someone’s reputation is cool, it’s horrible.

Depressing it is, when someone thinks that character-bashing has any merit.

Enumerable, irreversible damage, which we may not ever be able to correct.

Retribution on the Day of Standing will be brutal for the mudslinger.

Gareth Bryant/2011


Previous actions of one’s self which can’t be reversed or taken back once set.

Affirmation of what has been witnessed, along with accomplishment & regret.

Signs from Allah teaching us to behave later on and what never to do again.

Tantamount to necessity of reflection, only my ever distant memories remain.

Gareth Bryant/2011


Personalized is the journey of this life, always moving forward and never backward.

Reality in the here & now, everything must flow freely, I establish my own standard.

Expectations are manifested in real-time; It’s my time to show & prove.

Sudden, yet subtle, I’m to ensure for myself that everything runs smooth.

Every moment is so precious and priceless, so it must be used wisely.

No one can afford to let time pass them by, they must use it precisely.

The here & now is for us to utilize.

Gareth Bryant/2011


Flabbergasted  at the tomorrow that Allah has in store for me.

Unknown is what I’ll experience, acquire, or even get to see.

The only assurance of a successful tomorrow is dependence upon my Lord.

Unchallenged is His authority to determine any & every single action & word.

Recognition of His control over all things which lie ahead makes things a lot easier to accept.

Every happening under His scope, it is divinely proportioned and planned, as well as perfect.

Gareth Bryant/2011

Nobody cares:

Whenever you are on your last-leg, you are expected to run a whole mile.
But, if you can’t deliver, people front on you & treat you mad funny-style.

They only want you for what you have, not for who you are.
But, when you are in need, they’re always so distant and far.

You’re always on-call, do for others, but no one wants to do for you.
It’s unfortunate that you’re only a tool for others, sadly it is very true.

People do not care if you have other things to do.
Manipulation of others is very far from being new.

Sometimes, I feel so used and unloved; I feel the harsh lack of concern from others.
It is foul how people have no care for you, and we are all supposed to be brothers.

Constant is the demand to deliver; yet, no one delivers for you in return.
You can tell when someone doesn’t care for you; you can feel the burn.

It’s just a game that people play, to use you for their own devices.

Gareth Bryant/2011

The Double-Life:

The double-life is in each & every one of us.
Attempting to live two lives is totally arduous.

We think that we know people so well; but, what you see is just a facade.
Once you begin a double-life path, you must at all times be on your guard.

You’re willing to do anything & hurt anyone; you have no boundaries, your soul is sold.
You’re forced to live life as a Chameleon, constantly changing, to avoid being exposed.

It’s better to be honest, which is ever so admirable.
But, you’d rather be deceptive, which is despicable.

The longer you keep the life of lies going, living a double-life becomes more justifiable.
You begin to celebrate the dishonest nature you’ve adopted, this is just simply horrible.

Do you ever wonder how hard it may be for those who live double-lives to look in the mirror?
They can’t, because they’re not able to face the fact that they’re often causing immense terror.

The double-life keeps people in the dark about who you really are.
It’s amazing how we think we‘re close to people, but we’re so far.

It often takes a lot more energy leading two lives as opposed to just one.
The game of deception may be played by many, but it can never be won.

Gareth Bryant/2011

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  45. Your poetry reminds me of middle-schoolers’ attempts to rhyme something coherent. I don’t see how anyone would think they’re inspired. Nevertheless, I appreciate your energy.

  46. Last comment may have been harsh, but that’s how I felt reading though the pieces on this site. I’m sure you acknowledge it. I’m just trying to understand why you put your stuff out there like this, if you know they’re juvenile.

  47. Actually I take back my earlier comments. There’s much sincerity in your work. iA you continue to do this. But PLEASE do try to improve your writing skills. Take a creative nonfiction class, or read relevant articles online.

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