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“Righteous Sinner” Film-Review: How sinful is a “Sinner” & how righteous is a “Righteous-Person”?!!!



The Producer & Star of this Film, “Righteous Sinner”: Boonaa Mohammed had graciously allowed me to write an Article about his Film. The Movie is in every Sense direct, alluring, gritty, controversial, impactful, powerful, edgy, etc.(www.righteoussinnermovie.com)

The Film mainly focuses on the Inherent-Fragility of Humanity, and how when we have Position, Authority, Influence, Power, etc. Most-Humans don’t realize/care about the Reality that Muslim-Leaders, “Students-Of-Knowledge”, “Scholars”, “Imāms”, “Shaykhs”, etc. are more often than not just as Flawed/Sinful as anyone/everyone else. It indepthly explores & challenges the Tragedy of Muslims whom self-implode/self-destruct, resulting from Egotism/Narcissism via Muslim Celebrity-Culture.(Noble-Qur’ān: Chpt.25, V.43)

One of the Great-Points which the Film additionally highlights is the Various-Levels of Addiction…Addiction to: Ego/Desires, Substances, Fame, Wealth, Power, Sexuality, etc.

It was easy to see that the Silver-Lining of the Movie stems from the Story of Barsīsah.(Wahb ibn-Munabbih, at-Tabarī, ibn-ul-Jawzī) And in spite of the Speculative-Nature surrounding the Mustalah/Authenticity of the Story, it however still contains Truth/Honesty.

The Mental-Health Elements via the Film are very Spot-On. Especially as Muslims: our Ignorance/Apathy towards Mental-Health Awareness drives us even further into the Depths of Darkness, as per Mental-Illness. Unfortunately via the Muslims: we automatically associate Mental-Illness with at-Tajnīn (Jinn-Influence/Possession), when in fact at-Tajnīn & Mental-Illness are Mutually-Exclusive.

A very Edgy-Component of the Film was that the Director literally combined the Story of Barsīsah with the Spike Lee Film “Jungle Fever”. The Ethnocentric Sexual-Tension/Intensity between the 2 Main-Characters are very apparent. The Film also gives Great-Scope into al-`Asabiyyah/Xenophobia, particularly in Terms of one of the most common Elephants-In-Room amongst Muslims: Interethnic-Relationships/Marriage. These Dynamics within the film cause the Intensity between the two Main-Characters that much more intimate, complex, as well as complicated.

The Tug-Of-War, between the Main-Character & the Voices which they constantly hear throughout this Film, represent the Struggle to maintain their Spiritual-Integrity, also their Sanity. As the Movie evolves, so does the Intensity of Tragedy-Shocking for some, yet unsurprising for others how Things unfold. This, to me, is very near & dear to me. As I’m in the Healthcare/Mental-Health Field, being a Chaplain (Counselor/Therapist). The Struggles very accurately/honestly portrayed via this Film are what I engage daily, via my Profession. I’ve even presented Research to MSU (Michigan State University: Dept. of Psychiatry) & lectured at Cambridge University (Clare College), regarding all the Subject-Matter display in this Movie pertaining to Mental-Health/Illness, as well as at-Tajnīn.(https://garethbryant.wordpress.com/2019/07/08/attajninvsmentalillness)

This is a Film which I’d recommend anyone/everyone to watch, with an Open-Mind/Heart…looking past one’s Shyness or Bias, regarding the Subject-Matter detailed within it.

Gareth Bryant

1442, A.H./2020, C.E.

Do You want a Wife or a Baby-Momma?!!!



Don’t be tryin’ to creep into all the Sister’s-Circles, pretending like you’re lookin’ to get intended.

When what you really want is another notch on your belt, someone to slide with, to take to bed.

Playing with a Believing-Woman, you’re playing with Fire.

There’s no extinguisher for any Man’s misdirected desire.

Just because she gives you “Salam” doesn’t give you the green-light to slam.

If your claim of loving her is true, go to her Guardian, do it right & be a Man.

You are supposed to be collecting blessings, not “body-counts”!!!

What’ll you do, if she gets knocked-up & your name announced?

Now, you’re spending the next 20-years, making Repentance…

…For a few moments of pleasure, barely more than 60-seconds.

Gareth Bryant/2013