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The Enemy Within:


Each & every one of us are victims of our own regression.
But, we often blind ourselves, denying the self-oppression.

We enjoy living the candy-coated lie, constantly keeping us thinking we are not at fault.
The truth is that we’re all the greatest culprits, just like bank-robbers, stealing the vault.

We don’t want to look into the mirror, to see the true tyrant enough.
It’s so difficult, and, we are so afraid to face the facts, it’s real tough.

Whenever we sin against Allah, we just perceive that it’s okay.
Then, we have the nerve to complain, if we don’t get our way.

We play the game of Chess, that we can never win.
It’s already checkmate, before the game can begin.

Allah controls the entire Universe; so, how can you possibly expect to beat your Lord?!!!
Each of our tests, in the Mundane, are represented by the pieces, on this temporal board.

The Bishops are the helpers of the Devil, attacking at every angle, they tempt us with everything.
The Pawns are the petty issues, that we all take so seriously; they’re illusions, they mean nothing.

The Knights are like our lifespans on Earth, each & every day that we live, depleting.
They stand as constant reminders, for us, that time is something that is always fleeing.

The Rooks are one in the same, they’re the beginning and end in this Mundane.
They are the gates of life & death, leading us in & out of this temporary terrain.

The Queens are the Angels sent to take all of our souls, when Allah wants us back.
We cannot resist this; it is like we have lost, before the fight; we just cannot attack.

And the Kings are us, only able to make one move, at a time; and, still, we can’t escape.
We cannot dance around this chessboard forever; and, there’s no one who gets a break.

We’re just so powerless; we have no chance against any chessboard piece.
Only through Allah’s help can we possibly be rescued, from our self-defeat.

Gareth Bryant/2012

The Sweetness of Ramadhan!!!


Author’s note:
Since the month of Ramadhan is close at hand, I figured that it would be good for me to post this poem, about Ramadhan itself, displaying the importance of this month to Muslims, everywhere.

The Sweetness of Ramadhan!!!

Ramadhan is upon us, so get ready for the blessings that are ahead!!!
Utilize all of your time in this month & be grateful you are not dead!!!

There are so many of us, who have not made it this far.
They’ve returned to Allah, as either Muslims or Kuffar.

Chase the goodness of Ramadhan, for some, it’s our only shot!!!
We need this to shield us from the Fire, because the Fire’s hot!!!

Don’t do the same lame things that you’ve done last year!!!
When you hear the Qur’an recited, shed at least one tear!!!

When having Iftar, we should eat much less!!!
Don’t have arguments or fights, avoid stress!!!

Chase the goodness of Ramadhan, for some, it’s our only shot!!!
We need this to shield us from the Fire, because the Fire’s hot!!!

We all need the coolness of Allah’s mercy in this month, just like our tongues need cool water.
Make sure that you’re focused on the true objective, don’t waste time & end up being a loser.

This month is when the Qur’an was revealed, so we need to read it more!!!
We must attach ourselves to the Qur’an, make it something that we adore!!!

Chase the goodness of Ramadhan, for some, it’s our only shot!!!
We need this to shield us from the Fire, because the Fire’s hot!!!

If we don’t attain the great mercy within this month, we will all fail!!!

Let us not fail!!!

Gareth Bryant/2011

My thoughts about the Rain:


The Rivers of the Street!!!

When it rains, it pours, as the torrential bathing of New York, keeps us wet & cold.
Winds direct this Rain, to every corner, block & sidewalk; it just does what it’s told.

The day-long down-pour, from the Sky, funnels down avenues & alleyways.
The Storm-Clouds are gray, thick & heavy, with Water; there are no Sun-rays.

At every corner, there’s a junction of the Rivers of the Street.
Storm drains are where all these mighty concrete Rapids meet.

The homeless dwellers, of our underground city, use these rains, to shower.
They only get one chance to get clean; sometimes it rains less than an hour.

For them, these Rains represent hope, that Allah has not abandoned nor forgotten them.
They just take what they can get; it’s nothing to us; to them, the Rain is a precious gem.

So, the next time that we complain, about the Rain, we ought to be more grateful.
This Water, from the Sky, nourishes the Earth, making plants grow big & fruitful.

The next time we get drenched, we should think about our poor, homeless counterparts.
We don’t care how it feels, being at the bottom of the barrel; it doesn’t affect our hearts.

They’re the homeless, living in Train Stations & Sewers; they wait & hope for the Rain.
We ignore them, without realizing that they’re those whose only lifeline is a Storm drain.

Gareth Bryant/2009

My thoughts on Tabassum Rahman!!!


Author’s Note:
This post is a poem is about a dear friend of mine, Tabassum Rahman, a standing member of New York University’s Islamic Center, as well as a recent NYU graduate this year. To put it plainly, she’s great-She jumps out the window, to be of help & service for other people. And, she never complains about work or shirks her responsibilities. She’s always positive, motivating, and inspiring. This poem is in celebration of her, as my Muslim sister, in Islam, as my friend, and as an A-Class Human being.

Tabassum, the awesome!!!

You truly live up to your name.
Never shady, always the same.

When you smile, it’s like fireworks, in the night sky.

Your great name means joyfulness, in the language of Arabic.
There is only one way that I can fairly describe you: fantastic.

You’re so very pleasant to others, always displaying goodwill.
You’re the last one to complain & you’re the first one to chill.

You do everything for everyone else, never asking why.

Tabassum is from the verb Basama, meaning “to smile”.
Your sense of service & duty is just as long as the Nile.

You’re a great friend to all who know you and trust you.
When you enter a room, you give the old a sense of new.

The thought of you not being around makes me wanna cry.

So subtle is your approach, yet how dynamic your results.
We’ll always keep you in our hearts, our emotional vaults.

It doesn’t matter where you go next, or who you may be.
We’ll all always care, love, and remember you at the IC.

Gareth Bryant/2012



I’m going to be participating in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Out of the Darkness Overnight Anti-Suicide Walk again, in the San Fransisco Bay Area, on the 9th. & 10th. of June, 2012. It would be great if you all could join me in this walk. But, if you’re not able to, at least donate online to my profile donation page, or tell others about this event. Suicide is a very serious issue that is a growing problem in the U.S., especially among our youth. Please, support me, in my efforts, to promote Suicide-Awareness & Suicide-Prevention. I’m trying to use my participation in this walk as a platform, to promote activism within my respective Muslim-Community, because unfortunately, Muslims are not given a lot of press, when we do partake in noble causes such as this one. Rather, we’re almost always portrayed negatively in the media. So, basically, it’s my intention to be a representative of the Muslim-Community at this walk, but I need help to raise as much money as I possibly can between now & June.

Thanks in advance,

Gareth Bryant

Oppression is wretched!!!


It is something that will taint your soul.
You’ll never reach Paradise, our goal.

Tyranny is something that which Allah has banned for Himself.
Yet, we have the audacity to strip the creation of their wealth.

This wealth is priceless: they are our lives, properties & honor.
Violating, taking these things from others is an action of terror.

As Human beings, we are haters-by-nature.
Envy is a poison, causing us to be immature.

Our hearts are corrupt, black & filthy.
Oppression makes all our deeds petty.

We must ask Allah to remove us all from the path of the dreaded & cursed Shaytan.
Or else, in the Hereafter, we’ll remain in the darkness and will not see another dawn.

Gareth Bryant/2012

A Mother’s-Day alternative: The undisputed status of the Mother in Islam


Author’s note:
Every year, year, after year, this holiday, known as “Mother’s-Day” is celebrated all around the world, fueling the economy of every country which profits from chocolates, flowers, and cheesy Hallmark cards, that could’ve easily been made by a five year old, but are being sold & bought, hand-over-fist. I have decided to elaborate not on the holiday, or why Islamically, it’s not necessary to just show your mother you actually value her, just one day out of a whole year. But, as a Muslim, I think that it’s crucially important for people to know the value that Allah has given the Human female, particularly, the Human mother, that’s what this post is about.

The status of a mother, in Islam, is by far the most honored position in life. The reason why I dare to say this is because the woman, just as a Human being, plays such a dynamic role in societies; and, by being a mother, her role is that much more enhanced-Mothers are the backbones of families, communities, societies, and nations…point blank.

This is very evident, when Allah mentions the divine obligation, to respect the wombs, our mothers, the women whom we all were blessed to be protected & sheltered in, from the day of our conceptions until the day of our births.(Noble Qur’an: Chpt.4, V.1) In fact, the Arabic name for womb is “رحم” (in transliteration, it’s pronounced as Rahm). This word is commonly translated as womb, or kinship/family-ties, and it does mean all of those things. However, what the true essential meaning of this word is a place where mercy resides. And, that’s exactly what the womb of the female is: It is a place where a child, in the developing stages one’s mundane existence, finds protection, from the outside world, from disease, and is endowed with both divine, as well as maternal mercy, care, love, tolerance & compassion.

This is something very necessary to reflect upon, especially for men, who will never, under normal biological standards, established by Allah, have to deal with the responsibility of carrying a life within themselves. It is truly a most noble task, for the woman to be the carrier of us all, into the realm of the Mundane. Unfortunately, when we evolve, from whining lil’ babies into “Men”, we forget the people in our lives, whom Allah had made responsible for our safety & well-being, when we were younger. And, most of the time, those people are our mothers.

Now, don’t get me wrong, here, fathers definitely do play a most important role, no doubt; we, as men & as fathers, have the heavy task of being the head-of-household, which is no easy task at all-We’re responsible for everybody, even the family-pet. But, to just be fair, fathers just don’t sacrifice as much as mothers do, unless of course they may be single fathers. In most cases, when it comes to children, the mothers are left with the brunt of the responsibility, and this has been proven historically, and is still being proven contemporaneously.

One of the many proofs that women sacrifice more than men is just from a biological standpoint of view: Men don’t have thir health at risk, as a result ofchildbirth, women do: as a result of carrying babies, especially in the cases of twins, triplets, etc. Also, women, when it comes to giving birth itself, it’s like they’re on their potential death-beds. It is very easy for women to die, while giving childbirth, even in an industrialized,  modernized, developed country, like the United States of America, for example.

And, this is exactly why the Prophet (Peace be upon him), when asked, “Oh Messenger of Allah!!!
Who is most worthy to be in my company?”, he said, “Your mother”. the companion who asked the initial question (May Allah be pleased with him), asked him the same question two more times, and Muhammad (Peace be upon him) give the same answer, two more times. Then, he asked, “Well, who’s next (meaning who’s next in line to be most worthy to be in his company)”, then Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said, “Your father.”.(al-Bukhari)

So, it is very easy to see, from the classic Islamic perspective, how Allah has honored the mothers of Human beings. Even the societies that we live in are based upon the good treatment of women. I mean, realistically, you can’t have a healthy, sophisticated, functional nation, without a healthy, sophisticated, functional society. And, you can’t have a healthy, sophisticated, functional society, without a healthy, sophisticated, functional family, and the woman is the foundation of a family, in all reality.

Now, if the foundation of anything is compromised, then, anything or everything that is built upon it will not be strong. Likewise, if the woman is not well taken care of, then our families, societies & nations are doomed to fail. I mean, it’s no wonder why the Arabic word “أمّة” (pronounced Ummah, which means community, society, nation) is linguistically derived, directly, from the Arabic word “أمّ” (pronounced Umm, which means mother). Now, with that being said, I hope that I’ve made it clear how important women are, must be & should be, to us all.

Gareth Bryant/2012