Certain-Muslims are enchanted via Fake-Wokeness


Muhammad (Peace be upon them) stated: “Always speak Truth, even if it’s bitter (even if it rubs People the Wrong-Way).”.

As per Certain Muslim-Demographics (Muslim Afro-Americans, Muslim Latino-Americans, etc.) via the United States who’ve become grotestquely enamored with Fake-Woke Factions (the Hebrew-Israelites, the Moors, the NOIers, the 5%ers, the Hoteps, etc.)…don’t ever be fooled. Aligning yourselves with them will not grant you al-Fawz/Success. They (individually & jointly) hate the Fact that you’re Muslims just as much as any other Demographic of Islāmophobes & they hate you just as much as any other Demopgraphic of Muslim-Foreigners.

Muslim Afro/Latino-Americans are always wanting to chase the Clout-Bag, thirsty to be Part of someone else’s Movements. You Mothafuckas are addicted to Self-Hate via Fake-Wokeness. The Irony is that y’all Muslim Fake-Wokers would rather collaborate with Non-Muslim Islāmophobes, as opposed to Fellow-Muslims. And, it’s a Known-Fact that the Only-Reason y’all want to be down with these
Fake-Wokers is 💯% predicated upon al-`Asabiyyah/Xenophobia.

These Same Fake-Wokers and
Islāmophobes literally oppose&mock al-`Aqīdah/Islāmic-Theology, and audacioisly accuse the Muslims of: a. Worshipping a “Spook-God” (an Obvious-Posture of Atheism). b. ash-Shirk via Theophany/Anthropomorphism (ascribing Divine-Characteristics to Creation, Beings, etc./ascribing Characteristics of Creation, Beings, etc. to Allah). c. ash-Shirk via covertly worshipping Pagan-Arab Idols. d. ash-Shirk via overtly the Black-Stone & the Ka`bah, etc. And, these are the Mothafuckas y’all Muslim Fake-Wokers want to unite with: make that Goofy-Shit make Sense…y’all Buggin da Fuck out.

Clearly, y’all Muslim Fake-Wokers didn’t get the Risālah/Memo via at-Tanzīl/Revelation:

a. “Neither the Jews nor the Christians will ever be pleased with you, unless you follow their Millah/Way. If Allah guides them then they’re Guided. But, if they choose to follow their
Egos/Desires, then Allah will neither be a Protector nor Assistant for them.”
(Noble-Qur’ān: Chpt.2, V.120)

b. “Those whom believe pay attention: Don’t take Judeo-Christians as Allies. They’re always Allies of one another. And, whomever departs from you is amongst them. And, Allah guides not the Oppressors.”
(Noble-Qur’ān: Chpt.5, V.51)

c. “Those whom believe pay attention: Don’t take those amongst Judeo-Christians & Non-Muslims/Disbelievers holistically, whom take your Dīn/Path as a Joke and/or a Game, as Allies. And, revere Allah if you’re really Believers.”
(Noble-Qur’ān: Chpt.5, V.57)

Gareth Bryant

Fake-Wokeness via the Hebrew-Israelites


Someone sent me an IG-Video, regarding a Fake-Woker (a Hebrew-Israelite specifically). Via the Video, they spewed their Usual-Rhetoric: pontificating/claiming that they’re the “Real/Original-Jews”. If you’ve ever encountered any Hebrew-Israelites, you know precisely what I’m talking about. For More-Info. regarding the “Real/Original-Jew” Argument:


By the way…that Same-Person had the Audacity to accuse Christians of the Same-Types/Kinds of ash-Shirk/Association which exists via Judaism & Christianity combined. And, the Irony is that Hebrew-Israelites literally attempt to be Jews&Christians at the Same-Time. This is proven via the Fact that Hebrew-Israelites pontificate/claim to adhere to the same Religio-Texts of the same Judeo-Christians whom they criticize/oppose…make that Goofy-Shit make Sense:


Map of the Kingdom-Of-Whidah/Juda (Courtesy of U.S. Library-Of-Congress)

Unsurprisingly, they blocked me…lol It’s like I always tell People: If they blocked you firstly, then you won the Argument.

Gareth Bryant 1444, A.H./2022, C.E.

How&Why I reject the Mantle of Leadership & Position


I specifically remember being asked, by Several-Muslims I personally know, more than once, how/why I’m not on the same “Leadership-Level” as Certain-Muslims of my Generation. Oftentimes, the Arguments in Favor of me being a Leader is:

a. “You’re just as Knowledgeable as any of Those-People.”

b. “You’re just as Qualified as any of those People.”


I’m not making this up…this is literally what Others have told me.

My Responses to them has always been:

1. I vehemently refuse to buy into the “Who’s More-Knowledgeable than who” Rhetoric: realistically only Allah is Al-`Alīm/The All-Knowing. Also, if one doesn’t implement what they know, then what they know doesn’t even matter.

2. I’ve purposely done Things, stated Things, stood for/against Things, triggered Specific-Persons, burned Certain-Bridges, etc. (for better or for worse) just so that People won’t/don’t ever look to me as per “Muslim-Leadership”.

3. I’m literally affraid of al-Imārah/al-Imāmah (Leadership), because of the Statement of Muhammad (Peace be upon them): “Whomever self-imposes Judgment/Rulership, and/or is made a Judge/Ruler by People, then they’ve been slaughtered without even a Weapon.”.

4. I don’t ever want to be in any Position (as sadly so/too many Muslim-Leaders are) which any Would-Be Followers of me listen to anything/everying I say, do, stand for, etc. aimlessly. No one is free from an-Nasīhah/Correction. And if any Leader isn’t corrected, and/or if People always co-sign whatever they do (regardless of whether it’s right or wrong, intelligent or unintelligent, wise or foolish, etc.), then it fuels the Fire of Egotism, Apathy, Arrogance, etc.:

a. As Allah states, “Have you seen those whom take their Desires as their God? Are you then their Enabler?”.
(Noble-Qur’ān: Chpt.25, V.43)

b. Muhammad stated, “Don’t be an Imma`ah/Dick-Rider.”.

5. Realistically, I don’t need to have any Designsted-Title, nor Specific-Position, etc. to be a “Leader”. I can merely be a Leader via my Efforts to commit myself to Positive-Character/Behavior. And, for me, that’s what’s best.

Teachers taking Shit too far


I saw This-Video, concerning a Teacher lotioning the Faces of Students via “Picture-Day”. The Controversy is pertaining to the Teacher essentially “Doing the Most.”. I’ll give my Commentary on This-Video. Via the Video itself, the Video-Commentator made an Anecdote about the Sexuality of the Teacher. And, for Obvious-Reasons, I can see how/why there’s Persons whom would (rightfully so by the way) be Up-In-Arms concerning anyone, particularly a Homosexual, lotioning their Children.

Here’s my take on the Scenario:

I actually agree with the Video-Commentator 💯%:

a. Children’s-Hygiene/Upkeep is the Responsibility of the Fathers/Mothers, Parents, etc. of Those-Children.

b. This-Video definitely displays Predatory-Vibes. There’s definitely Suspiscious-Postures surrounding the Behavior of This-Teacher.

c. It honestly doesn’t matter what Sexual-Preference the Teacher is: this is 💯% Off-Deck. This is & should definitely be viewed as a Professional-Boundary Violation.

And, of course, I’m not Islāmically-Entitled/Justified to accuse anyone of al-Ightisāb/Sexual-Abuse without Evidence. Yet, at the Same-Time, lotioning someone’s Children for “Picture-Day” (especially without their Knowledge, Consent, Permission, etc.) can most definitely & justifiably be interpreted/classified as Sexual-Grooming…this actually goes for any Holistic-Contact for That-Matter.

Generally, this definitely is a “No” via my Judgment-Book. And, anyone whom is offended via the Actions of That-Teacher whom lotioned Children for “Picture-Day”: no one is entitled/justified to accuse them of “overreacting”, of being “discriminatory/biased”, etc. Those-Actions actually set a Negative/Toxic-Precedent. It gives the Implication that, if unchecked, That-Teacher can do whatever they want with People’s-Children as an Authoritative-Figure (as an Educator/Teacher for example).

Gareth Bryant 1444, A.H./2022, C.E.

Happiness is Personal


“Those whom believe pay attention: Upon you are yourselves.”
(Noble-Qur’ān: Chpt.13, V.11)

No one can make us happy, but anyone can make us miserable.