Gareth Bryant’s Podcast: Gareth Bryant’s Perceptions


The Muslim-Foreigner Agenda which the Muslim-Indigenous continues to dick-ride


Muhammad (Peace be upon him) stated:

“Don’t be an Imma`ah/Dick-Rider.”


An Oppressor’s-Pain


I am Broken, cause I broke someone else…
…they gave me everything, I gave nothin’ in return.

Sometimes, I know I’ve wrong many, too often…
…I’ve cared not for their feelings, how they’d burn.

But, alas, I look deep within the Hour-Glass of my Life, time’s running out…
…I mean not Death, rather Opportunity, to correct what went awry with me.

I blinded myself, crippling all those who cared, now they’re scared…
…they’ll never trust me again, cause I made them enamored with glee.

However, as we speak, they’ve decided to rid themselves of my arrogance…
…because I selfishly pursued my agenda and didn’t take an integral stance.

I have become the Wolf, instead of the Shepherd, prowling upon the Lamb…
…it’s something within all of us: it is the classically flawed Nature-Of-Man.

The problem is that we use our intrinsic errors as excuses to Sin…
…then have the nerve to pray to Allah, in the hopes to get a Win.

We think that, as long as we don’t get caught, that it’s ok…
…well, just keep count of how many Hearts you break a day.

I can only hope that I can redeem, reverse the Damage…
…but most of us simply enjoy Destruction, like a Savage.

Gareth Bryant

1442, A.H./2021, C.E.

Benefitting Fellow-Muslims after Death


This Video explains in detail what can/should be done for Fellow-Muslims, if/when they die. It’s most definitely a Trying-Time/Experience, once Death falls upon us. More often than not, there’s Countless-Insecurities surrounding Death. It always/will always affect each & every Individual-Person differently. So, in my Attempt to provide Solace via Empowerment: this Video aims to assist to convey Religio-Options for those whom require/need Healing over the Losses of Fellow-Muslims via Death.

Gareth Bryant

1442, A.H./2021, C.E.

RCG: Relief Counseling Group


RCG has graciously invited Gareth Bryant, to work with their Entity. The Purpose being to provide as-Sihah/Wellness, to any/all whom may be in need of it. I’m grateful, to Allah, to have the Opportunity to collaborate with such an Entity, which truly aims to empower Others.

For more Info. regarding how to acquire RCG-Services go to:

Gareth Bryant

1442, A.H./2021, C.E.

America the Ugly


As per the Aforementioned, this is Reality. The United States is a Shithole-Country, disguised as a Utopia of Freedom&Justice via Democracy and Law&Order-Honestly, if I weren’t a US-Citizen via Birth, I’d never want to live within the United States. al-`Asabiyyah/Xenophobia, Islāmophobia, etc. which’re the Bedrock-Origins of the United States displays its utter Ugliness…again & again. This is the Khulq/Adab (Character/Behavior) of the US. There’s literally 0-Point as per how/why People continuously deny this. Freedom via Democracy is an Illusion.

Gareth Bryant

1442, A.H./2021, C.E.

The Fragrance of Action


Let’s face it: we want to smell good…

…whether it’s Chanel or Sandalwood.

Regards of the Make or the Brand…

…no one wants a Scent that’s bland.

Just as we make Purchases of our favorite Perfumes&Oils…

…we cover our Bodies with them, as our Delectable-Spoils.

We all wish to be donned with the Best…

…viewed as smelling better than the Rest.

However, what if our Deeds had a Smell?!!!

Would our Aroma be Summer’s Eve or Hell?!!!

Could it be that our Positive-Works would radiate a Blissful-Flower?

Or would our Negative-Behavior spew something Shitty&Sour?

We must look internally, to see which Sinful-Scent may permeate…

…from our Wretched-Actions, which we never thought to eradicate.

If in fact, if our Acts are Righteous, then how long would that Odor last?!!!

Or, would they be watered-down so much that it fades away that fast?!!!

So, what of improving our Fragrance?

How difficult being Religio-Hygienic?

The Struggle to remain Fresh&Clean…

…the same as being Spiritually-Presitine.

Gareth Bryant

1442, A.H./2021, C.E.

“Righteous Sinner” Film-Review: How sinful is a “Sinner” & how righteous is a “Righteous-Person”?!!!



The Producer & Star of this Film, “Righteous Sinner”: Boonaa Mohammed had graciously allowed me to write an Article about his Film. The Movie is in every Sense direct, alluring, gritty, controversial, impactful, powerful, edgy, etc.(

The Film mainly focuses on the Inherent-Fragility of Humanity, and how when we have Position, Authority, Influence, Power, etc. Most-Humans don’t realize/care about the Reality that Muslim-Leaders, “Students-Of-Knowledge”, “Scholars”, “Imāms”, “Shaykhs”, etc. are more often than not just as Flawed/Sinful as anyone/everyone else. It indepthly explores & challenges the Tragedy of Muslims whom self-implode/self-destruct, resulting from Egotism/Narcissism via Muslim Celebrity-Culture.(Noble-Qur’ān: Chpt.25, V.43)

One of the Great-Points which the Film additionally highlights is the Various-Levels of Addiction…Addiction to: Ego/Desires, Substances, Fame, Wealth, Power, Sexuality, etc.

It was easy to see that the Silver-Lining of the Movie stems from the Story of Barsīsah.(Wahb ibn-Munabbih, at-Tabarī, ibn-ul-Jawzī) And in spite of the Speculative-Nature surrounding the Mustalah/Authenticity of the Story, it however still contains Truth/Honesty.

The Mental-Health Elements via the Film are very Spot-On. Especially as Muslims: our Ignorance/Apathy towards Mental-Health Awareness drives us even further into the Depths of Darkness, as per Mental-Illness. Unfortunately via the Muslims: we automatically associate Mental-Illness with at-Tajnīn (Jinn-Influence/Possession), when in fact at-Tajnīn & Mental-Illness are Mutually-Exclusive.

A very Edgy-Component of the Film was that the Director literally combined the Story of Barsīsah with the Spike Lee Film “Jungle Fever”. The Ethnocentric Sexual-Tension/Intensity between the 2 Main-Characters are very apparent. The Film also gives Great-Scope into al-`Asabiyyah/Xenophobia, particularly in Terms of one of the most common Elephants-In-Room amongst Muslims: Interethnic-Relationships/Marriage. These Dynamics within the film cause the Intensity between the two Main-Characters that much more intimate, complex, as well as complicated.

The Tug-Of-War, between the Main-Character & the Voices which they constantly hear throughout this Film, represent the Struggle to maintain their Spiritual-Integrity, also their Sanity. As the Movie evolves, so does the Intensity of Tragedy-Shocking for some, yet unsurprising for others how Things unfold. This, to me, is very near & dear to me. As I’m in the Healthcare/Mental-Health Field, being a Chaplain (Counselor/Therapist). The Struggles very accurately/honestly portrayed via this Film are what I engage daily, via my Profession. I’ve even presented Research to MSU (Michigan State University: Dept. of Psychiatry) & lectured at Cambridge University (Clare College), regarding all the Subject-Matter display in this Movie pertaining to Mental-Health/Illness, as well as at-Tajnīn.(

This is a Film which I’d recommend anyone/everyone to watch, with an Open-Mind/Heart…looking past one’s Shyness or Bias, regarding the Subject-Matter detailed within it.

Gareth Bryant

1442, A.H./2020, C.E.

The “People-Of-Knowledge” Pseudo-Narrative & Pseudo-Monopoly according to Muslims


I personally know Muslims, who’ve basically the Same-Kinds/Types of Islāmic-Knowledge as I’ve amassed. Yet, immediately they’ve been donned with Titles like, “Ustādh”, “Imām”, “Shaykh”, etc. Now, let me make myself very clear: I despise Titles, because they make People Arrogant. However, staying On-Point: one of the Reasons how/why this is the Case is because they’re not from me & I’m not from them. Meaning, they’re Arab…I’m not, they’re Desi…I’m not, they’re European/Euro-American (“White”)…I’m not, they’re African…I’m not, they’re Asian…I’m not, etc. Also, to make something clear also: I don’t even consider myself a “Person-Of-Knowledge”. It’s simply that I know Game if/when I see it. Even as per Muslims whom’re of me & I of them: Persons who’ve literally dedicated their Entire-Lives to Islāmic-Academia/Scholarship…those whose Islāmic-Knowledge so greatly surpasses my own by far: even those Persons aren’t recognized as “Scholars”, “Shaykhs”, etc.

But, instead, they’re religio-academically disrespected via the Imposition of the Title “Student-Of-Knowledge” placed upon them. And, what I know for a Fact: that Title “Student-Of-Knowledge” is a Muslim Religio-Scholastic Euphemism for “Lil-Nigga”. I’ve observed/witnessed these Realities my Entire-Duration as a Muslim. It took me a Long-Time, however, to self-develop the Courage to recognize/accept & call the Religio-Bullshit out if/whenever I see it. And anytime/everytime I’ve actually called this out, I get Sided-Eyed as though I’m the One who’s Buggin.

It’s basically a Control-Mechanism, because via Things such as al-Hizbiyyah/Religio-Sectarianism, al-`Asabiyyah/Xenophobia, the Pseudo-Narrative of Bilāl ibn-Rabāh (May Allah be pleased with him): the Muslim-Slave Narrative, etc. Muslims Native/Indigenous to the Western-World/Hemisphere (especially Muslim Afro-Americans from Canada to Chile) predicates/dictates that we can’t be Muslim Religio-Scholars unless/until these Clown-Asses from Muslim/Muslim-Majority Countries “declare” us to be so. News-Flash Negroes: that’s never going to happen. These Persons will never recognize/accept the Vast-Majority of Persons-Of-Knowledge amongst Muslim Afro-Americans, because for us to be Academically-Autonomous/Independent thus means that we’ll no longer be their Religio-Slaves.

Ironically, the Worst-Part is that Muslim Afro-Americans absolutely love to Religio-Shackled to these People. This is the Case, simply due to the Fact that, statistically, demographically: instead of using al-Islām as the Ultimate-Tool to correct the Human-Condition, we’ve merely used al-Islām to switch Slave-Masters. We literally enjoy being NWA (Niggas With `Aqīdah/Theology).

Gareth Bryant
1442, A.H./2020, C.E.

al-Imāmah/Leadership just isn’t for Gareth Bryant


(For better or for worse) I’ve literally: said, done, pontificated Controversial-Things which’ve been the Human-Reasons how/why I’ll probably never be selected, recommended, etc. for al-Imāmah/Religio-Leadership amongst Muslims.

There’s Several-Reasons, how/why I’m grateful this is the Case:

a. Being a Leader is a Burden, not an Entitlement.

b. Being a Leader has the Potential to bring out the Worst in People.

c. Being a Leader makes you a Slave to those you’re entrusted to lead: sacrificing one’s Personal-Life.

d. Being a Leader is stressful.

I’ve honestly 0-Regrets for being overlooked, as per being looked to for Leadership. Things like this, ironically, have helped established Barriers between myself & the Pursuit-Of-Leadership. And, it serves as the Perfect-`Udhr/Excuse to never actively pursue Leadership. Personally, I still don’t comprehend how/why there’s Muslim-People whom still pursue Leadership.

Wanting to be a Leader, as a Muslim, is a Serious-Problem. I honestly don’t get/don’t want to get it. There’s of course some/many People whom may very well find it strange, that I despise the Idea of Leadership this much. I don’t care-My Leadership-Reservations are 💯% Islāmically-Valid. I’ve literally witnessed/observed Muslims assume/accept being Leaders & it’s literally ruined their Lives, their Relationships, their Families, their Wellness, etc. & most importantly: it’s ruined their Connection to/with Allah.

I refuse to be slaughtered, via Leadership, without even a Weapon.

Gareth Bryant

1442, A.H./2020, C.E.