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My thoughts on the 4th of July:


Author’s Note:

July 4th-Weekend is where people put up their American flags, on their home doors, front lawns, windows, and/or cars & have day-long BBQ’s in their backyards, or go to beaches, celebrating the commemoration of how American Colonists stood against the British Crown & resisted tyranny. I would just like to present this poem, about the reality of fallacy & self-deception, of being patriotic, to a nation, like the United States-Even though she, herself, has felt the sting of tyrannical suppression, has, ironically, been historically known to oppress other peoples & nations, robbing them of independence, freedom, justice, and equality, while portraying to be the torchbearer of independence, liberation, freedom, justice, and equality-Everything from the establishment of the 3/5th Compromise, constitutionalizing the further dehumanization of the African-American, as not even being even Human, rather, only beasts of burden, to the violation of peace & land treaties, made to Native-American nations & tribes, to the Indian Removal Act, to the Fugitive Slave Act, to the Indian-Wars, which further decimated the power, majesty, culture, and population of the once proud & dignified original peoples of the Americas, in North America, to the 1st Red-Scare of the 1920’s, after World-War I, to the internment of Japanese-Americans, during World-War II, to the 2nd Red-Scare of the 1950’s, during the Cold-War era, to the assassination of JFK, which exposed the shadow-rulers & shadow-government of this nation, to the Vietnam-War, and all other unjust military invasions of nations, before & thereafter, to COINTELPRO, to the fallacy of 9-11, in which an entire religious populace has been made the perpetual subject of political, & social religious-profiling, to the Patriot Act, the prelude to the NDAA, and so many examples-Is this a nation truly worthy of your patriotism? You must all ask yourselves this important question!!!

The Pledge of Illusion:

What good is a pledge, when the loyalty is always one-sided?
This pledge of allegiance of the United States is often biased.

The false cloak of “American-Values” has tragically consumed the trust & good-will of many.
When our hands are on our chests, do we think of those oppressed by this nation’s tyranny?

Patriotism has become fanatical Fascism, the motivating force being power & racism.

The “Founding-Fathers”  built this nation using free-labor of captives during slavery.
The carnage committed against Native-Americans was deemed as justified savagery.

We forgot about the Black-Codes & Jim-Crow; most of us are oblivious, we really don’t know.
What happened to “Black Wall Street” isn’t found in any school-books that they want to show.

Patriotism has become fanatical Fascism; the motivating force is power & racism.

America wants no one with nuclear-weapons, yet they’re the only ones who ever used them.
Hiroshima & Nagasaki, cities full of civilians, were they ever a threat to America’s freedom?

Vietnam was a country used as a testing-ground for Agent-Orange and Napalm.
The U.S. tried to force Democracy upon them, with the policy of the strong-arm.

Patriotism has become fanatical Fascism; the motivating force is power & racism.

So, the next time that you want to pledge allegiance to the flag, think clearly of the past.
Decide for yourself, whether your loyalty to a regime is valid; do a compare & contrast.

Gareth Bryant/2012


Gareth Bryant...

As far back as 1994, according to a Grand Jury report, released by CNN, Jerry Sandusky, who had worked for Penn State University officially for 32 years prior to 1999, and was then allowed to stay on for another 12 years in a volunteer capacity at Penn State until this year, had been reported, probed and investigated, throughout his tenure as an employee at Penn State, for having the ugly history of touching & loving young men, in all of the wrong places. Yet, apparently, this was not good enough to compel the Penn State administration to go forth and press charges upon this man, or at the very least fire him, before this sex scandal became what it was: the single most disturbing & shocking scandal in the history of College Sports.

This monumental level of irresponsibility, carelessness and mismanagement of campus affairs has shaken the College Sports world…

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Wanting to get closer to you!!!


It’s like time just flies by, when we are together.
No care for duration, season or kind of weather.

When you’re in my presence, I’m often struggling to sound sensible.
Your smile unforgettable and your soft, silky touch is just incredible.

The time just burns out, so quickly, whenever I’m with you, just like unleaded-fuel.
Being around you is spectacular-You can make any 100-degree day seem so cool.

I think that I have found the one, who has given me hope, again.
She’s opened my eyes to new things, and encourages me to win.

The want to be closer to you is just so vivid.
It’s just all I wanna do; I’m being so candid.

It’s just miraculously wonderful, how I’ve been given a great sign of hope.
Having this special someone in my life has really changed view and scope.

But, I sometimes feel like they wanna push me away, thinking they’re not good enough for me.
This person has changed almost everything, and I just wanna hold on & let beautiful things be.

This person has appeared in my life as a precious gem.
I love this person dearly, and do not want to lose them.

Now, I’m pretty sure there’s someone in your life, who means this much to you.
So, just make sure that whatever love you have for them is pure, as well as true.

Gareth Bryant/2012

My thoughts on Summer:


Author’s note:
At the beginning of each season this year (according to the Gregorian-Calendar), I plan to release a poem about each season-I’ve written several poems about the seasons, particularly the four classic temperate seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Each of these seasons represents different stages of existence, in this Material-Existence of ours, which we gradually evolve towards. My goal is to inspire reflection for whomever may read these poems, to strongly reflect upon their own lives, what season of life that they are currently embracing.


It’s the season of Maturity; now, the stage of Accountability.
We are fully developed, like the earthly Foliage & Shrubbery.

We are fully aware of who we are, and what we do.
There are very little surprises, not many things new.

All Fruits are at their highest, ripened peak.
We have attained strength, no longer meek.

There is no limit to our greatness.
We’ve all inherited our destinies.

We use our skills & talents, to the absolute fullest.
Success is attained, through all of our capabilities.

We can conquer all, of what stands in our path.
Our bounties are plenty, no need to do the Math.

This, our seasonal, youthful, Summer of Life.
There is only content, not struggles nor strife.

We are as reckless as the Summer heat, we do not care who we scorch.
Our ambitions are like a white Flame, supported by our egos, its torch.

We are merciless, adventurous, hot, humid, unpredictable, unbearable crude and crass.
Our actions are as relentless as an untamed beast; our speech sharp, as a blade of grass.

We are as free as the Wind; we fly through the Sky, like a winged Horse.
We accept no one’s approval on how to live; we set our very own course.

Gareth Bryant/2009


Gareth Bryant...

Author’s note:
I know how much having a father has been important in my life, regardless of the fact that he wasn’t even a Muslim & died when I was very young. I thought that it would be good to just share this importance to you all-I’m often left thinking, to myself, that if my father could be the man whom he was, without Islam, then I owe it to Allah to strive towards being at least half of the man that he was, with Islam. This particular poem is meant to celebrate the utter importance of having a father, generally, which domestically in the U.S., as well as other parts of the world, the status of fatherhood has really become a pathetic joke, not taken seriously at all, and we’ve all been more & more bombarded with this global, socio-culturally-influenced/encouraged “dead-beat dad” syndrome, which has taken the world by…

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Gareth Bryant...


I’m going to be participating in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Out of the Darkness Overnight Anti-Suicide Walk again, in the San Fransisco Bay Area, on the 9th. & 10th. of June, 2012. It would be great if you all could join me in this walk. But, if you’re not able to, at least donate online to my profile donation page, or tell others about this event. Suicide is a very serious issue that is a growing problem in the U.S., especially among our youth. Please, support me, in my efforts, to promote Suicide-Awareness & Suicide-Prevention. I’m trying to use my participation in this walk as a platform, to promote activism within my respective Muslim-Community, because unfortunately, Muslims are not given a lot of press, when we do partake in noble causes such as this one. Rather, we’re almost always portrayed negatively in the media. So, basically, it’s…

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