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In the literary game, public-opinion does in fact matter. I cannot be a successful literary artist, or hope to attain proper literary exposure, without people like yourselves, who view my writing, and inform me of what’s right, or what’s wrong with what I’m writing on here. This is something that I take seriously, because there’s absolutely no point in writing any of this, if it’s not going to be of any benefit to you people.

So, any questions, comments, criticisms, advice, encouragement, or put-downs that anyone may have, I welcome all of it, really. It is very important for me to receive honest feedback from you all-Knowing whether I’m writing about things that people show a general interest in, or that give significant meaning to their lives or not, is top-priority to me. Trust me, it’s all-good, fortunately, my ego isn’t that fragile.

Seriously, anything at all, that you would want to bring to my attention, as to what I’m doing right, or what I’m doing wrong, or, even if you just wanna holla & say hi, I welcome that as well.

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  1. I know this is a touchy subject, and you don’t want to taint somebody’s reputation- but you also have to consider the ramifications that if these allegations are true- it will only escalate into a horrific situation. Is there a female psychologist/social worker….someone trained to notice these types of situations…and who is also trained to be incredibly discreet -who maybe attends the Mosque, that could get the wife alone….who might be attentive to her body language or eye contact- because seriously- this is really going to bother me…..

    • I’ve already started making moves to deal with this situation in the very best way possible. I’ve sent an e-mail to the local Imam of my community & we’re gonna sit down & speak about a lot of things plaguing our Muslim-Community, but this will have to be top-priority. I hope that my efforts are successful.

      • Finally the brutal truth, Brother I am so grateful that a man is willing to tell it. I am worried about you telling it with so much conviction and going against the patriarchal code for men this truth is as veiled as white supremacy and it, too must not die, or even see the light of day. I know muslim women that think they should be beaten right along with the children, they are highly educated and are the breadwinners in their households in some cases.

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  36. I like your clear purpose and the sense of benevolance, Gareth.

    There is a problem with the punctuation in your sentences “. . . honest feedback from you all-Knowing whether I’m writing about . . . .” It really jolted me as it did not quite make sense until I realise that there should be a full stop rather than a hyphen. Although God is “all-knowing”, here the two words cannot be hypenated, and must be parted across two adjacent sentences, one ending a sentence and the other starting the next.

    Please change it to “. . . honest feedback from you all. Knowing whether I’m writing about . . . .” to make better sense.

      • I would also like to add that it is the dash or the em-dash, not the hyphen, that is used “to separate different clauses or points, in a sentence”. Whether the dash or the em-dash is chosen, each needs to be used with a space before and after itself.

      • Yeah, that’s very true, it is in fact, the Dash. But, ironically, there’s almost no difference, in practical-usage, between the Hyphen & Dash, that’s why I usually just say “Hyphen”.

      • Hi Gareth, I know that some folks do not bother to differentiate or do not know the difference. However, the dash or the em-dash is longer. Furthermore, in the correct use of punctuations, the dash and the hyphen have different usage, and are not identical or interchangeable.

  37. Hi Gareth,

    Since you have asked “to receive honest feedback” from your readers, here is my further clarification:

    I realise that you might have been excercising some poetic licence here in trying to deploy “elision” in such a way. However, the readability and meanings of both sentences have been unnecessarily and/or unfavourably compromised, even if we don’t care about readers getting somewhat lost there and having to pause and think in order to make sense of them, assuming that some, if not all, of them would find their footing or bearing eventually.

    By the way, since you are an aspiring writer, I thought that you might find potentially useful and relevant to you.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Gareth!

  38. As Salaamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuh..inshaAllah this piece reaches you in good spirit and health

    Often perception can have a blessing coming off as a curse.
    Verses perspective, all the references defining your worth.
    Hurting collections by the mantle
    Trophies have been dismantled, versions of truth mishandled, murdering by example.
    Learning, the stove’s lit, crisp, chapped lips, starving, stinking, pardons and forgiveness.
    All of which for better endings, palms lowering lids, reminders waking me up in the night, Allah saught, 3rd part of the night.
    Jarred thoughts, the bottles weren’t big enough, emotions fought, digging up remorse, the course is daily.
    Mazes of allure relapse, jabbed, get back, pursuing babies, lately, driven to perform more duties, goodness sake.
    Made me lean towards the backseat, book signings, last seat at a wake.
    Mildly behaved, through shaded phases spotting operative stages, akin to darkness to light, the sky, the reflection, revelation…showers came, pain done away with.
    Plain site, aim done away with, saved from the plight, evermore the fight, leveage, cause of insite.

    Just alil something jotted in the moment

    trophies to be dismantled, turbulence out of handle.

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  40. Hi, poet bryant, ur poems make me vibrant, ur writings pass a lot of message, i love it, now i know u aren’t a tyrant…. i’m Sain i hope to know u more sir

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