So important is this four-letter word.
It is something we all have heard.

How often it is said, yet it is rarely meant.
It’s more important than any money spent.

A lot of people use the phrase: “I love you” so spontaneously.
However, they also seem to fall in & out of Love so casually.

Is it really Love, or just merely Lust?
How can there be Love without Trust?

Is the one you claim to love in your thoughts, day & night?
Are they someone your heart yearns to hold so tight?

Perhaps you’re the one who wears their heart on their sleeve.
Or, when the going gets tough, you are the first one to leave.

These are the crucial questions you must answer yourselves.
Perhaps you have learned that your Love was never genuine.

Or, perhaps you are still in denial, keeping your hearts atop of shelves.
Maybe you’ve realized that you were a dog chasing its tail, all over again.

Some people may view others like this as being phony.
Yet, others may choose being phony over being lonely.

Gareth Bryant/2008

Your Eyes!!!

How beautiful are your Eyes.
They glow at Sunset, like Fireflies.

How stunning are your Eyes.
They always take me by surprise.

Those Eyes of yours are the Light of my Life.
When I stare at them, they eradicate my Strife.

They are Emerald in the Winter & Auburn in the Spring.
They sparkle more brightly than any type of “Bling”.

They are Gray in the Fall & Hazel in the Summer.
Whenever I see them, I can’t think of any past lover.

You are like a Summer breeze of the Ocean.
Whenever I’m with you, every thing’s slow-motion.

Your Eyes reveal everything about you.
You can gaze at something old, and make it new.

Your Eyes fill my Heart with joy.
You are the “Real-McCoy”.

Gareth Bryant/2009

You Are Beautiful!!!

Everything about you is Beautiful.
Whoever tells you different is cruel.
Your Kiss…is a cool Summer breeze.
Your walk makes my Heart freeze.

Your skin…clean, clear, and no blemishes.
I’m in awe of your long & slender Eyelashes.
It’s very hard to acquire your attention.
Whenever you are near there is so much tension.

It’s so hard to tell you what’s on my Mind.
I’m very cautious to say something kind.
You make me nervous & I want to tremble.
When you smile, I become soft & nimble.

I want to grab you by your Arms & say: “Don’t leave me.”
Then utter: “We belong together, don’t you see?”
I want to have you all for myself.
You’d be a prized trophy on my shelf.

I would explore you, Like a Cave of Wonder.
Hording all of you, you are mine to plunder.
Between your Legs is a treasure that’s just for me.
To reach it, I would just say: “Open Sesame!!!”

I would plant my Flag, on your long-lost G-Spot.
Claiming it, owning it, and making you hot.
Whatever happens between us never leaves my bedroom door.
In public, I would never speak ill of you, or call you a Whore.

You are so much more.

Gareth Bryant/2009

My Thoughts Of You!!!

I love you still…..even if you’ve never loved me back.
I care for you still…..even though concern is what you lack.

You never gave me any attention, only viewed me as a lame.
Yet, you were always on my mind, never forgot your name.

You ignored me, while I adored you.
You capture me still… body yearns for your touch.

I want you still…..chasing you doesn’t bother me much.
I can’t stand the fact that we’re not together.

My plan was for you to be mine, forever.
You left me for another, who knew.

It’s very ironic how we chase those who want us not.
While those who chase us are never given a shot.

I know that not getting over you puts me out on a limb.
And the chances of you coming back to me are slim.

I don’t care. I will continue my pursuit. You are my only love.
It is not my fault that the memories of what we had still haunt me.

I want to be independent of you, but I just can’t seem to break free.
I should not have been so attached…..after all, nothing last forever.

I just wish I wasn’t so addicted to you… devotion wasn’t so clever.
Still, you flew away from me. You were my beautiful Dove.

Gareth Bryant/2009

The Heartache & Heartbreak!!!

What makes the heart ache; what makes the heart break?

You were my everything; now, you’re nothing.
As I think back, you were my reason for living.
That was my mistake from the very beginning.

What makes the heart ache; what makes the heart break?

I thought that you’d be the wind in my sails.
Instead, you were a storm that sunk my ship.

You alone have shown me the ugly truth; “true-love” never prevails.
You’ve left irremovable scars upon my heart, as if struck by a whip.

What makes the heart ache; what makes the heart break?

You played me; you hurt me, without any single regret.
You took my heart and shattered it; I have no love left.
You are, by far, the most treacherous person I’ve met.

What makes the heart ache; what makes the heart break?

I’m so cold, my heart so bruised.
My world turned upside-down.

I never knew you were so merciless.
My life is nothing less of a frown.

What makes the heart ache; what makes the heart break?

I would never want to hurt someone, the way that you have hurt me.
If you refuse to change your ways, I hope that you drown in the sea.

Gareth Bryant/2011

What I see when I see you:

Your intellect-
You’re so thoughtful & pensive; you’re so strong, yet so sensitive.

Your faith-
Your belief in Allah is unshakable; your conviction & integrity is unbreakable.

Your smile-
Unforgettably pleasant, it’s what magnifies & adds to the beauty of a present.

Your form-
No deficiencies, flaws, nor brakes; Allah is the best of Creators; He makes no mistakes.

Your charm-
You can light up a room with your radiance; your aura is free from all decadence.

Your warmth-
Being with you always makes me glad; you bring a softness to my heart that I’ve never had.

Gareth Bryant/2011

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