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The Suddeness of Life & Death!!!



I saw a beautiful Bird, just lying on the ground.
At first, I thought it injured, didn’t make a sound.

It wasn’t till I edged closer to it, that realized it dead.
My appreciation of the Bird’s beauty turned to dread.

It was a stark reminder, of the fact that Life is so short.
And, that Allah may take our lives, without any report.

He gives & makes Life so incredibly lovely.
But, then He imposes Death which is ugly.

It’s so painful, to witness the lifelessness of something once so elegant.
It stands as a sign that nothing lasts forever, lest we become arrogant.

The purpose of passing through life into Death, is to meet Allah on a higher plane.
But, if you choose to do what you wanna do, then, your Hereafter will be bane.

Gareth Bryant/2014

Jihad is not a Bad-Word:



Imma tell ya a story of what Jihad really is Folks: it’s not this dirty-word, that Islamophobic Birds chirp about in the Media…
…it’s something that starts from the individual, and works its way into the Public, to establish Divine-Justice, the Shari`ah…

…Each of us have plenty trials, flaws, and sins…
…but, we work hard turning our losses into wins…

…When we see deception in the Eyes, enticed by the Passion of the Flesh…
…it’s then, friends, that we rely upon Allah, to make us better than the rest…

…Everyday, I see that Girl, I just wanna make her my World…
…but, if I just sex her, she will be just another tainted Pearl…

…I must challenge my Soul, to place my Ego under water…
…press down, down, down, never let my standards falter…

…She looks at me, with all glee, and wants to kick it wit me…
…she wants to fulfill all my fantasies which aren’t my reality…

…She sees I’m striving, she wouldn’t pursue me directly…
…she says she wants to learn & she wants to attain Piety…

…But, I’m a Street-Dude and I know how this goes…
…she tries to whisper in my ear, “Nobody knows”…

But, that’s not true, the One who made me & you, surely sees what is prior & after what we do…
…You run a good-game, wit ya bad-self, I gotta fall back, you runnin’ wit Shaytan and his crew…

…When you undress, your picturesque frame keeps me in a state of disdain & I say “DAMN”…
…Now, how am I supposed to resist such a fine Woman, that I was created to love, as a Man…

…By putting my face on the floor, crying, yelling, till I collapse a Lung…
…Oh, my Lord, do not let me get caught-up, do not let me get sprung…

…You chose to make me Muslim for a reason, to withstand any season…
…to face any type of enemy, whether they be a Gang or a mighty Legion…

…But, the greatest fight, that we don’t view with insight, is with the enemy within…
…an-Nafs, the Ego, is a crafty fellow, who seems calm and mellow, but is poison…

…We boast that we can fight armies of thousands, when we cannot even turn away from that gaze…
…We claim that we “ready to die”, but is your scorecard of Life enough to protect you in the Grave…

…Please take heed: the desire for Wealth and Power, the want to have who you want, under the sheets in that midnight session…
…could very well be that which drowns your Soul, and drags it to the fiery Oceans of Hell, and no Lifeguard will take that mission…

…After which there will not be life-rafts, nor lifeboats, to bring you out, except by Allah’s Divine-Klout…
…but, who wants to go through that, wouldn’t it be better to just enter the Paradise, without account…

…We don’t think, because, we don’t know, we don’t know, because we don’t care…
…Now, unless you show concern & care, those who are like this will be in despair…

…We should want the best for the People, and also, better for ourselves…
…this involves subduing the Self, and removing all our internal carnal ills…

…So, this is Jihad, the struggle against our negative…
…Defeat is not an option, while Victory is imperative…

Gareth Bryant/2014

Connecting Sports & Islam:


sports pic

Author’s note:

Sports are some f the best forms of entertainment: they teach us how to strategize, organize, execute, implement discipline, teamwork, respect, humility, selflessness, goodwill, confidence, ambition, and all other types of positive-qualities necessary to properly function in this Mundane-Life. And, connecting Sports with Existence, there are so many innumerable parallels, which I plan to discuss with great-detail.

The best way to link Sports to Existence:

Imagine, life being like an actual sport, like Football, or Basketball, for instance, two of the most popular sports around, for obvious reasons. Now, link that to our lives. I know, it’s not necessarily something that people think about doing, but, check this gem out: Allah specifically says, in His noble book that this Mundane-Life is merely a game.(Noble Qur’an: Chpt.29, V.64)

But, for us playing the game of Life, we must decide whether we’re gonna play to win or play to loose. And, we also have to decide which playbook that we’ll use to get us through the game. At this point I’d like to delve deeper into the main point of this topic.

Basically, our existence is sectioned-off into three parts, just like a professional-sport: you have the Pre-Season, Regular-Season, and the Post-Season. I plan to expound upon all of these. Each of our aspects of existence reflects, directly, each phase of a sports-cycle.


Anything & everything that occurs during this time, really isn’t counted, tallied, or mentioned on anyone’s record, regardless to how great or small an action is, or whether it’s positive or negative. During this time, it’s really a duration of grooming, to filter-out any negative elements to a person’s game, so that it doesn’t affect ones’ Regular-Season. It is at this time that you undergo significant practice, and acquire skills to take you to the next level.

Regular-Season/Puberty to Death-

Now, here’s when it all counts, this is the time to be serious, because everything, good, bad, or whatever, falls under your personal-stats. You have to play at the pinnacle of your abilities. There’s no room for error & there no excuses. No one can say,  “Well, it was because of this, that, and the 3rd…nah, ain’t nobody tryin’ to hear dat & ain’t nobody got time for dat…you’ve got to produce, or else. Every single thing that we do in the Pre-Season will have a direct affect on our ranking in the Post-Season. And, once the Regular-Season is finished, we can’t go back to improve or correct any errors, which were made, it’ll be too late for all of that. So, we gotta get things right, right now, while, our Regular-Season is still in play.(Noble Qur’an: Chpt.23, V.99 & 100)

The Post-Season/the Hereafter-

Known as Barzakh (mentioned directly in the Qur’an, as basically the realm of existence between ad-Dunya/the Mundane-Life & al-Akhirah/the Hereafter), the Post-Season of our existence will determine whether or not we make it to the championship game & whether we fall into the “winner takes all” category. Like any major sports (Footbal & Basketball most specifically), tere are 3-rounds of the playoffs. But, referring to the Hereafter, the 3-rounds are all played in the graves, where the Angels of Questioning will test you, as to what your Mundane religious-stauts was. They will aske you 3 specific questions: Who is your Lord?…What is your path/religion?…Who is your Prophet?

Now, depending upon how well you answer these 3-questions, respectively, this will determine whether or not you will successfully advance to the next round, if at all. And, ironically, it is your heart, your actions that will answer these questions for you, not necessarily your verbal-speech.(Abu-Dawud) With this being said, let me break down how the Post-Season works: Question #1 = 1st-Round, Question #2 = 2nd-Round, and Question # = 3rd-Round. Meaning, you will not/cannot advnce to the next-round, unless you answer each question correctly, in their exact orders.

Depending upon your answers to these questions, you’ll either advance, or be eliminated. But, unlike sports, within the Mundane, there’s no next-season; no one can ever say, “We’ll get em, next-year”…nah…that’s not happenin’, cause once your Mundane-Life, your Regular-Season of earthly-living is finished, there’s no turning back…We only get one season of Life, and we’ve only got one opportunity to be on the right team. And, Allah describes the qualities of the two most important teams to know about: Hizb-ush-Shaytan/the Team of the Devil, and Hizbullah/the Team of Allah. He describes them so very well, with such incredible clarity.(Noble Qur’an: Chpt.58, V.18-22) We dare not chose the wrong team. But, at the same time, our Free-Will is just like being a Free-Agent, we get to freely choose which team we wanna be on, without interference.

Then, we get to the final game, the championship game…just imagine that the NBA Finals champ game/NFL Super Bowl & the All-Star Game/NFL Pro Bowl were all the exact same event…Well, that kinda how the Day of Standing is gonna play out: Muhammad (Peace be upon him) has informed us of 7-types of persons, whom will be given the immense honor of being covered with the Shade of the Throne of Allah, from the the Sun, on the day where will be no shade from, it & that it will be a mile (or in other narrations, a foot above our heads) away, causing people to sweat, to the extent of sweating up to one’s ankles, or waists, or necks, or even drowning in one’s own sweat.(Bulugh-ul-Maram)

These 7-people are the all-stars & pro bowlers of Judgement-Day: they will be the best & brightest of the day, with Allah as their protector and ally, and they will have a most easy time, on this day, unlike some, or most. These are the persons whom we all must/should aspire to be, at all-times. So, all in all, knowing sporting-dynamics & relating them to Islam is very-important, so that we can better use a universal modality, which is universally beneficial, and be able to apply it to our spiritual-lives, in the hopes that it can help us achieve greater insight into the realities of the Mundane-Life, Life-after-Death, and what the Hereafter actually has in store for each/all of us.

Gareth Bryant/2013

Stay away from Backbitting & Slander!!!


Allah says in His noble book: “Oh, you who believe!!! If a Sinner comes to you with news, verify. Or else, you’ll harm people out of ignorance, then regret what you’ve done.”(Noble Qur’an: Chpt.49, V.6)

Very recently, I was given some negative-news about someone…the news was very vile, to say the least, and angered me a great deal, just because this person whom I was told about, I have an immense deal of respect, honor, trust and love for. I immediately pressed the person who told me of this heinous action, to ascertain whether what was told to me was in fact true or not. The person has yet to provide proof of action.

Even if this person was/is telling the truth, I could tell from their posture in the message sent, that they only intend to ruin this person’s reputation, publicly…this is Backbitting, when you tell something about someone, which is truthful, but, only to make them look bad (typically publicly). Now, if the person is outright lying, or doesn’t know/care whether what they’re telling me is the truth or not, then, this is Slander, when you tell something about someone, which is false & you either know it’s false, can’t prove whether it’s true or false, or just don’t care whether it’s true or false, only to make a person look bad (typically publicly).

Let us not do this…And, honestly, it doesn’t even matter whether the persons victimized by either Backbitting or Slander are Muslims or not…Backbitting/Slander is wrong to do to anyone, at anytime, or any place…point-blank, period!!! Now, as many of you may know, I, myself, have been Slandered, publicly, literally, last-year, by another Muslim, of being Homosexual, which is a Major-Sin, Islamically & religiously a big-deal.

I know, 1st-hand, the ugliness of Slander, Backbitting as well, but, especially Slander…both Backbitting & Slander are evil-acts in the sight of Allah, and those who purposely do these acts are thus cursed, and will incur the wrath of Allah, in the Mundane, as well as in the Hereafter. So, please…I beg all of you…don’t Backbite/Slander people, and ask Allah, constantly, to protect you from Backbitting/Slander…Amen

My thoughts on Winter:


Author’s note:
At the beginning of each season this year (according to the Gregorian-Calendar), I plan to release a poem about each season-I’ve written several poems about the seasons, particularly the four classic temperate seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Each of these seasons represents different stages of existence, in this Material-Existence of ours, which we gradually evolve towards. My goal is to inspire reflection for whomever may read these poems, to strongly reflect upon their own lives, what season of life that they are currently embracing.


It is so very cold and bleak.
Our Souls are getting weak.

This is Life’s dreadful, final chapter.
We are at the gates of the Hereafter.

Our Souls have been taken, from our physical shell.
It’s time for Allah’s judgment upon us; all isn’t well.

On the Day of Standing, the Earth will be just like barren, snowy, fruitless, leafless forests.
Standing before our Lord, His wrath we can’t hide from, not in bunkers or even a fortress.

It will be the coldest Winter, ever; the only warmth will be His mercy.
It will only be given to those who served Him, this is a mere courtesy.

His punishment is more frigid, than an unyielding, blistering, merciless Antarctic wind.
His anger will shatter our Souls, just as Icebergs shatter mighty ships, without any end.

This is the torment He’s promised, for all of those who rejected His signs.
They ignored His warnings, until they aged & began to see wrinkle lines.

Now, they want to adhere to His call.
Now, He will not listen to them, at all.

They’ve been set upon a path, they all wished they seek.
There is no infinite reward, but only punishment bleak.

If you do not wish, for this to be your fate, do not be the one who is heedless.
Obey Allah, as one ought to; your reward with Him is everlasting & priceless.

Gareth Bryant/2009

My thoughts on what Allah sees:


Author’s note:
It’s very important that we (regardless to whether you’re a Muslim or Non-Muslim) reflect upon what the Creator of the Universe sees us saying and doing, as well as what He sees within our minds & hearts. Most of us just live our lives with only minimal to no reflection of how we’re being dutiful to the one who’s responsible for our very existence.

I think that now is a good a time as any to start:

Try to look for what Allah sees:

Allah sees:
The depths of our souls, what we harbor within ourselves, what we hide from one another.
He sees the hatred, bias, & bigotry that we hold against others, what we keep undercover.

Allah sees:
The true colors of the ego, where arrogance & narcissism reside.
It’s where envy and malice is fueled by ambition and unjust pride.

Allah sees:
The evil intentions of our hearts, as we plot and plan ways to follow a blatant desire.
The likes of which are no good, and will only lead us all to a dreadful pit of the Fire.

Allah sees:
Our true selves, when no one is ever around, when we are completely by ourselves, alone.
He views our actions, behind closed-doors; yet, we pretend that we’re so slick & complex.

Allah sees:
The ill-willed seductiveness of our voices, as we attempt to kiss through the telephone.
We use our tongues as pawns, to advance in the game of chess, with the opposite-sex.

Why must we seek to see what Allah sees?!!!
To be able to recognize the wrong within us, that our hearts have been tainted with rust.
We must make amends with our Lord, regain His respect, honor, mercy, love, and trust.

We must make strides towards pleasing Allah, by making sincere and meaningful recompense.
If we want to have security in the Hereafter, we must turn back to Allah with pure repentance.


The Graves: Our Death-Caves


Graves pic

We view death as something so far, and yet, it’s so very near.

It’s not until the Angel of Death comes that we’ve got it clear.

When he comes for our souls, we cannot even use a ruse.

Death is a battle that we are all divinely-destined to lose.

Welcome to your grave, it’s your final resting-place, it’s just like a cage.

Eventually, you’ll go there, no matter your life-stage, no matter your age.

It’s like “Tag”, ready or not, he will come; but, unlike a game, getting caught by him will not be any fun.

The pain that’s in store for you, if your body tries to cling to your soul, is something anyone would shun.

You cannot resist what you can’t control; once he takes hold, he’s never letting go.

Only Allah’s mercy will determine whether your soul leaves your body fast or slow.

Welcome to your grave, it’s your final resting-place, it’s just like a cage.

Eventually, you’ll go there, no matter your life-stage, no matter your age.

We will all be draped from our heads to our two feet, we will be covered with a three-sheeted clad.

The grave will be deep, dark, hollow, and sad; there is no bright beautiful clothes, no satin nor plaid.

Welcome to your grave, it’s your final resting-place, it’s just like a cage.

Eventually, you’ll go there, no matter your life-stage, no matter your age.

We will all eventually cross the other side, housed inside of a narrow cavern of a coffin.

So attached to this material-life are we, refusing to reflect upon this reality far too often.

It will be a cold, tight, dusty place, full of mold, this place is a reality that we all have to learn about.

There’s but one way in & yet no way back out, too late to return to life, you can’t scream or shout.

There will be a day and a time when we’ll all be committed to the ground.

So, worship Allah until you die & make your relationship with Him sound.

The Blue & Black Angels will question you.

Shame on you, if your answers not be true.

Gareth Bryant/2013