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The results are in for the 8th. annual Brass Crescent Awards:


I’ve just received the results of the Brass Crescent Awards.

Unfortunately, I didn’t win First-Place for Best Writer, but I got Second-Place (Honorable Mention), and considering that this was the very first year that I’ve entered this writing contest & the very first writing contest that I’ve ever entered, I consider Second-Place a win regardless.

On behalf of anyone & everyone, who nominated me and/or voted for me, for the 8th annual Brass Crescent Awards, I truly thank you. 🙂

The Brass Crescent Awards 2013:


Salam/What up?

Please, nominate “Gareth Bryant’s Writing Page” for the ninth Annual Brass Crescent Awards!!!

The Brass Crescent Awards is an annual awards ceremony that honors the best writers and thinkers of the emerging Muslim blogosphere (aka the Islamsphere). Nominations are taken from blog readers, who then vote for the winners.

What are the Brass Crescent Awards? They are named for the Story of the City of Brass in the Thousand and One Nights. Today, the Islamsphere is forging a new synthesis of Islam and modernity, and is the intellectual heir to the traditions of philosophy and learning that was once the hallmark of Islamic civilization – a heritage scarcely recognizable today in the Islamic world after a century’s ravages of colonialism, tyrants, and religious fundamentalism. We believe that Islam transcends history, and we are forging history anew for tomorrow’s Islam. These awards are a means to honor ourselves and celebrate our nascent community, and promote its growth.

I’m trying to get nominated for both “Best Muslim Blog” & “Best Writer”. Please, support me…Here’s how: On the nomination page below, type in for Blog Name : Gareth Bryant’s Writing Page…for Blogger: Gareth Bryant…for Category: Best Writer or Best Muslim Blog

Here’s where to vote: