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Fuck the Police-State!!!




Author’s note:

This following poem is a commemoration, of the famous, classic Rap-Song, “Fuck The Police”, by the famous/infamous Rap-Group, known as “NWA/Niggas With Attitude”. Although, raunchy & vulgar as this particular hit was/is, it truly brought the point home, concerning how policing in Non-White neighborhoods, play-out, and are ethno-politically biased, from jump-street, and keep in-mind that this song is about 30-years old, yet, ironically, the same exact policing-policies, all across this nation, we call the United States of America, have barely changed, if at all. Fortunately, my poem is not vulgar, as the song I’ve mentioned is, yet it is just as (in the words of my loving, Muslim brother, Cyrus McGoldrick) “Radical”, in fact, just as radical, if not more radical, than this top-charting urban ballad, written & recorded, over 3-decades ago.


Big-Brother is outta control, because, his parents are not home.

He’s able to kill anyone he wants, with just the strike of a drone.


He rapes & locks-up, chains, cuffs, and slaps-up, anyone he chooses, with the support of his malicious War-Machine…

…Millions of illiterate, gun-toting, teens & young-men, sent to the frontlines, to simply kill, and, be killed, to be supreme.


The time is now…we can’t wait!!!

We must resist the Police-State!!!


He gestures, with dangerous-threats, using his weapons; he has no regard for the oppressed, or their loved ones…

…He’s a murderer, swindler, thief; his entire life has been spent upon insatiable control, with his nukes, and, his guns.


He uses billy-clubs, bombs & Napalm, to beat-down, destroy & disintegrate.

These tools are solely meant to exploit, disrespect, abuse & to utterly berate.


The time is now…we can’t wait!!!

We must resist the Police-State!!!


This Police-State, which we all call home, is supported by Banksters, Lobbyists & Politicians.

These same people flood Churches, on Sundays, and masquerade, as god-fearing Christians.


It grants full-support to the corruption, caused by Wall Street, as they, like greedy Hawks, pillage Main Street & prey upon the feeble…

…When you really examine, who gets away with what & who gets persecuted, it’s pretty easy to tell the difference between good & evil.


The time is now…we can’t wait!!!

We must resist the Police-State!!!


How many “We shall overcome” hymns should we hum, before we rise-up & fight back, with courage & much more?!!!


When are we gonna stop yelling, at rallies “No Justice…no Peace”, before we stand firm & prepare to wage war?!!!

Gareth Bryant/2013

The Flow:


Mensur GJonbalaj pic

Author’s note:

Mensur GJonbalaj is an aspiring writer, with a lot of drive & spirit, to get his thoughts and feelings transformed into pen & paper. He’s a very motivated individual, and I hope to receive more writing from him. For more info. about his work, here’s his own blogsite: http://www.merapoetics.wordpress.com

My mind’s full thoughts
My heart’s is full of emotions

Life is lived by what the hand wrought
Whilst my soul flows in a series of subtle motions

Is good inspiration from the soul?
Or is it the result of a mind tormented by whispers?

The containment of virtue makes me feel whole,
But the absence of love in me  disperses

The purity of my verse
Vexing me like a plague-stricken curse

These feelings get mixed
Though my thoughts are thoroughly fixed

Passion brings me to places I’ve never been
Ubiquitously in a state of sin

If sacrificing passion fosters virtue,
Then seeking love must hurt too

The body, mind, and soul are separate from the other
But each yield the same power

In different forms they appear,
Their unity ends the reign of fear

Like God, we are one in essence
All equal under his presence

Submission to his word
Pleases His shepherd’s herd

Virtue is contained through submission
Salvation is attained by mercy’s admission

I’m keeping hope as a sword in the fight for success
But fear keeps lurking in the corner, causing confusion and doubt

Darkness could only be extinguished by the light
It’s a plight from which I can’t take flight,

But, indeed, a fight I must get right
At the end of the day the truth will prevail

Obliterating falsehood to no avail
These words are flowing from my hands

As blood runs through veins
Flying through time like pebbles of sand

On a beach during a windy day
With each fleeting moment they rise in meaning

Each word I use comes gushing out, reaming
As sleek as a simile,

But cunningly a metaphor
I jot my thoughts down peacefully

Through the chaotic disturbance of the train’s door
Is there any meaning to what my words show,

Or am I once again afflicted by the whims of that devilish flow?

Mensur GJonbalaj/2013