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I am the Pursuant-Panther!!!


Jaguar pic

As I swiftly sprint, through my Jungle-Domain, all pause, as though they’re on my Hit-List.
They are in awe of my strength, my Colorful-Coat, my Sharp-Claws, my Paws, Mighty-Fists.

I’m the only one of my Kind, I am the King of the Amazon.
All I have to do is roar and everyone in the Jungle is gone.

But, it’s so lonely, at the Top; it’s like I have no one to share my Beautiful-World with.
It’s like I’m without Family or Friends…it feels like I am always alone: no Kin, & no Kith.

I love to be around Others, to play, not just to hunt and kill.
I just wanna know how it feels to be Part of something Real.

When I am present, Others are deathly afraid.
I’m just anxious to get along, to have it made.

I wish simply to live, and enjoy the Good-Life, with every Jungle-Neighbor.
I want them to know that me being a Jaguar doesn’t define my Behavior.

What I pursue is more than just a Fresh-Kill: I pursue Community.
I desire to be one with my entire Environment: I only seek Unity.

I search for Love & Understanding.
Honestly, is this too demanding?

Gareth Bryant/2013

Wanting to get closer to you!!!


It’s like time just flies by, when we are together.
No care for duration, season or kind of weather.

When you’re in my presence, I’m often struggling to sound sensible.
Your smile unforgettable and your soft, silky touch is just incredible.

The time just burns out, so quickly, whenever I’m with you, just like unleaded-fuel.
Being around you is spectacular-You can make any 100-degree day seem so cool.

I think that I have found the one, who has given me hope, again.
She’s opened my eyes to new things, and encourages me to win.

The want to be closer to you is just so vivid.
It’s just all I wanna do; I’m being so candid.

It’s just miraculously wonderful, how I’ve been given a great sign of hope.
Having this special someone in my life has really changed view and scope.

But, I sometimes feel like they wanna push me away, thinking they’re not good enough for me.
This person has changed almost everything, and I just wanna hold on & let beautiful things be.

This person has appeared in my life as a precious gem.
I love this person dearly, and do not want to lose them.

Now, I’m pretty sure there’s someone in your life, who means this much to you.
So, just make sure that whatever love you have for them is pure, as well as true.

Gareth Bryant/2012