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My thoughts on the Night & Day:


The Sunset!!!

The Day is just about nearly done.
The Sun sinks slowly, in the West.

The Sun is almost gone.
It has to leave, for rest.

The Sky gets darker; the Horizon becomes pink & yellow.
There’s a slight breeze; the atmosphere is quiet & mellow.

The Night begins to chase the Sun far away.
It has shed enough of its light, for one day.

There’s a dark blue tint, stretching & covering the Sky.
The Sun leaves us with its Solar glare, saying goodbye.

The Sunset has arrived, the Sun must give way.
We must endure the departure of our sunny day.

We look on, as we see the Sun being devoured, by the land.
We are helpless, as if we’re watching it sink, into quicksand.

The Darkness has overtaken the Light.
The Day is gone, it is now the Night.

The Sunset reminds us that nothing lasts forever.

Gareth Bryant/2009

The Sunrise!!!

Bright rays of light cut the Sky.
They form shades of pink & blue.

They give chase, to the dark shadow of the Night.
The Sun begins a day that is bright & brand-new.

From the long-stretched Horizon, the Sun’s golden rim emerges high.
As if it were a mighty Tree, it springs rapidly above, from the ground.

Its glow is greater with each moment, as it ascends to the Sky.
The Sun is big & bright; it begins shedding its light all around.

The mood is calm, as the Sky becomes lighter, yet clearer.
The Sun floats in the Sky, just like a leaf floats on a River.

In a Rainforest, the Sun makes the leaves of the Trees greener.
In a Desert, it makes the winds of a Sandstorm a little meaner.

It rises from the East every day, without the slightest hesitation.
It is one of the signs of Allah, made for Human contemplation.

In Nature, the Sun shines on Mountains & Valleys.
In cities, it even shines on street corners & alleys.

The Sunrise is a reminder, that we’ve made it through the Night.

Gareth Bryant/2009