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My thoughts on Whitney Houston (A serious lesson to be learned):


Author’s note:
Please, keep in-mind that this post is not a personal-attack or a personal put-down, by any stretch of the imagination against Whitney Houston, nor should it be taken as such. I’m just expressing what my views are about her.Whitney Houston has been one of the most celebrated songstresses of the 20th century. She’s set standards of vocal excellence almost unparalleled by any other performer of her generation. She’s nearly peerless in her skill as a singer, or in her popularity. Yet, in spite of all her accomplishments, there’s the ugly truth of her battles with substance-abuse that had not only almost ruined her career as an entertainer, but could’ve very well been the cause of her demise, and to add insult-to injury, she wasn’t really that old-She was in fact only two years shy of becoming 50.And, I know that a lot of people wanna blame Bobby Brown for her fall from grace & all of that. But, in all fairness she had her own choices in life, that she willingly made herself. So, regardless of whatever influences that Bobby may have had over her, she still had her own free-will-You can realistically only blame Bobby for so much. I can say this, whatever negativity that Bobby had exposed her to, he will most definitely be held accountable in front of Allah for it, and at the same time, Whitney herself will also be held into account, for whatever choices that she made, based upon her own volition. I want all of you out there, who may end up reading this, to seriously look at someone whom however accomplished they were materially, still got caught up in the illusion that is this Material-Life. This Material-Life is full of distractions, glitter & glam. But, we all know that all that glitters is not gold. It is crucial that we learn from her life what she was not able to learn from her own life, during her own lifetime.

What we learn is the following:
1. Become well-acquainted with the existence of Allah, the Lord of the Universe & become a Muslim, in order to save your soul, in this Material-Life as well as in the Hereafter.

2. Recognize your own personal weaknesses & frailties & learn to control them & to prevent them from controlling you.

3. Be mindful of the company that you keep, because those whom you may associate yourself with, or indulge in various things with, may be the very same persons who lead you towards the path of destruction & when you’re gone, they will live out the rest of their lives without you, forgetting about you.

Whitney Houston was a best-selling entertainer, with loyal fans who truly respected & loved her, from every corner of the globe. She was adored  by millions, amassed large amounts of accolades & wealth. But, where will all of that go, now that she’s dead? It won’t be going with her, it will stay right here, in this Material-Life, and now she is with her Lord. It’s sadly too late for her to go back in time & fix whatever flaw that she had, or to do more good work. It’s too late for regret, for not doing enough good, or for doing too much bad-It’s all over now, unfortunately.

What we, whom are still living, must take from the tragic & untimely death of someone so talented, so well-known in the world, as Whitney Houston, is to never let the glamour of this Material-Life drive us away from the remembrance of our Creator, Allah, nor our appointment with death, nor our appointment with Allah to be judged for all things, in the Hereafter.