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The Reality of this Mundane-Life:


Close your eyes and let your imagination take you away:

You’re walkin’ down a very narrow hallway. You can only move in two directions, either backwards or forwards. There’s a fire behind you that’s catching up to you, by the second. In front of you is the way outside, where you can escape this fire. However, the problem is that there’s a bunch of banana-peels on the floor & the floor is wet. Now, it’s obvious that once you start walkin’, you’re gonna bust ya keister & hit the floor.

Now, open your eyes:

So, what will ya do: Will ya just quit & let this fire consume ya, or will ya keep goin’, not stoppin’ until whatever happens happens? This is the question that we all must ask ourselves, because this is from real-life. This material existence, this earthly life, is just like a narrow hallway: Each of our hallways are at different lengths, indicating our different respective lifespans. The wet floor represents our inclination towards sins & errors, while the banana-peels represent the sins themselves.

It’s not about how many times one falls, it’s about how many times one gets back up. Regardless of how many times we fall in the hallway of life, as a result of the trials of wet floors & banana-peels of sin, we are obligated to seek repentance to Allah, that He may forgive & disregard our sins, and just keep going, walking forwards & not backwards. And, in turn, we may be able to receive Allah’s protection from this fire in the hallway, which represents the fire of Hell & be allowed to get to the end of the hallway, which represents entry into the splendor of Paradise.

Gareth Bryant/2012