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Triangles and Eyes:


Mahir Mohamed pic

Your eyes behold nothing but corruption and lies
But you don’t have to be wise to
uncover the disguise
Behind the music and rhymes
To them money, power and deception is the prize
But looking fly and getting high isn’t getting you to the seventh sky
It’s easy to deny
But when you understand why
You’ll want to expose the lies
But if you try
And you know too much you’ll have to die
The power they hold is hard to define
Bin Laden is alive
Still believe Muslims were responsible for the attack?
You’re in for a big surprise!
They thought it would hurt us!
They thought it would put us in demise!
But still Islam stands the fastest growing religion on the rise!
All of the living are mourning
He released his jealousy on them
But didn’t the scripture warn them? Delivered the revelations?
and still they’re debating Satan’s use of major corporations
Remember the plantation
Remember the black enslavement
Their forced colonization
on the land of the natives
Those innocent souls debasing
Globe defacing
Hidden persuaders
Ignorance and stupidity we get from the radio stations
Choppers adrift across the Gaza strip
Streets full of mercenaries, waiting for their time to kill
worshipping the pyramid, right there on the dollar bill
Jails filled with Latinos and Blacks
Obama’s planning to build concentration camps
Their puppets encourage sex,drugs,violence Satanism
And what do they do? Put black faces on them
degrading the people of color
“Subliminal Racism”
Want to hear more?
They only patrol the Mexican border
Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for a new world order
Performances getting younger and dresses getting shorter
And you wonder why these pedofiles market your sons and daughters
Get ready for the vice
caused people to believe the death of Jesus Christ
Politicians telling lies, tongues riddled with thorns
And use hand gestures shaped in the form of devil horns
The so called holidays are a hypocrisy!
established to use religion to commit annual robbery.
A holy prophet’s birth being pimped and commercialized
Telling our children lies
You need to make them study Santa Claus’s sick history
Thanksgiving disguised as a feast
The truth is what a teacher cant teach
But i stand behind this podium and preach
violating the law of “freedom of speech”
Only a matter of time when we’ll all be naked and running
They’ve been planning for it, the one-eyed beast is coming

Why is everything about money these days?
If you make enough you’ll finally be able to make it rain!
you see they already controlled your brain
So if you make it, you’ll find yourself going nowhere but insane
You’re nothing but a modern day slave
The only thing lower than your pants are your grades
And ladies, where is the rest of your outfit at?
Does your father know you’re dressed like that?
The puppets wanted fortune and fame
In which they took desperate measures to gain
Towards the youth is where they aim
they attacked
Trying to ruin the Islamic name
Creating propaganda to blame
Bringing millions of believers to shame
Doubt their existence? Check the other side of the one dollar bill, it’ll explain

Mahir Mohamed/2013