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The Enemy Within:


Each & every one of us are victims of our own regression.
But, we often blind ourselves, denying the self-oppression.

We enjoy living the candy-coated lie, constantly keeping us thinking we are not at fault.
The truth is that we’re all the greatest culprits, just like bank-robbers, stealing the vault.

We don’t want to look into the mirror, to see the true tyrant enough.
It’s so difficult, and, we are so afraid to face the facts, it’s real tough.

Whenever we sin against Allah, we just perceive that it’s okay.
Then, we have the nerve to complain, if we don’t get our way.

We play the game of Chess, that we can never win.
It’s already checkmate, before the game can begin.

Allah controls the entire Universe; so, how can you possibly expect to beat your Lord?!!!
Each of our tests, in the Mundane, are represented by the pieces, on this temporal board.

The Bishops are the helpers of the Devil, attacking at every angle, they tempt us with everything.
The Pawns are the petty issues, that we all take so seriously; they’re illusions, they mean nothing.

The Knights are like our lifespans on Earth, each & every day that we live, depleting.
They stand as constant reminders, for us, that time is something that is always fleeing.

The Rooks are one in the same, they’re the beginning and end in this Mundane.
They are the gates of life & death, leading us in & out of this temporary terrain.

The Queens are the Angels sent to take all of our souls, when Allah wants us back.
We cannot resist this; it is like we have lost, before the fight; we just cannot attack.

And the Kings are us, only able to make one move, at a time; and, still, we can’t escape.
We cannot dance around this chessboard forever; and, there’s no one who gets a break.

We’re just so powerless; we have no chance against any chessboard piece.
Only through Allah’s help can we possibly be rescued, from our self-defeat.

Gareth Bryant/2012