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I am Troy Davis!!!


This poem is dedicated to Troy Davis, a U.S. citizen & Georgia native, who was convicted of 1st. Degree Murder, based upon inconclusive & unreliable evidence used against him during his trial.

I am Troy Davis:

I am the prey of a racist, and the victim of a fascist.

I’m a doormat of a bigot who’s a coward & a faggot.

I am Troy Davis!!!

Way back in 1989, I was falsely accused of an unsolved crime.

I’ve been locked down for 20 years, doin’ someone else’s time.

I am Troy Davis!!!

Been screwed by the Georgia Pardon board; they just need a Nigger as a “scape-goat”.

They view us all the same; they just paint us with the same brush and paint coat.

I am Troy Davis!!!

They’ll treat me just the same; their tactics are despicable & lame.

They never want justice for all; they just want someone to blame.

I am Troy Davis

Although the evidence against me is inconclusive, I am next in line for an execution.

There’s no way they’re giving me a break; for them, my death is the only solution.

I am Troy Davis!!!

No one wants to hear my story.

My ordeal is very sad and gory.

Imagine being accused of a crime, just because you fit a profile.

Gareth Bryant/2011