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Under Fire Downunder



Islāmophobia’s Expiration:

Fraser Anning, raving & ranting…
…Mocking the Mosques attacking.

Claiming that al-Islām is the Problem…
…when Gunmen were quarrelsome.

He acts as though Immigrants are dangerous…
…didn’t colonizing Australia massacre her Millions?!!!

Yeah…I thought so: simply deflecting…  …so far removed from your own very Dark-History.

Arrogance is blatant Truth-Rejecting…  …your Ancestors used Blood to write their Violent-Story.

People like this think&feel emboldened, that they’re the World’s-Masters…  …upon the Horizon though is a Storm of Retribution, full of Disasters.

Their Hands have corrupted the Earth, yet they proclaim to be its Saviors…  …all they do is exploit & manipulate, profiting from People’s Past-Labors.

Their Time is coming to an End & they know it.

Gareth Bryant

1440, A.H./2019, C.E.

The Political-Impotence of the Muslim-Community & how to cure it!!!



It is getting more obvious, by the time, by the generation, by the day, by the hour, that if the Muslims, within Non-Muslim nations don’t begin to take the reigns of some sort of political-responsibility, where they are, where the reside, where they live, then, at some point, in some way, we will perish. Now, I don’t at all mean that we will be systematically killed. But, I do mean that we will be just another disinfranchised minority, with no political protection, ambition, or vision…In the words of Seet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for dat!!!”.

What we most definitely do have time for is to get involved, in any way that wecan, in the political-process, relative to where we are. Don’t get me wrong: I’m as cynical & distrusting of these politicians (even the Muslim ones), as anyone else. However, like a lot of people & things, politicians are necessary-evils, especially in light of the fact that our true divinely-designated political-framework, given by Allah, Creator/Lord of the Universe, known affectionately as al-Khilafah (the Islamic ruling-system, based upon ash-Shari`ah [the socio-political manifestation of the  teachings of the Qur’an & Sunnah/Prophetic-Tradition]), has been non-existent in our world, since the 20th-Century, C.E.

In other words, since the true legislation of Allah is not established anywhere in the World, right now, as we speak, then, we have to use what we have, until/unless we can do better. And fortunately/unfortunately, the status-quo political-system, known as Democracy is the best that we’ve got, right now. Democracy is not at all perfect, for several reasons. Still, aside from that, the Muslim-Communities of Non-Muslim nations may be able to gain some type of political-foothold, which can be very useful, in terms of pursuing agendas which our communities favor.

So, with this being said, “How do the Muslims acquire any type of political-prowess?”, one may ask, which is a very good & important question-There are no 1-word answers as to how to solve the problem within the Muslim-Communities within Non-Muslim countries, that is Political-Impotence. There are, although, steps we ca take, in order to decrease our own political-weaknesses: one of these things is to use which ever political-system which we live under, to manipulate it for all it’s worth, to suit our communal-interest, as best we can; another would be to align ourselves with politicians whom display some type of moral, social, political, integrity & whom are not easily bought, or as easily bought as other politicians.

And, I know, just as much as anyone how this is so much easier to just write about, and a lot harder to actually pull-off. But, when you’re back is against the wall, you’ve got to give it all you’ve got (even if/when you’ve got lil’-to-nothin’ to give). Fortunately, the Muslim-Community is a great source of interest, for any/all politicians, especially those within the political-arena which dominates U.S. policy & politics.

Now, as a result of this fact (and more so because of this fact), ambitious politicians wanna have/host Iftar-Dinners with us, have/host Eid-Celebrations with us, all in the hopes of attaining what means more to them than anything: votes, particularly on Local (City/County, Boro/Borough, Township/Town, etc.) & State levels of government. When it comes to Federal levels of governments, we can all agree that no votes of the Common-People could/would ever determine those issues, or be strong enough to sway the positions these high-powered politicians adhere to, relative to whom supports/controls/influences them financially/politically.

The local-vote is really where it’s at for our Muslim-Communities, because our votes legitimately have more value at these local levels (in these local-elections: like the primaries for example); also, it’s so much easier for the Muslim-Voters to create community-voting-blocs, which ensure that we are united in voting for either one or several politicians & they’ve pledge support of the Muslim-Communities whom vote for them. It’s such a gamble this way, mainly because when power/influence covers you, it almost always stains you & much like money, whenever you’ve got it and/or more of it, it sends a pathological shock, directly to the political/personal ego of any politician & the ol’-sayin’ of how “Money changes you.”, trust me, the same applies in this business of Capitalism…Dog-Eat-Dog World…

…And, after reading this, it’s completely up to you, the reader, as to how you plan to forge some type of political-destiny for our Muslim-Communities.

Gareth Bryant/2013

Fuck the Police-State!!!




Author’s note:

This following poem is a commemoration, of the famous, classic Rap-Song, “Fuck The Police”, by the famous/infamous Rap-Group, known as “NWA/Niggas With Attitude”. Although, raunchy & vulgar as this particular hit was/is, it truly brought the point home, concerning how policing in Non-White neighborhoods, play-out, and are ethno-politically biased, from jump-street, and keep in-mind that this song is about 30-years old, yet, ironically, the same exact policing-policies, all across this nation, we call the United States of America, have barely changed, if at all. Fortunately, my poem is not vulgar, as the song I’ve mentioned is, yet it is just as (in the words of my loving, Muslim brother, Cyrus McGoldrick) “Radical”, in fact, just as radical, if not more radical, than this top-charting urban ballad, written & recorded, over 3-decades ago.


Big-Brother is outta control, because, his parents are not home.

He’s able to kill anyone he wants, with just the strike of a drone.


He rapes & locks-up, chains, cuffs, and slaps-up, anyone he chooses, with the support of his malicious War-Machine…

…Millions of illiterate, gun-toting, teens & young-men, sent to the frontlines, to simply kill, and, be killed, to be supreme.


The time is now…we can’t wait!!!

We must resist the Police-State!!!


He gestures, with dangerous-threats, using his weapons; he has no regard for the oppressed, or their loved ones…

…He’s a murderer, swindler, thief; his entire life has been spent upon insatiable control, with his nukes, and, his guns.


He uses billy-clubs, bombs & Napalm, to beat-down, destroy & disintegrate.

These tools are solely meant to exploit, disrespect, abuse & to utterly berate.


The time is now…we can’t wait!!!

We must resist the Police-State!!!


This Police-State, which we all call home, is supported by Banksters, Lobbyists & Politicians.

These same people flood Churches, on Sundays, and masquerade, as god-fearing Christians.


It grants full-support to the corruption, caused by Wall Street, as they, like greedy Hawks, pillage Main Street & prey upon the feeble…

…When you really examine, who gets away with what & who gets persecuted, it’s pretty easy to tell the difference between good & evil.


The time is now…we can’t wait!!!

We must resist the Police-State!!!


How many “We shall overcome” hymns should we hum, before we rise-up & fight back, with courage & much more?!!!


When are we gonna stop yelling, at rallies “No Justice…no Peace”, before we stand firm & prepare to wage war?!!!

Gareth Bryant/2013