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Thanksgiving is all the time, every day!!!


I’m thankful all of the time, not just for Thanksgiving:

I’m thankful for Allah turning my heart away from the love & pursuit of the streets.
I’m thankful for Him grant me the opportunity to find Islam as well as finding true peace.

I’m amazed that every year people claim to be thankful; yet, are only appreciative when things are going easy.
Whenever tested with trials & tribulations, people often forget that Allah’s in control, then, to Him they act sleazy.

They ignore, and forget, that throughout the year, Allah provides for them too.
It’s so much easier to neglect the regular, day-to-day bounties, given to you.

We always thank Allah for what we have, but not for what he’s kept from us.
Whenever we’re denied something, we get angry and uptight, ready to fus.

Complaining is a hallmark of a Human being.
We’ve been like this from the very beginning.

But, the next time that you wanna complain, turn on the T.V. & watch the news.
Read the paper about people world-wide, who have nothing, no food, nor shoes.

Gareth Bryant/2012

My thoughts on the pursuit of Materialism:


Absolute Materialism:

From fancy cars, to racks on racks.
From Heroin, to Cocaine & Crack.

We have such a dangerous, pathological thirst for things.

There’s just a destructive path and it never ceases.
There seems to be no cure for this deadly disease.

It’s like we’re paralyzed, by the venom of serpent stings.

There is a stench in the societal air.
Deceiving ourselves is just not fair.

We’re constantly chasing empty pleasures, because we are so shallow.
We try to find satisfaction in materialism, but our hearts are still hollow.

From Gucci, to Louis Vuitton & Rugby.
From Nike, to Fendi, Prada and Ballys.

We’re disillusioned, to the falsified good that they bring.

There is absolutely no limit to what we’ll consume.
There’s just indulgence, based upon our own rules.

It’s submission to a sad fantasy, instead of to a true king.

Allah is a better master for us, as opposed to desire.
It’s best to follow His guidance, before we all expire.

Gareth Bryant/2012