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Nature’s narrative:



If only these Trees could talk:
They would tell of the first Africans arriving at their shores.
The men turned into slaves, the women turned into whores.
Constantly beaten, told to work & serve.
Torturing anyone, with courage or nerve.

If only these Trees could talk:
They would recall our people being stripped of our religion, languages, and cultures.
They would tell of our people being presented as a feast for the blood-thirsty Vultures.
They cry to Allah, that He may save these people, from their oppression.
But, they were used as an example, to teach the world a valuable lesson.
The atrocities done to our people are a proof that tyranny is wrong.
Still, we endured. We accomplished so much, because we are strong.

If only these Trees could talk:
They would weep, over countless Black men, who hung from their branches.
They would yell out in fury for those who were cut down, by rifles & lances.
They would remember those who resisted slavery, and decided to fight back.
They killed every Cracker they saw, sought revenge, and went on the attack.
These Trees would never forget Nat Turner. He had every White man living in fear.
They couldn’t wait to catch him. The Trees are the only ones who tell the story clear.

If only these Trees could talk:
They would rejoice at Harriet Tubman, leading others to freedom.
Taking them north and to Canada, seeking a Slave-Free kingdom.
They would tell us of the Mass 54th, fighting for their freedom & their lives.
Showing bravery & skill on the battle-field, they caught everyone by surprise.

If only these Trees could talk:
They would tell of the hard road to freedom, equality & justice.
Telling the world what strength we had to deal with all of this.
That we’re not leaving, we built this country & are here to stay.
That we have conquered every challenge placed in our way.
They would tell of a people degraded to the lowest degrees.
But, still, they emerge & succeed. They are as strong as trees.

Gareth Bryant/2009