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My thoughts on 2012:


Author’s note:
In light of all of the anxiety surrounding 2012, with all of the Sci-Fi movies that have come out, all of the documentaries, and Nostradamus-type prophecies about the end of the world, begin in the year 2012, I’ve decided to put everyone’s heart at ease, by reminding all of us that Allah, the Creator of the Universe is in-charge of the happenings of the Universe, both positive & negative. So, whatever will happen is unstoppable anyway. We are, however, personally responsible to Him, to be the best people possible, and to care for ourselves, one another, and the Earth as much as we’re able to.

I’m not worried about 2012:

I’m not worried about things coming to an end, or the Earth’s ice-caps drastically melting away.
When it comes to what this year will bring, Allah is the Lord of the Universe, He’ll save the day.

There is no way that any of us can tell how this new year will unfold.
To assume that we have all the answers makes us arrogant and bold.

We have know idea what’s in store for us in the future.

To ponder upon this is fruitless, we only need to concentrate on doing our very best.
The problem is most of us use the unknown as a lame excuse to be just like the rest.

What will happen won’t be in our control anyway; so, why worry?
It’s like we race towards death and destruction; what is the hurry?

When death does come, we’ll wish that we didn’t waste time.

Let us concentrate on what we do now, with whatever time that we have left.
We only need to work towards a better tomorrow; this is our only safety-net.

Whatever 2012 will bring is Allah’s test, to see what we will do, whether we will turn to Him for refuge.
Only He can protect us from whatever calamities that may occur; as long as He’s with us, we can’t lose.

Reliance upon Allah’s promise is a must.

Allah promises glad-tidings to any & all who believe and do good.
We are to trust in Him completely, as servants of our Lord should.

None of us know what will happen tomorrow.

Gareth Bryant/2011