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The results are in for the 8th. annual Brass Crescent Awards:


I’ve just received the results of the Brass Crescent Awards.

Unfortunately, I didn’t win First-Place for Best Writer, but I got Second-Place (Honorable Mention), and considering that this was the very first year that I’ve entered this writing contest & the very first writing contest that I’ve ever entered, I consider Second-Place a win regardless.

On behalf of anyone & everyone, who nominated me and/or voted for me, for the 8th annual Brass Crescent Awards, I truly thank you. 🙂

The Brass Crescent Awards 2012:


Give Gareth Bryant, Khalid Latif, Wajahat Ali, Aman Ali & Bassam Tariq Omar Shareef, Amir Sahib, Abdullah J Abdullah (Abdullah Jangda), and so many great writers the best `Id-al-Adha gift ever, your votes for us for the 9th annual Brass Crescent Awards…;-) The voting begins on Sunday, September 16th and ends this Sunday, October 21st, 2012
Here’s where you can vote: