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An Ode to Maya Angelou:


Maya Angelou

I’ve loved your skill, ever since I’ve ever read & heard your amazing poetic point of view.
Your similes, your anecdotes, your word wit, your vivid scope: clear as the ocean’s blue.

We thank you, for telling us why a Caged-Bird still sings…
…and why it can still fly so high, with their enduring wings.

…You’ve humbled Dignitaries, Kings, Ambassadors, Presidents…
…your contributions to our World have always made you relevant.

You will be always admired, for your openness & strength.
You have given so much to everyone, with any sort of limit.

You have inspired countless generations, who were in darkness, to rise and never take a look back.
There have been those who’ve only read one of your writing, and it’s placed them on the right track.

I won’t focus on your death, I will just concentrate on you lasting through the times.
You kept our imaginations fresh, with your wealth of rhythm and awesome rhymes.

It’s so sad to see you go, but, then everybody knows…
…your actions you left behind are what keep you close.

Gareth Bryant/2014