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I am the Monster under the Bed!!!



When the Sun drops down & the Night has risen…

…My claws spring-out, my heart cold, eyes crimson.

I always wait for the Twilight…

…it is the best time to strike.

Underneath the beds, of all those whom fear me…

…They know that I’m real, they understand, clearly.

When I attack, it’s as though I’m Lightning…

They can’t even scream, I’m so frightening.

I lurk within the hallways & stairs…

…So afraid of me, they walk in pairs.

As I chase, causing fear, terror, as well as despair…

…I roam, from home to home, I’m a true Nightmare.

As I yell & howl, as if the Moon were full and at its brightest…

…I cause descent people anxiety, me being their trial & test.

And, then, I awake, just before the Dawn breaks…

…I rush to the bathroom, wash my confused face.

Everyday, this occurs, I’m actually my own Monster…

…Every night, this constant image, I’m my own horror.

This is my punishment, for me causing good-people pain…

…For not caring for others, no consequence, only disdain.

It is my fate, to be a living nightmare, that people hate.

It’s what I get for living crooked, as opposed to straight.

Gareth Bryant/2013

My Transition from Boy to Man:


I was once a Boy:

I used to be a boy.
My life was a toy.

I would take things lightly, and shun responsibility, but that was clearly in the past.
Pursuing the fleeting and worthless pleasures, you think you want, really never last.

I used to think of myself as the “ladies’-man”; I arrogantly thought that I had the world in my hand.
We are crucially warned in the Qur’an, to not be like those people who tread pridefully in the land.

But, Allah taught me that once you depart from Him, He’ll make you lose yourself thereafter.
It took a lot of pain & loss to come to realize that when things get tough, people will scatter.

Everyone who cracks a smile isn’t a friend; if a woman lets you have her, it doesn’t mean she loves you.
There’s much more to people than just a nice body, a pretty face; eventually they show their colors true.

He allowed heart-breaks & head-aches to invade my personal-space, to teach me that I was all-wrong.
However, learning the reality of the deception of others has not weaken me; rather, it’s made me strong.

This boy whom people once knew, this quiet, simple, naive young boy has long died.
My foolish mistakes and your trials & tricks have killed & buried him, his body cold.

I’m now a Man:

Today, I am now a Man.
I have a brand-new plan.

No longer will I submit to the whims of others, be deceived by the infatuation of false-lovers.
Things look really good wrapped-up; but, the ugliness is revealed once you are undercovers.

People love to tag you along & play the game, to do to you what others have done to them.
They treat you like you’re an enemy to them, it’s like “survival of the fittest”, “sink or swim”.

I will not allow myself to ever love someone who neither cares nor loves me back.
I must return to Allah through obeying Him and put myself back on the right track.

I’ve matured, and realized that not everyone is nice.
If you let them, they’ll use you, as their own device.

Some may call me cynical; but, I think of life literal; reality often hits you hard.
People have ill-will and you have to be on your toes; you always stand guard.

This is a part of “growing-pains”; but, I hope to be done with injury.
With Allah as my Lord & my wits intact, I’m sure to achieve victory.

Gareth Bryant/2012