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Words that have been hijacked in our “Modern-Society”:


The whole reason for this post is to highlight how powerful language is, whether it is used for positive or negative. My intent is to simply mention a few words, with are originally,  inherently, positive/neutral. But, tragically, these words have been hijacked by persons, groups, governments, media, etc., to project specific agendas. What I intend to do is just to simply empower the public, to take back language, and to not allow others to define language for us, to not allow persons or groups to manipulate language for their own motives.

Here are some of the words I’m referring to, which have been hijacked:


Science is a beautiful tool, used to discover & define the elements of the Universe, within our limited scope. However, Atheists/Anti-Theists have hijacked Science to promote their agenda, to spread Atheism/Anti-Theism, based upon pretences which really have nothing to do with anything Scientific. They claim that those whom are Theists have very limited, to no true knowledge of Science, yet, when it comes to what they call “proving” that a divine-creator doesn’t exist, they look to Science to promote this baseless-claim. They claim that Theists only use “Faith/Belief”, not empirical-evidence, to come to the conclusion that a divine-creator exists. Yet, ironically, when called to task, to also use “empirical-evidence”, to prove the opposite-view, they aren’t able to disprove the existence of a divine-creator. And, without the use of revelation/revealed-texts, both Theist & Atheists/Anti-Theists are at a 50/50 stalemate, when it comes to either proving or disproving the existence of a divine-creator.


Directly piggy-backing upon what has been previously mentioned, Atheists/Anti-Theists manipulate the term “Faith” as the following: to have conviction or belief in something that is no provable via empirical-evidence. This manipulative, deceptive, definition of “Faith” is staple among Atheists/Anti-Theists, against those of a Theistic persuasion. However, ironically, when it comes to the opposite-view, which is obviously the disbelief in the existence of any divine-creator/god of the Universe, they actually do the same thing as the spin on the meaning of “Faith” that they’ve conjured up against Theist: they (Atheist/Anti-Theists) have conviction that no divine-creator/god really exist; yet, they, themselves cannot prove the non-existence of a divine-creator/god, through the usage of empirical-evidence. The non-existence of a divine-creator/god is something that they exclusively believe in, they cannot definitely say that they know a divine-creator/god doesn’t exist, it’s their belief, by definition/extension, it’s their “Faith”, if you will.


The true meaning of this word is someone whom inflicts fear upon someone, through various means. Now, throughout history, including the history of colonization, particularly/especially the colonization of the New-World & founding of the United States, the term terrorist, if you objectively research the amount of carnage inflicted upon the Natives of the Western-Hemisphere, the severe ill-treatment of Africans, brought from Africa, as slave-laborers, the formation of American Organized-Crime, all individuals involved in the fruition of these happenings & events should, by mere definition, be labeled as terrorists, but they’re not. People like Christopher Colombus, the Pizarro bros., Hernando Cortez, Ponce de Leon, etc. are etched in the annals of written (European/American) history as discoverers or explorers, when in fact they were nothing more than murderers, pillagers looters, rapists, and exploiters. Yet, ironically, you’ll never hear their names in the same category as persons such as Osama Bin-Laden.


Originally meaning joyful, this term has been stolen by the Homosexual-Community, projecting to the public that the lifestyle they lead gives them bliss, where in fact, they are among the most depressed, substance-abusing, suicide-attempting demographic, arguably, in Human-History.


This word initially comes from the word fundamental, meaning something grounded, sound, pure, stable, etc. So, a fundamentalist is really a person whom functions based upon strong, sound principles. However, unfortunately, in our modern society, fundamentalist has been used, unfairly, as a euphemism for an extremist.


The etymology of this word is from Latin, meaning to have a positive-affinity for children. Sadly, this word has been attributed to something very ugly & sadistic, known as child-molestation. And, it’s very sad how people have allowed an originally pleasant word like this to be horrendously transformed into meaning something so disgusting.


Vigilante originally comes from the word vigil, meaning watchful, observant, protective, etc. Unfortunately, this word is now used in our society as someone whom is a lawless individual, whom is vengeance-bent.

Gareth Bryant/2013


Princess-Boy: The dual-product of Jinn-possession & horrible parenting!!!


Dyson Kilodavis pic

Author’s note:

Sadly, this concept, “Princess-Boy”, is just another desperate-attempt to push the Pro-Homosexual agenda, through indoctrinating our children, our youth, into accepting this deviant sexual-lifestyle. And, the irony is that this propagation for a lifestyle that people claim certain people are, naturally, born with, is being shoved down the world’s throats. Now, if Homosexuality is so “natural”, then, why is the necessity to push this agenda so fiercely done, to force the global-society to accept this lifestyle, as something to be deemed valid? If it were, in fact, a valid-lifestyle, from the jump, it would be something that wouldn’t have to be imposed upon others. Heterosexualty is as natural as breathing; yet, you don’t have people who are trying to force others to be Heterosexual, because Heterosexuality is something innately from the nature in which Allah, the Lord of the Universe, has instilled within us from birth.

I’m gonna start this off with the horrible-parenting aspect, first:

The concept of the “Princess-Boy” the euphemism for “Homo-In-Training”-

This emasculating concept was ironically incepted by the mother of a little boy, by the name of Cheryl Kilodavis-The boy in question, the first victim & casualty of this new battlefront on the “War on Heterosexuality”, is named Dyson Kilodavis. He had initially started to show an affinity to wear little-girl’s clothing. Now, instead of correcting her own son, by teaching him, educating him that he is not a girl, but, rather a boy, she not only encouraged it, but still encourages it, made a book about how she encourages her son to wear dresses, skirts, basically, girl’s clothing, and is now considered a champion for children’s individuality & is interviewed all over the place, gettin’ her pockets fat, from book-sales. Basically, she’s willing to ruin her own child, whom Allah had blessed her with, whom she carried for 9-months & could’ve died as a result of giving labor, all to just confuse & exploit him for the money, the power, the fame…what a FAIL. She’s basically, willingly, sell her own soul, as well as the soul of her own child, to the Devil, to be used as his minions, to push his deceptive pathological agendas, to push Mankind further away from the path of Allah & closer to the path to Hell.

Let’s talk about this boy’s father-

What type of father actually condones their own child, particularly their own son, to be paraded & exploited like this? It’s bad enough that the child is being encouraged to depart from his nature, from a fashion-perspective; but, at the same time, you’re trying to gain glory, acceptance, and profit, from this as well. Honestly, this is down-right shameless. Some people just don’t deserve to be parents, and anyone who allows their children to go against their nature are perfect examples of that. This is in no way the child’s fault: I do not, by any means, place blame upon the child, I blame his parents, or should I dare to say “parents”. Parents are to raise a child in the proper way that they should go, in this world, not to exploit them, to gain fame & riches, all in the name of encouraging them to be “outgoing”, or “individualistic”, or “different”. There are many, as well as other ways to ensure that little Dyson can express his difference & individuality, without exploiting him and/or encouraging him to turn his back upon the nature in which Allah has naturally placed him upon.

This scenario, alone, reveals so many different writings-on-the-walls. Muhammad (Peace be upon him) has taught us the following, “No one is born, except upon Fitrah/Nature (religious-nature: recognizing & accepting the existence/oneness of Allah, sexual-nature: being exclusively Heterosexual, civil-nature: being peaceful/law-abiding individuals, etc.). However, their parents (also environments, peers, etc.) make them either Jews, Christians, or Fire-Worshippers (as well as Homosexuals, sexual-deviants, criminals, etc.).”.(an-Nawawi) Don’t get me wrong, we all have the power of choice, via free-will, given to us, by Allah, and as such, are responsible for our own actions, after the age of Puberty (the period in which Allah commands the two Angels [assigned to every Human from birth to death] to record all of their either positive or negative actions).(Abu-Dawud, ibn-Majah) However, at the same time, that’s why we have parents: parents exists to show us the right way, to educate us, protect us & shelter us from evil, not to expose us to it, for fame and/or profit.

Jinn-Possession: It’s deeper than a Dress-

I would now like to begin speaking about a hidden-force, other than overtly horrible-parenting, greed, ambition, etc., which would/could drive an innocent little child to turn away from their prescribed nature, endowed to them, by Allah. This hidden-force is called Jinn-Possession, and no, I’m referring to some hollywood-style version of possession. I’m referring to actual possession of the Human, by unseen forces, which Allah speaks about in the Qur’an & that Muhammad (Peace be upon him) has spoken about in his Prophetic-Tradition, and I will mention & expound upon some examples.

The Devil & his unseen-cohorts defined –

The Devil, known in the Arabic-Language as ash-Shaytan/The Evil-One (Lisan-ul-`Arab/The Arabic-Language/Lexicon of the Arabic-Language, by Muhammad ibn-Manzhur), is from a separate creation of Allah, known as the Jinn. The word Jinn is from the word Jana, meaning to be invisible.(Lisan-ul-`Arab) The Jinn are very similar to Humans, by virtue of the fact that both the Human & Jinn possess free-will (the granted option to either serve Allah or not freely), unlike the other elements of creation whom have no free-will.(Noble Qur’an: Chpt.51, V.56) The Jinn were created from smokeless-fire.(Noble Qur’an: Chpt.55, V.15) After being evicted from the Paradise, as a result of refusing to prostrate to Adam, which was a direct-command from Allah, indicating that the Human being was the most-supreme of the Creation of Allah (Noble Qur’an: Chpt.2, V.30-34), he had made an oath to Allah that he would use every ability, that is at his disposal, to lead the Human being to destruction [both in the Mundane, as well as in the Hereafter].(Noble Qur’an: Chpt.7, V.16-18) Moreover, Allah warns against following the whisper of the Devil, by changing the nature of the creation of Allah.(Noble Qur’an: Chpt.4, V.119)

So, it should be of no surprise to anyone, especially not Muslims, when we hear of children whom are male saying that they are “female”, or children whom are female saying that they are “male”. Also, we should not be shocked when girls start behaving like boys & boys start behaving like girls, because this is all the work of the Devil. The unseen helpers of the Devil (known as the plural Shayatin) work very elusively, dastardly & covertly, in assisting the Devil to lead people away from the path of Allah, at the earliest of ages. In fact, according to the texts of Islam, there is a specific classification of the Shaytin, from among the Jinn, who specifically target & abuse (from the realm of the Unseen) women & children, but more specifically children, because children are more innocent/spiritually-vulnerable than grown-ups; also, due to the fact that they are purer than grown-ups, they are more keen to the ability to seen these Jinns & to interact with them. Unfortunately, most people, parents particularly/especially, ignore children when they say that they’ve seen certain things, like other beings unseen to everyone else, and just consider it figments of the imagination of children. Even the whole “imaginary-friend” concept is something that is inspired directly by interactions between Jinns & Human children.(Angels & Jinns, by Bilal Philips)

Now, I wanna bring it back to the parents-

As parents, the number-one right that all children have upon their parents is that they be indoctrinate, cultivated, upon guidance from Allah, via the Qur’an & Prophetic-Tradition.(Minhaj-ul-Muslim/The Methodology of the Muslim, by Abu-Bakr Jabir al-Jaza’iri) Also, as parents there are specific things which are obligatory to do even before the children are even born, and as an extension thereof, even before they are conceived. I’ll explain: Muhammad (Peace be upon him) had instructed us to make a specific verbal-prayer, before sexual-intercourse, to protect whomever we, with our respective spouses conceive together, to ensure that, with Allah’s help, they will be safe & secure from the harm of the Devil & his unseen-cohorts.(al-Bukhari) Now, by virtue of the fact that people, whom are Non-Muslims, do not pronounce this verbal-prayer, then, they put their unborn-children at an enormous risk to be harmed by the influences by the Devil & his unseen-cohorts. Likewise, Muslims, who do not pronounce this verbal-prayer, before sexual-intercourse, with their respective-spouses, they also, in turn, will also place their unborn-children at a greater risk to be harmed by the influences of the Devil & his unseen-cohorts.

So, in conclusion, my final wording is just to the parents of young Dyson Kilodavis, as well as other parents, like them, who think that is is “cute”…reality-check…it’s not cute!!! You’re ruining your own children, without reservation, without care, all because you just think that you can. Your children are not your property, they are the property of Allah. And, as such they have rights, and as I had already mentioned, their number right is to be cultivated upon goodness, which is not what I’m seeing here. So, please, do yourselves & your children a big-favor: repent for your horrible-parenting, become Muslims, and turn your children’s lives around, before it is too late.

Gareth Bryant/2012

Enough with this ridiculous “Gay-Mosques” business!!!


Author’s note:
This phenomenon of “Gay-Mosques” or “Gay-Friendly Mosques” has been plaguing the Muslim-Community, in the United States, for some time. Now, this phenomenon has spread elsewhere, like in Paris, France, for example. This entire concept of a “Gay-Mosques” or “Gay-Friendly Mosque” is not only utterly ridiculous, but, misleading & deceptive as well…don’t worry, I’ll get into why.

So, for Muslims, of liked-minds, whom also find this notion just as ridiculous as I do, the best way to respond to something like this would be the following:

If some group of Muslims who happen to be Child-Molesters, or Rapists, who want to open a Mosque, which cater to Child-Molesters, or Rapists, let’s see how many people would be up-in-arms in support of that. I mean, really, intelligently observe, reflect upon how ridiculous that would sound, a “Pedophile/Pedophile-Friendly Mosque”, or a “Rapist/Rapist-Friendly Mosque”.

Would any Muslim, Non-Muslim, or any morally-sound and/or intelligent Human being, whom you know, actually take a notion such as that seriously?!!! Well, then, what in the Hell would make anyone think that a “Homo-Mosque/Homo-Friendly-Mosque”, or a “Gay/Gay-Friendly-Mosque” would be something that is a thing to establish?!!!

The Mosques are the properties of Allah(Noble Qur’an: Chpt.72, V.18). And as such, are required to be established upon certain things, mainly, the following:

1. They have to be places where only Allah is worshipped

2. They have to be places where all of the 5-prayers are made, 24/7.

3. They have to be places where the Muslims are in complete-control over & cannot be converted into something other than Mosques.

Now, Imma just concentrate on the first condition that I’ve just mentioned:
Allah clearly states, “Have you not seen one, whom after Allah has guided, take his own desires as a god, then Allah, knowingly, left him astray, as well as sealing his hearing, heart & sight as a punishment? Do you not reflect?”.(Noble Qur’an: Chpt.45, V.23)

As Muslims, we’ve all been given divine-guidance from Allah. However, unfortunately, instead of cherishing this great favor & blessing, from the Lord of the Universe, we blatantly insult this guidance, by rebelling against the commandments of Allah & His Messenger, Muhammad (Peace be upon him). To put it even more plainly: Homosexuality, like any & every other sin, in Islam, is not acceptable to Allah, at all. But, sadly, the Muslims, in order to continue to be accepted by those whom are Non-Muslims, in Non-Islamic societies, and/or as a result of just falling for the deception of the Devil, have decided to compromise on everything & stand-up for nothing. And, this issue is not very different than any other issue that Muslims have sold-out on.

Now, going back to what I had mentioned, concerning, the Mosques being the properties of Allah, this is something that has to be taken very seriously. How can a Muslim really respect the sanctity of the Mosques of Allah by attributing things which Allah clearly hates with these places of exclusive-worship to Him? You cannot serve Allah, as your god, and your desires, at the same time, you have to pick who/what you’re going to devote yourself to. A Muslim cannot, in Islamic-Conscience, justify their desires or whims, which directly contradict what Allah has prohibited, it just doesn’t work that way. You can’t mix something pure with something impure & expect to yield a pure-result: best-case scenario, they, the pure & impure cancel one another out, while the worse-case scenario, the impure completely dominates the pure…either way, you’re not winning. Furthermore, Allah clearly mentions how He had destroyed & erased the entire existence of the first people in Human-History whom were Homosexuals(Qasa-ul-Anbiya’/Stories of the Prophets, by Abul-Fida’ Isma`il ibn-Kathir ad-Dimashqi); so, what makes you think that this “Homo-Mosque” idea is acceptable at all to Allah, when He had specifically chose to destroy a people for being Homosexual?

Basically, the Muslims have become the religious-versions of whores of a male-prison, ready willing & able to drop-the-soap, in the shower-room, in front of anyone/everyone, on purpose. Now, if you drop the soap in the shower-room of a prison, what do you think/expect to happen? You figure it out!!! It’s very sad, how Muslims feel that they have to compromise everything, that is Islamically mandatory/prohibitory, just to fit into the circles of the in-crowds of their peers or societies. And, ironically (as you’d think that the Muslims would’ve learned this by now), nobody respects a sell-out, even the person/persons, society/societies whom you’re selling-out to.

And, now, ironically, sadly, shamefully, in the the present-day, we as Muslims, think that it’s “progressive”, or “politically-correct”, or “cute” to have a “Gay/Gay-Friendly Mosque”, to show people that we’re inclusive-News-Flash: THAT’S NOT HOW YOU SHOW PEOPLE INCLUSIVITY!!! We show people inclusivity by giving anyone/everyone their rights as creations of Allah & as Human beings, and equal, fair opportunities to learn about Islam, to make their own choices whether to to accept Islam or not. We don’t show inclusivity by accepting the sins of people & passing them off as something that’s “not a big-deal”, or “not important”, or “small-issues”. Anything that either Allah or His Messenger made prohibited needs to be treated as such, and it is not okay, Islamically, to pretend, or to water-down the severity & ugliness of those prohibitions, just to be seen as “modern”, or “progressive”, or “pluralistic”, or in the eyes of our current societies.

Gareth Bryant/2012

Some Brief Islamic-History (the origin of Sodomy & Homosexuality):


Author’s note:
The following post, which is based upon two main sources: Qasasu-ul-Anbiya’ (Stories of the Prophets), by Abil-Fida’ Isma`il ibn-Kathir ad-Dimashqi & al-Kaba’ir (The Major-Sins), by Muhammad ibn-`Uthman adh-Dhahabi, contains very mature & detailed subject matter about the People of Lot & the origins of Homosexuality. So, if anyone is not comfortable with this particular subject matter, I advise you to stop reading right now; otherwise, sit back, relax, and enjoy this article.

The People of Lot:

These people lived during the time of the Prophet Lot (Peace be upon him). They were a people who dwelled in an area that is now known as the Dead Sea, in modern-day Palestine/Israel, also bordering modern-day Syria & Jordan. They were a people whom were merchants & traders. They were a people of 7 satellite cities, the chief cities were known as Sodom (where the term Sodomy itself actually derives from, basically meaning the action of the people of Sodom) & Gomorrah.

They initiated three things (aside from the fact that they were already a rag-tag gang of idol-worshippers:

1. They are the first people to indulge in any acts of Sodomy/Anal-Sex and/or same-gender sexual-intercourse.

2. They are the first known people to initiate the practice of gang-raping.

3. They are the first people to initiate highway-robbery.

Oftentimes, what they would do is raid caravans, which came through or near their satellite-towns. They would rob them, gang-rape the men from among them, and keep them captive, in their towns. Now, when Allah had sent Lot to his people, to call them back to Allah, to stop worshipping idols & return back to worshipping Allah exclusively, via Tawhid (Islamic-Monotheism), Allah, knowing that Lot was able to succeed in his prophetic-mission on his own, decided to send Lot some assistance, via two Angels. These Angels came to the towns of the people of Lot in the forms of young, well-kept men. They had first encountered the daughters of Lot. They knew that these two (Angels) were complete strangers to the satellite towns of Sodom & Gomorrah. So, they had warned them to not initiate contact with these people, because of their wicked ways.

But, unbeknownst to them (the daughters of Lot), these two (Angels) were in fact sent to help protect Lot & his family, from the great punishment which was on the way, to destroy their people. The daughters, being wise, decided to take them directly to their fathers home, to make sure that they were not approached by the men of their people. However, the wife of Lot, who was not only a disbeliever in the revelation that was given to Lot, by Allah, she was also very empathetic to the desires of their people. And, when she had caught-wind of these two “young-men”, in the home of her husband, she had immediately informed as many people as she possibly could, that these “young-men” were at the home of her husband.

So, of course, these sexually-deviant clowns attempt to storm the house of Lot. Lot pleads with them just one last time, in the hopes that they are not victimized by the wrath of Allah-He tries any & every way that he can to try to call these people to Islam & warn them of the chastisement that’s right-around-the-corner. But, alas, they don’t listen, they are punished, by stones from the skies, which are ablaze. They rain down upon the towns of the people of Lot with such accuracy & rage striking down and hitting every single person in these towns.

Lot & his family, along with the few among his people, who had taken heed to his prophetic call, were escorted & protected by the two Angels, whom Allah had sent, and given asylum from the punishment of their people in their towns. However, the wife of Lot was not spared-She was so attached to the evil ways of these people, she decided to  once again disobey the command of (her prophetic-husband) Lot, to seek the asylum of Allah & go with the Angels, whom were sent to protect them-She didn’t listen; she stay behind & was destroy right along with them. Now, unfortunately, even though the People of Lot are dead, their legacy didn’t die with them.

What I will do now is explain in detail as to how this act of Sodomy has become so popular today:

The popularity of Homosexuality (via media/entertainment, celebrities, politicians/political-lobbies, etc.) has made it “Okay to be ‘Gay’”. The Homosexual-Community has managed to push their agenda, to gain religious, social tolerance & acceptance, and have amassed great socio-economic & socio-political influence within both Hollywood & Washington. They also managed to manipulate the public into believing that Homosexuality is a “Human-Rights” & “Civil-Rights” issue, more importantly, they’ve been able to convince people that Homosexuality in and of itself is not a choice, rather, it’s an innate sexuality, which one is entitled to, even though, ironically, there has never been any such scientific-evidence (and there still isn’t any scientific-evidence), to prove that Homosexuality is biologically innate, natural, normal, or even genetic.

2. Greco-Roman culture-
No known civilization whose existence has been preserved in the annals of recorded Human-history, has celebrated Homosexuality/Sodomy like the architects of Western-Civilization, themselves: the Greeks & the Romans-From the ancient stories of the Greek/Roman Gods, to the stories of the Greek/Roman Heroes, to the origin of the Olympian-Games, to the origin of the Roman bath-houses, Homosexuality has been an intricate aspect of Greco-Roman daily-life-The pantheons, the literature & poetry, the art, even the origin of the Greek/Roman astrological calendar, all of these are avenues which have projected Homosexuality & has contributed to the fact that the Western-World has accepted the validation of Homosexaulity with open-arms.

3. Pornography-
The Ponogarphy industry is currently a nearly $100-Billion business-The Sex industry has promoted this act more than any one single personality, or group of people, ever. This is a world-wide phenomenon, powered by powerful world-wide sex companies, who profit immensely from the propagation of this act. It is a known fact, within the porn industry, that people (both men & women for that matter) who allow themselves to be anally penetrated are paid significantly more, per sex-scene, as opposed to those who do not allow themselves to be anally penetrated; also, those who perform anal-sex upon others are generally paid more, as opposed to those who do not perform anal-sex upon others. Since Anal-Sex has always been considered a religious and/or social taboo, and even offence, the image of this act being blatantly displayed, so carelessly & freely in a movie is bound to attract the attention of anyone, who is voided of the guidance of Islam, as well as just universal, common, respect & decency. These porn industry producers & marketers are very sly, crafty, and (for lack of a better term) intelligent-They know what attracts Human beings sexually, and they use any & all ways to manipulate their desires for profit, thus, the propagation of this act has made people in the porn industry billions of dollars, literally.
Now, what does all of this mean & what can we do about it?

What this means is that we have a serious problem on our hands, as Muslims, regarding this particular issue alone. Muhammad (Peace be upon him) had once said, “Verily, what I fear for my nation the most is the action of the People of Lot.”.(al-Kaba’ir) Sadly, this fear of Muhammad (Peace be upon him) has come to fruition, in ways that couldn’t have even been imaginable to hear, read, or personally witness.

In terms of what we can do about it, there’s only three things which can be done:

1. Realistically, the only pragmatic thing that we can do, as Muslims, is to look at ourselves in the mirror, recognize & sincerely evaluate any and/or all deviant sexual-desires which affect us, ask Allah for help & work really hard to stay away from these acts, and all things, persons, places which lead to these acts.

2. Be a good Muslim, a good role model for others, that you may be able to be used by Allah, to guide others to Islam, and also towards solid morality generally. Allah has entrusted us with the abilities to lead people away from darkness & into light. But, we have to make sure that we’re even worthy of such a responsibility first, by being examples that people deem worthy of taking seriously & following.

3. Understand the time in which we are living in: Don’t pretend that Homosexuality is not a dominant force within our society, or that Sodomy is just something that Non-Muslims, or Homosexuals do, take your heads out of the sand. Both Homosexuality & Sodomy, respectively, have been widepsread in the Muslim-World. However, you don’t hear a lot of persons, whom are Muslim personalities, popular in the Muslim-World or deemed as “Muslim-Scholars”, addressing these types of issues, as they are obligated to do so.

For more information about some contemporary things which I’ve mentioned, please, feel free to read the following sources & visit the following sites:

1. History of Homosexuality/Sodomy-
Encyclopedia Britannica

2. Greco-Roman acceptance of Sodomy/Homosexuality-
Encyclopedia Britannica

3. The Porn-Industry-
http://www.anitpornography.org, http://www.familysafemedia.com

Gareth Bryant/2012

My thoughts on “Gay-Muslims”:


Daayiee Abdullah pic

Author’s note:

This post is written as a result of a website that had been displayed on my Facebook timeline, called “gaymuslims.org”. So, since it was posted on my wall, I had decided to just take a look at what they were talking about. Usually, most Muslims, particularly Muslim men, consider this topic of discussion in and of itself “dangerous-ground”. But, for those who know me, I live kinda dangerously anyway. 😀

Anyway, what I had found on the site was actually better than I had thought initially. I will share my opinions on this site, as well as the general motive that I perceive that the site intends. Now, it’s very obvious that Homosexuality is a big-deal Islamically. And, this issue is also a very touchy subject as well; but, in our modern-age, we, as a Muslim-Community, whether locally, nationally, or even globally, must address this issue full-throttle. There has to be some way that we can communicate with this particular demographic, in order to reach out to them, to call them to Islam. I mean, seriously, they deserve to be informed of the guidance of Islam, just as much as any other demographic. However, our approach would have to be very tactful & wise, but, also uncompromising.

I’ll explain what I mean:

Referring to being tactful & wise, this basically means that we, as Muslims, are to call people, who may be Homosexual, in a way that does not make us seem like we’re constantly condemning them, for their lifestyle-choice/sexual-preference. Realistically, Homosexuality was just as much of an issue during the lifetimes of the Prophets Lot & Muhammad (Peace be upon them), as it is now. We all know of the People of Lot, whom were the first persons, in Human-History, to be Homosexuals, and in Pre-Islamic Arabia, Homosexuality was so common among the Arabs, that Muhammad specifically said, “Don’t allow men who imitate women & women who imitate men into your houses.”.(al-Bukhari, al-Kaba’ir/The Major-Sins by Muhammad ibn-`Uthman adh-Dhahabi) But, this has never been the initial issue that Allah had command Lot, nor Muhammad, for that matter (Peace be upon them) to address their people with. In fact, the very first thing that Allah had ever commanded the Prophets (Peace be upon them all-together) to call people to is Tawhid/Islamic-Monotheism (the recognition & acceptance that Allah exists & and is the only one who is worship-worthy). In the Qur’an itself, it clearly mentions that the first thing that Lot was commanded to tell his people was to stop worshipping idols, and to start worshipping Allah.(Noble Qur’an: Chpt.26, V.161-163)

Referring to being uncompromising, this basically means that even though we definitely want people to become Muslims, regardless of their respective lifestyle-choices/sexual-preferences, it needs to be made very clear that Homosexuality is in no way, shape, or form, an acceptable lifestyle-choice/sexual-preference. There are in fact two main things that the Muslim-Community has to make sure doesn’t happen: One, we cannot allow ourselves to be pigeon-holed in the public-eye, when it comes to this type of social-issue, as being people whom are not welcoming to all members of society, to accept Islam. In other words, we have to be sure that we, as a Muslim-Community, ensure people that the guidance of Allah, which is Islam, is for everyone, and to not imitate the Jews, who do not call people to Judaism, because they believe that it is just for them, just as Allah says in the Qur’an, describing the Qur’an itself as guidance for Humanity.(Noble Qur’an: Chpt.2, V.185) And, also, we cannot imitate the Christians, who compromise so many things, just so people can be Christians. Historically, as well as contemporarily, Christians have watered-down their own religion, just to increase in numbers, disregarding their own religious standards, in order to be a popular religion. We must be honest with people, and inform them of what is right & wrong, according to Islamic-Law, not according to what our egos & desires tell us what is right & wrong.

It needs to be established that, according to Islamic-Law, Homosexuality is indeed a sin. At no time are we, as a Muslim-Community, to allow people to assume that we, as Muslims, legitimize Homosexuality, as something normal, natural, or a valid lifestyle-choice/sexual-preference. We must not allow ourselves, under the ambiguous & entrapping matrix of political-correctness, openness, moderation & modernity, to fog our own religious standards, and allow people to think that Homosexuality is a good thing, because according to Islamic-texts, from both the Qur’an & Prophetic-Tradition, it is 100% completely unacceptable, just like any other sexual-deviation-Just as vices such as: bestiality, child-molestation, rape, adultery, fornication are all Islamically deemed prohibited & shameful, so is Homosexuality.(Qasas-ul-Anbiya’/Stories of the Prophets by ibn-Kathir, al-Kaba’ir)

However, one of the many negative things which we as Muslims tend to do is place favoritism of certain sins over others, just like how Christians view Homosexuality as an abomination, yet, ironically, see no problem with worshipping Jesus Christ (Peace be upon him), a created thing, along with Allah, the Creator of the Universe, which, realistically, is far worse than any sexual-deviation. Islamically, a sin is a sin, and we, as Human beings, don’t have the right to say, “Well…at least this sin is not worse than that sin.”. Our objective, as Muslims, is to avoid sinning, in its totality, not to just avoid major-sins. Now, referring to the “gaymuslims.org” website, I do commend their intentions & efforts, to reach out to the Homosexual-Community. However, there needs to be a definitive stance against the lifestyle-choice itself, which I didn’t really see present on this site.

I know the reason as to why this had not been highlighted on this particular site, to not ostracize anyone & to make them comfortable enough to open their minds & hearts to Islam. But, I view this as a potential floodgate-opening, which could on a positive note, bring members of the Homosexual-Community to Islam. But, it could very well become a great challenge, by having them believe that they don’t have to alter their lifestyle-choices/sexual-preferences.

And, this is very problematic, because again, it has to be made crystal-clear that this sexual-preference is not natural, but rather a result of lack of exposure to divine-guidance, taught & learned behavior, and various emotional and/or psychological issues, which are imposed upon people. I mean, there’s a reason why the term lifestyle-choice has the word “choice” in it, and why the term sexual-preference has the word “preference” in it…that’s because when it comes to having consensual-sex with someone, it’s exclusively your own volition, which guides your decisions to copulate with members of either the same gender or the opposite gender.

This is really all that I have to say about this website, as well as this issue. I know that I’ll be getting a whole lot of both positive & negative feedback and comments about this post, which honestly, I gladly accept. Obviously, I’m no scholar, neither in a religious nor secular realm. But, I know just enough about both Islamic-texts, as well as secular issues, to speak about this issue. For anyone who would like to comment, please, comment away.

Gareth Bryant/2012