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The Most Interesting Parody of the Most Interesting Man in the World:


Gareth Bryant, with the help of Mohammed Butt, as the camera-man, parodies the exploits & cockiness of “The Most Interesting Man in the World”. I hope that you enjoy watching this video as much as I’ve enjoyed making this.


My Poetic Anatomy: My 1st Published-Work:


My Poetic Anatomy pic


My 1st, of many hopeful publications, with Ampli-Pages, is scheduled to drop in April of this year. Please, like this page, to stay tuned to updates as to how to get info. about my publications. This, my 1st, official, publication, will be titled, “My Poetic Anatomy”.


Here’s my facebook page, for those of you on facebook:


Gareth Bryant/2013

My New Books:


Salam/Hello People

I will, with the permission of Allah, be publishing two books this year. These projects are some of the best work that I’ve produced since I’ve been professionally writing. These will be my very first literary-publications. For more details, of when the books will be published, please go to these links: