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My thoughts on Spring:



Author’s note:
At the beginning of each season this year (according to the Gregorian-Calendar), I plan to release a poem about each season-I’ve written several poems about the seasons, particularly the four classic temperate seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Each of these seasons represents different stages of existence, in this Material-Existence of ours, which we gradually evolve towards. My goal is to inspire reflection for whomever may read these poems, to strongly reflect upon their own lives, what season of life that they are currently embracing.


It’s the rebirth of the Earth.
It contains so much worth.

Grass springs from the ground.
Birds sing & chirp all around.

Like our own beginnings, it’s all brand-new.
The colors of the season are all a bright hue.

The blood in our veins flow, as fast as a river, down a snow-capped Mountain.
It seems like our lives are just like this, heading towards a bottomless Fountain.

It is the time of year for growth, as well as youth.

Plants & Trees blossom beautiful Flowers & bear fresh Fruit.

The once dead land is now alive, with much couth.

Spring is like a person’s Childhood, fresh, yet delicate.
It must be sheltered, to avoid any type of impediment.

We are all Spring, at one point, in our lives.
These are the precious moments, which flee so quickly.

Just the mere thought of aging, we despise.
Before you know it, we grow up, so sudden & swiftly.

It’s the most innocent time of our existence.
We just frolic in life, without any instance.

Gareth Bryant/2009