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Mister Mildor’s “Wrong Place,Right Time” Photo-Exhibition


Mister Mildor to Exhibit his Art in a Solo Photo exhibition Show on August 1st, 2015

Alan Mildor
246 Union Avenue
Brooklyn, New York, 11211
Mobile Phone: 347-721-8760

The Glass House Art Life Lab gallery announces Mister Mildor’s first solo street photography exhibition “Wrong Place,Right Time.” On view August 1st, 2015 this exhibition features 20 photo based works of art that is a compelling glimpse into Mister Mildor’s reality. Controlling what some may say is Urban Disorder in New York City with his photographic techniques, this exhibit will provide a colorful and dynamic view of the people and places that makes New York City’s heartbeat.

Mister Mildor love for his local environment is evident in his work. Mister Mildor confessed “I love photography and videography because it doesn’t only give me the ability to freeze time but it allows people to appreciate the moments in their life, no matter if it’s despairing or delightful. There is always a right time to capture life, even in the darkest of places.”  Mister Mildor has captured life from all boroughs and will continue to capture love, pain, freedom, and all the things associate with living the life of a city dweller. Mister Mildor is beginning to have a constant presence through his art and is starting to shine through photographies meteoric rise into popular culture.

Alan Mildor aka Mister Mildor, is a Brooklyn based photographer and videographer. Alan’s artistry has been commissioned by some of the world’s largest brands and musicians. Mildor’s visual art has been published on Complex Magazine, 2 Dope Boyz, and Rap Radar. He has provided all the visual campaigns for Alife, Hood By Air, Dj Venus, Tisa, Brian Wood, Rich Weirdo Clothing, and for Touro College. Mildor Also created branded video for Clubhouse Barbershop, Vinnies Styles, and Vulkan The Krusader.

About The Glass House Art Life Lab
Glass House is an art-life lab founded by artist Lital Dotan & Eyal Perry, dedicated to hosting artistic practices based on performance, participation and time based art in the domestic sphere, under the motto that  “Art Should Be Experienced in a Place that Allows Staying.” Since it’s relocation to Southside Williamsburg in September 2012, Glass House host performances, screenings, exhibitions, workshops and a residency program all dedicated to promote hosting as artistic discourse.

General Information
Mister Mildor Presents “Wrong Place, Right Time”
Where: The Glass House Art Life Lab
Address: 246 Union Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211
(Between Scholes and Meserole)

Nearest Subway: L (Lorimer), G (Broadway), M & J (Hewes)



The reasons why I write:


Unfortunately, I was not very vocal or expressive, when I was young. So, there’s a lot of things that I could’ve & should’ve shared with others, that are now lost in time, because I chose not to preserve them literarily. However, after I became a Muslim, and especially within this past decade, I’ve developed the courage, creativity, want, and will to write.

There are so many benefits about writing, not just poems, or novels, or even short stories. It’s just the fact that writing allows me the ability to express myself freely and, the ability to transfer my thoughts & feelings from pen to paper. And, the best thing about that is when you do write, you release stress, you get an opportunity to let out negative energy in a positive & productive way. You also get to challenge the extent of your own intelligence & imagination.

Aside from even those things, which are valid, generally, for myself, writing allows me to explore myself, to dig up old thoughts & feelings that I’ve buried for about ten to twenty years, and am finally willing & able to mentally & emotionally unearth those things. It’s actually very scary, because there are some things, within all Human beings, that we would rather leave  dead & buried. But, then, if you don’t let those things go, through letting them out through some type of channel, they can and will consume you eventually.

Honestly, I find that writing is a great form of self-therapy. I get the chance to reflect upon my own flaws & ills, I get to self-examine my own problems, and I get to learn more about myself, as a Muslim, as a Man, and as a Human.