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Sharī`ah’s Anatomy: Where al-Islām meets Bio-Medical Ethics



Sharī`ah’s Anatomy is a Podcast with Chaplain Gareth Bryant & Dr. James Ferguson, concerning Bio-Medical Ethics from an Islāmic-Lens. The Purpose of this Podcast to empower Muslims & Humanity at large, via Education, concerning how to make Informed-Decisions about their own Healthcare. Also, to learn how to navigate how the Healthcare/Medical-Field works, so that, as Healthcare-Recipients, you can speak/act with Authority, as per how you want, expect, deserve to be treated by Healthcare/Medical-Professionals & the Healthcare/Medical-Industry.

Our Podcasts will be livestreamed via Facebook-Live, every Thursday @ 5pm (EST).

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The Sharh/Explanation of “Breaking-Bad”, by William “Suhaib” Webb:



Author’s note:

The following article is directly from the words of a William “Suhaib” Webb, a very popular Muslim-Personality, originally from Oklahoma, then, upon receiving Ijazat/Islamic-Accreditations to teach Islam, at al-Azhar University, relocated to California, and thus relocated, again, to Boston, Ma. I’ve actually had the opportunity to discuss several serious religious issues with Suhaib (which he is commonly referred to), both publicly, via panel-forums, as well as confidentially, in-private settings. He is someone whom I sincerely respect, and enjoy listening to, as well as discussing things with. Now, that doesn’t mean that I will with everything that one particular individual brings to the table. However, William has proven quite capable of being a viable, positive resource for Muslims, and is able to reach them where they really are, which is what has always been needed, yet, sadly, has been missing for many a years, within our Muslim-Communities, both within the Western-Hemisphere, as well as within the conventional “Muslim-World”. This following article is about Suhaib’s synthesis/breakdown of the very popular “Breaking Bad” AMC T.V. show.


The Theology of Breaking Bad: Avoiding Becoming Walter White-

1. Understand choices – “Indeed, We showed them to the way (of truth)….”.(Noble Qur’an: Chpt.41, V.17)

2. There is no moral neutrality – Choices breed consequences for the soul and life. “Every soul will bear its burden.”.(Noble Qur’an: Chpt.2, V.286)

3. Walter said, “For once, I want a say in this.”; however, test and trials cannot be addressed with narcissism, but with submission: he first leads to calamity, the second leads to Futuhaat (exposure/revelations answers to things which we question).

4. Sin and moral decline are a slow burn – don’t underestimate thoughts. Breaking bad took 5-Seasons. al-Ghazzali said, “Zina starts in the mind.” ibn al-Qayyim said that “Satan is forbearing: he will wait to catch you when you are weak.”

5. Trust in Allah means through the good and the bad – hardships should not be used as an excuse. “Revere (Respect/Fear Allah [be ever conscious of Allah]) Allah wherever you are.” Wherever you are means you physical, spiritual and mental states must be aware that, “At least you know Allah see you!”.(an-Nawawi)

6. Understand the value of the Hereafter vs. This life. If that is there, Walter will never exist. “Paradise is surrounded by difficulties.”.(al-Bukhari)

7. Sins/Sinning is a “slippery-slope”: once you fall in, it is hard to get out. Walter got better and still sold meth. In the Qur’an we find the story of people whose boat was rocked by a storm and “…supplicated to Allah, with earnest/sincerity. But, when they were safely taken to land, they immediately associate (false-qualities to Allah).(Noble Qur’an: Cpht.29, V.65)

8. Blessings can be curses if they are not met with a renewed commitment to God. Walter’s wealth is a curse as is health and other Ni`am/divine-favors (of Allah/from Allah). It is not so much about what, buy who it is used. Even the Qur’an can be a potential threat to a person, “And, the Qur’an is a proof for you, or against you.”.(at-Tirmidhi)

Moral decline is based on a few things (often intangibles): fear, Illness, doubt and desire. Fight them with knowledge, Ihsan, love good friends (Walter was a loner and Jesse needs loves), and understanding the value of the Hereafter.

The following formula plays out in our lives every day: Reverence/Consciousness (Respect & Fear of Allah) or Fear and love (of Allah) or Fear (of Allah) and Love of this life happen everyday in our lives. Clean hearts are able to see through that and make choices based on divine teachings and a good support system. The theology of Breaking-Bad is a lesson in how a person can lose his moral compass by making a series of choices that are rooted in fear.

On a final note, the fatalism of breaking bad is problematic. Some folks do evil and do not see it in this life. Walter continues to get worse. Some folks do good and don’t see it. The unseen and how a person is addressed in this world is rooted in the divine knowledge. Fatalism is not a means to measure Good or evil. The Book and the Sunnah are!

William “Suhaib” Webb/2013

My thoughts on U.S. political sex-scandals:


Very recently, there’s been a whole lot of hoopla about Herman Cain’s alleged sexual-inappropriateness, which he now has to answer for. However, he’s thus denied any & all accounts of sexual-misconduct. But, enough about that, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of this issue & and that is this:

People are becoming less concerned with a person’s moral-character, and more concerned with how a politician functions in office. Well, having considerable moral-character should/would in fact reflect in the policies that a person in the highest political office in the U.S. supports & executes, I would assume naturally.

Yet, morality is something that the U.S., along with our general global society is losing more & more by the day. You can go back as far as Thomas Jefferson, whom authored the Declaration of Independence, who was a known womanizer, and fathered several children out of wedlock with his slave, Sally Hemings. This was in fact acceptable, because at this time in American history, African slaves weren’t even regarded as complete Human beings. We can also look into the 1960’s, where President John F. Kennedy outlandishly cheated on his wife, in public at that, with no discretion what so ever on his part.

We can also reflect upon even the life of the Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, whose sexscapades have become a legendary testament of how sexual-corruption has left a permanent stain on all levels of the U.S. Federal government. Then, possibly the most famous of them all is Bill Clinton, who initially denied any & all allegations that he had any sexual-contact with Monica Lewinski. But, as a result of being placed under the threat being prosecuted for purgery, as well as Presidential-Impeachment, finally fessed up to not only having an official relationship with her, about also to receiving the most famous blowjob in the U.S. of U.S. politics. And, then, we all remember the recent revelations of former U.S. Senator John Edwards, who ran for President in 2004 & ended up being John Kerry’s running mate against George W. Bush, then again in 2008, which he ended up having to bow-out of the Presidential race, cheated on his cancer-stricken wife, while actually running for President.

Next, even more recent, we have the infidelity fiascoes that have brought down former Governors James McGreevey of New Jersey & Elliot Spitzer of New York. And, then, not too long ago, there was Anthony Weiner, who just couldn’t keep his wiener off of the internet, who completely embarrassed himself, and his family, and for what?!!! Now, as recent as this year, we have an aspiring contender for the seat in the Oval Office, caught up in a sex-scandal. Herman Cain, presumably, the Barack Obama of the Republican Party, has just been red-flagged amid recent allegations of sexual-misconduct. I don’t know whether something like this will ruin his chance of going toe-to-toe with Obama, for the 2012 election, but it still looks really bad-Please, keep in mind that these guys who’ve been caught up in these scandals are not just some run of the mill politicians here, these are big-leaguers, whom have enacted & supported relevant governmental policies in their respective realms of public service, which have affected & still affects our lives as U.S. citizens.

I have the following to ask all of you: If you have individuals, like these politicians, who have been implicated/involved in various sex-scandals and/or confirmed to play significant parts in these scandals, willingly betraying their respective spouses & then lying about their wrongs when called to task for honesty, then what should make us, as U.S. citizens, think that that these same politicians would be loyal to us, as their political constituents, as we place our general trust in them to conduct honest affairs of state-How can these people be trusted with the general welfare of this nation, when they can’t even keep their penises in their pants?!!!

Think about this, people!!!

#I’m just sayin”!!!