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The Stillness of Loneliness:


Pitch black, quiet…nothing moves, it’s silent.
Darkness covers the Sky as I tread defiant.

I once was beloved, now I am so hated.
At one time victorious, now so defeated.

Loneliness fills all of my mind with agony.
Still as a stagnant River frozen by apathy.

Around many, yet distant from all.
None to feel my pain, hear my call.

Looking for closeness with anyone.
What a test for me, to be so alone.

Oftentimes, I feel dead, yearning for the free-flow of Life.
No worries about foes or dangers, not even fears of strife.

Alas, the irony is that there’s a morbid comfort in Obscurity.
It sometimes protects us from self-torture & offers security.
Gareth Bryant/2015

My thoughts on dealing with opposition:


This has taken me a very long time to learn, but here it is:

“If a lynch-mob wants to hang you, you don’t give them a noose; if someone wants to shoot you, you don’t give them a loaded gun; if an archer wants to hunt you down, you don’t give him arrows.”
Gareth Bryant

This basically means that you as a person must never give anyone ammunition to take shots at you. Let’s be honest people, everyone is not gonna like everything about us, or everything that we do…just reality. However, it doesn’t mean that you add insult-to-injury, by making it easy for people to dislike you, despise you, or to attack you.

#I’m just sayin’!!!