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Benefitting Fellow-Muslims after Death


This Video explains in detail what can/should be done for Fellow-Muslims, if/when they die. It’s most definitely a Trying-Time/Experience, once Death falls upon us. More often than not, there’s Countless-Insecurities surrounding Death. It always/will always affect each & every Individual-Person differently. So, in my Attempt to provide Solace via Empowerment: this Video aims to assist to convey Religio-Options for those whom require/need Healing over the Losses of Fellow-Muslims via Death.

Gareth Bryant

1442, A.H./2021, C.E.

The Necessity to reflect upon the Past, live in the Present & plan for the Future:



The Past is not to be regretted, but merely remembered.

To remind us of actions gone awry & ambitions deferred.

It is merely something to gives us something to think about.

There’s no need or complain about it, or to stress and pout.

What’s done has been done & you can’t go back to have it reversed.

No need to complain about a performance that was not rehearsed.

We live in the Present: the “Here and Now”.

We must make good upon what we endow.

Our current durations are investments, to benefit us, at later times & places.

We must work, avoiding the same errors as before, stop falling on our faces.

The fruits of our labor may not all be witnessed by our own eyes.

However, still, we must overcome all obstacles, to attain our prize.

Our Future is completely unknown to us; regardless, we welcome it.

Never afraid of what is to come, courage is the primary precedent.

We are confident that we have done all that we should.

But, we would’ve definitely changed things, if we could.

That’s the way things are to go I guess; this is how it is to be.

I only hope to remain blessed & have Allah pleased with me.

Gareth Bryant/2013