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The Flow:


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Author’s note:

Mensur GJonbalaj is an aspiring writer, with a lot of drive & spirit, to get his thoughts and feelings transformed into pen & paper. He’s a very motivated individual, and I hope to receive more writing from him. For more info. about his work, here’s his own blogsite: http://www.merapoetics.wordpress.com

My mind’s full thoughts
My heart’s is full of emotions

Life is lived by what the hand wrought
Whilst my soul flows in a series of subtle motions

Is good inspiration from the soul?
Or is it the result of a mind tormented by whispers?

The containment of virtue makes me feel whole,
But the absence of love in me  disperses

The purity of my verse
Vexing me like a plague-stricken curse

These feelings get mixed
Though my thoughts are thoroughly fixed

Passion brings me to places I’ve never been
Ubiquitously in a state of sin

If sacrificing passion fosters virtue,
Then seeking love must hurt too

The body, mind, and soul are separate from the other
But each yield the same power

In different forms they appear,
Their unity ends the reign of fear

Like God, we are one in essence
All equal under his presence

Submission to his word
Pleases His shepherd’s herd

Virtue is contained through submission
Salvation is attained by mercy’s admission

I’m keeping hope as a sword in the fight for success
But fear keeps lurking in the corner, causing confusion and doubt

Darkness could only be extinguished by the light
It’s a plight from which I can’t take flight,

But, indeed, a fight I must get right
At the end of the day the truth will prevail

Obliterating falsehood to no avail
These words are flowing from my hands

As blood runs through veins
Flying through time like pebbles of sand

On a beach during a windy day
With each fleeting moment they rise in meaning

Each word I use comes gushing out, reaming
As sleek as a simile,

But cunningly a metaphor
I jot my thoughts down peacefully

Through the chaotic disturbance of the train’s door
Is there any meaning to what my words show,

Or am I once again afflicted by the whims of that devilish flow?

Mensur GJonbalaj/2013

The Turbulence of Life:


As the sea waves crash during our nights and days.
We dwell within our mundane, vesseled hideaways.

The torrid and torrent, toil and trial will drive each & all of us off-course.
But our navigator must be Allah’s guidance & with Him is the best force.

Because it is He who turns our ships: our physical-bodies, also our compasses: our minds & souls.
However, to get out of any storm, we need His divine-direction, or else sink, in the oceanic coves.

We must face the eye of the storm, know that it’s not really that big of a deal.
Most of anxieties we dwell on are just the tricks of the Devil, they’re not real.

He tells us, that if we go his way, there awaits an enchanting island.
But, if we go where he says, we’ll just land on a patch of dry sand.

He’ll tell us that our ships aren’t strong enough to head into the storm head-on, and we foolishly listen.
It is Allah who has warned us, against him, to be abreast of his “sweet-talk”, which is actually a poison.

We need to avoid his sirens upon the sea shores, and just keep going forward towards our destination.
The Paradise & all of its splendor are our charted course, providing we are upon constant redemption.

The Paradise is the only port where we should ever wanna dock.
Any other place will keep us trapped-up and under a heavy lock.

We must stay the course, throughout our mundane voyages, dealing with whatever challenges that arise.
For those who, so choose to, let ego & desire be their Captain & 1st-Mate, they’ll have a bad surprise.

They’ll all be led into a whirlpool of torment, where there is no escape.
They’ll be stranded on land which is full of hardship, as well as suffering.

With Allah, you could have had safety, at an isolated, and pleasant cape.
Instead, you thought you could lead yourself, and ended up with nothing.

Gareth Bryant/2012