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The Suddeness of Life & Death!!!



I saw a beautiful Bird, just lying on the ground.
At first, I thought it injured, didn’t make a sound.

It wasn’t till I edged closer to it, that realized it dead.
My appreciation of the Bird’s beauty turned to dread.

It was a stark reminder, of the fact that Life is so short.
And, that Allah may take our lives, without any report.

He gives & makes Life so incredibly lovely.
But, then He imposes Death which is ugly.

It’s so painful, to witness the lifelessness of something once so elegant.
It stands as a sign that nothing lasts forever, lest we become arrogant.

The purpose of passing through life into Death, is to meet Allah on a higher plane.
But, if you choose to do what you wanna do, then, your Hereafter will be bane.

Gareth Bryant/2014

Princess-Boy: The dual-product of Jinn-Influence/Possession & Horrible-Parenting!!!


Dyson Kilodavis pic

Author’s note:

Sadly, this concept, “Princess-Boy”, is just another desperate-attempt to push the Pro-Homosexual agenda, through indoctrinating our children, our youth, into accepting this deviant sexual-lifestyle. And, the irony is that this propagation for a lifestyle that people claim certain people are, naturally, born with, is being shoved down the world’s throats. Now, if Homosexuality is so “natural”, then, why is the necessity to push this agenda so fiercely done, to force the global-society to accept this lifestyle, as something to be deemed valid? If it were, in fact, a valid-lifestyle, from the jump, it would be something that wouldn’t have to be imposed upon others. Heterosexualty is as natural as breathing; yet, you don’t have people who are trying to force others to be Heterosexual, because Heterosexuality is something innately from the nature in which Allah, the Lord of the Universe, has instilled within us from birth.

I’m gonna start this off with the horrible-parenting aspect, first:

The concept of the “Princess-Boy” the euphemism for “Homo-In-Training”-

This emasculating concept was ironically incepted by the mother of a little boy, by the name of Cheryl Kilodavis-The boy in question, the first victim & casualty of this new battlefront on the “War on Heterosexuality”, is named Dyson Kilodavis. He had initially started to show an affinity to wear little-girl’s clothing. Now, instead of correcting her own son, by teaching him, educating him that he is not a girl, but, rather a boy, she not only encouraged it, but still encourages it, made a book about how she encourages her son to wear dresses, skirts, basically, girl’s clothing, and is now considered a champion for children’s individuality & is interviewed all over the place, gettin’ her pockets fat, from book-sales. Basically, she’s willing to ruin her own child, whom Allah had blessed her with, whom she carried for 9-months & could’ve died as a result of giving labor, all to just confuse & exploit him for the money, the power, the fame…what a FAIL. She’s basically, willingly, sell her own soul, as well as the soul of her own child, to the Devil, to be used as his minions, to push his deceptive pathological agendas, to push Mankind further away from the path of Allah & closer to the path to Hell.

Let’s talk about this boy’s father-

What type of father actually condones their own child, particularly their own son, to be paraded & exploited like this? It’s bad enough that the child is being encouraged to depart from his nature, from a fashion-perspective; but, at the same time, you’re trying to gain glory, acceptance, and profit, from this as well. Honestly, this is down-right shameless. Some people just don’t deserve to be parents, and anyone who allows their children to go against their nature are perfect examples of that. This is in no way the child’s fault: I do not, by any means, place blame upon the child, I blame his parents, or should I dare to say “parents”. Parents are to raise a child in the proper way that they should go, in this world, not to exploit them, to gain fame & riches, all in the name of encouraging them to be “outgoing”, or “individualistic”, or “different”. There are many, as well as other ways to ensure that little Dyson can express his difference & individuality, without exploiting him and/or encouraging him to turn his back upon the nature in which Allah has naturally placed him upon.

This scenario, alone, reveals so many different writings-on-the-walls. Muhammad (Peace be upon him) has taught us the following, “No one is born, except upon Fitrah/Nature (religious-nature: recognizing & accepting the existence/oneness of Allah, sexual-nature: being exclusively Heterosexual, civil-nature: being peaceful/law-abiding individuals, etc.). However, their parents (also environments, peers, etc.) make them either Jews, Christians, or Fire-Worshippers (as well as Homosexuals, sexual-deviants, criminals, etc.).”.(an-Nawawi) Don’t get me wrong, we all have the power of choice, via free-will, given to us, by Allah, and as such, are responsible for our own actions, after the age of Puberty (the period in which Allah commands the two Angels [assigned to every Human from birth to death] to record all of their either positive or negative actions).(Abu-Dawud, ibn-Majah) However, at the same time, that’s why we have parents: parents exists to show us the right way, to educate us, protect us & shelter us from evil, not to expose us to it, for fame and/or profit.

Jinn-Possession: It’s deeper than a Dress-

I would now like to begin speaking about a hidden-force, other than overtly horrible-parenting, greed, ambition, etc., which would/could drive an innocent little child to turn away from their prescribed nature, endowed to them, by Allah. This hidden-force is called Jinn-Possession, and no, I’m referring to some hollywood-style version of possession. I’m referring to actual possession of the Human, by unseen forces, which Allah speaks about in the Qur’an & that Muhammad (Peace be upon him) has spoken about in his Prophetic-Tradition, and I will mention & expound upon some examples.

The Devil & his unseen-cohorts defined –

The Devil, known in the Arabic-Language as ash-Shaytan/The Evil-One (Lisan-ul-`Arab/The Arabic-Language/Lexicon of the Arabic-Language, by Muhammad ibn-Manzhur), is from a separate creation of Allah, known as the Jinn. The word Jinn is from the word Jana, meaning to be invisible.(Lisan-ul-`Arab) The Jinn are very similar to Humans, by virtue of the fact that both the Human & Jinn possess free-will (the granted option to either serve Allah or not freely), unlike the other elements of creation whom have no free-will.(Noble Qur’an: Chpt.51, V.56) The Jinn were created from smokeless-fire.(Noble Qur’an: Chpt.55, V.15) After being evicted from the Paradise, as a result of refusing to prostrate to Adam, which was a direct-command from Allah, indicating that the Human being was the most-supreme of the Creation of Allah (Noble Qur’an: Chpt.2, V.30-34), he had made an oath to Allah that he would use every ability, that is at his disposal, to lead the Human being to destruction [both in the Mundane, as well as in the Hereafter].(Noble Qur’an: Chpt.7, V.16-18) Moreover, Allah warns against following the whisper of the Devil, by changing the nature of the creation of Allah.(Noble Qur’an: Chpt.4, V.119)

So, it should be of no surprise to anyone, especially not Muslims, when we hear of children whom are male saying that they are “female”, or children whom are female saying that they are “male”. Also, we should not be shocked when girls start behaving like boys & boys start behaving like girls, because this is all the work of the Devil. The unseen helpers of the Devil (known as the plural Shayatin) work very elusively, dastardly & covertly, in assisting the Devil to lead people away from the path of Allah, at the earliest of ages. In fact, according to the texts of Islam, there is a specific classification of the Shaytin, from among the Jinn, who specifically target & abuse (from the realm of the Unseen) women & children, but more specifically children, because children are more innocent/spiritually-vulnerable than grown-ups; also, due to the fact that they are purer than grown-ups, they are more keen to the ability to seen these Jinns & to interact with them. Unfortunately, most people, parents particularly/especially, ignore children when they say that they’ve seen certain things, like other beings unseen to everyone else, and just consider it figments of the imagination of children. Even the whole “imaginary-friend” concept is something that is inspired directly by interactions between Jinns & Human children.(Angels & Jinns, by Bilal Philips)

Now, I wanna bring it back to the parents-

As parents, the number-one right that all children have upon their parents is that they be indoctrinate, cultivated, upon guidance from Allah, via the Qur’an & Prophetic-Tradition.(Minhaj-ul-Muslim/The Methodology of the Muslim, by Abu-Bakr Jabir al-Jaza’iri) Also, as parents there are specific things which are obligatory to do even before the children are even born, and as an extension thereof, even before they are conceived. I’ll explain: Muhammad (Peace be upon him) had instructed us to make a specific verbal-prayer, before sexual-intercourse, to protect whomever we, with our respective spouses conceive together, to ensure that, with Allah’s help, they will be safe & secure from the harm of the Devil & his unseen-cohorts.(al-Bukhari) Now, by virtue of the fact that people, whom are Non-Muslims, do not pronounce this verbal-prayer, then, they put their unborn-children at an enormous risk to be harmed by the influences by the Devil & his unseen-cohorts. Likewise, Muslims, who do not pronounce this verbal-prayer, before sexual-intercourse, with their respective-spouses, they also, in turn, will also place their unborn-children at a greater risk to be harmed by the influences of the Devil & his unseen-cohorts.

So, in conclusion, my final wording is just to the parents of young Dyson Kilodavis, as well as other parents, like them, who think that is is “cute”…reality-check…it’s not cute!!! You’re ruining your own children, without reservation, without care, all because you just think that you can. Your children are not your property, they are the property of Allah. And, as such they have rights, and as I had already mentioned, their number right is to be cultivated upon goodness, which is not what I’m seeing here. So, please, do yourselves & your children a big-favor: repent for your horrible-parenting, become Muslims, and turn your children’s lives around, before it is too late.

Gareth Bryant/2012

My thoughts on Respect & Love:


What is the best way to ensure that you will be respected & loved?
Never give anyone the option to disrespect you or hate you.

Ensuring respect is based upon a Prophetic-Statement from Muhammad (Peace be upon him), when he mentioned about the proper conduct that a Muslim must/should have, “The Muslim is one who protects others from his speech & actions.”(an-Nawawi) The reason why this is important is because to cause harm to someone, because of what you say and/or do, is something that Allah has forbidden, when He mentions, based upon another statement of Muhammad (Peace be upon him) that, “Oh, My property (meaning the Creation)!!! Verily, I (meaning Allah) have made oppression unlawful upon Myself, as well as between you. So, do not oppress one another!!!” (an-Nawawi). When we respect the rights that Allah possesses over the Creation, He will in turn, respect us. And, when we respect the rights of the Creation, then Allah will place respect in the hearts of the Creation for us.

Ensuring love is based upon a Prophetic-Statement from Muhammad (Peace be upon him), when he was asked about being loved by both Allah & the people. The Prophet (Peace be upon him) responded by saying, referring to attaining the love of Allah, “…to worship Allah, without associating any false-qualities with Him.”. And, he also responded by saying, referring to attaining the love of the people, “…to not violate the property of others.” (an-Nawawi). The reason why this is important is because when we worship our Creator properly, we will in turn, attain His love. And, when we honor the property of the people, subsequently, He will place love within the hearts of the Creation for us.

#I’m just sharin’!!!