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Many Americans facing challenges of freezing Winter-Weather:


Courtesy of Press TV:

A deadly blast of strong winds shattered records of decades-old temperature, as it moved towards the eastern parts of the United States earlier this week, halting air, road and rail travel, driving energy prices higher and overwhelming shelters for the homeless. Roughly 60,000 people spend the night at a homeless shelter in New York City, including 22,000 children, the highest number since the great depression. These numbers have almost doubled, as the city broke a 118-year-record Tuesday, when temperature dropped to below minus 15 degrees Celsius.
Gareth Bryant who is with the charity organization, Muslims Giving Back says despite news of warmer weather being on its way, the homeless and hungry will continue to face the challenges of fighting the harsh winter cold and finding warm food to eat. At least 21 cold-related deaths have been confirmed across the country since Sunday. In Missouri, a 1-year-old boy was killed when the car he was riding in struck a snow plow, and a 20-year-old woman was killed in a separate crash after her car slid on ice and into the path of a tractor-trailer. At least five people died after collapsing while shoveling snow, while several victims were identified as homeless people who either refused shelter or didn’t make it to a warm haven soon enough to save themselves from the bitter cold. According to Accuweather.com, the frigid air and “polar vortex” that affected about 240 million people in the United States and southern Canada is expected to depart and a far-reaching January thaw will begin. With thousands of delayed or canceled flights and power grids straining as people cranked up the heat, the effects of the “Polar Vortex” is expected to be felt for days to come.

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My thoughts on Winter:


Author’s note:
At the beginning of each season this year (according to the Gregorian-Calendar), I plan to release a poem about each season-I’ve written several poems about the seasons, particularly the four classic temperate seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Each of these seasons represents different stages of existence, in this Material-Existence of ours, which we gradually evolve towards. My goal is to inspire reflection for whomever may read these poems, to strongly reflect upon their own lives, what season of life that they are currently embracing.


It is so very cold and bleak.
Our Souls are getting weak.

This is Life’s dreadful, final chapter.
We are at the gates of the Hereafter.

Our Souls have been taken, from our physical shell.
It’s time for Allah’s judgment upon us; all isn’t well.

On the Day of Standing, the Earth will be just like barren, snowy, fruitless, leafless forests.
Standing before our Lord, His wrath we can’t hide from, not in bunkers or even a fortress.

It will be the coldest Winter, ever; the only warmth will be His mercy.
It will only be given to those who served Him, this is a mere courtesy.

His punishment is more frigid, than an unyielding, blistering, merciless Antarctic wind.
His anger will shatter our Souls, just as Icebergs shatter mighty ships, without any end.

This is the torment He’s promised, for all of those who rejected His signs.
They ignored His warnings, until they aged & began to see wrinkle lines.

Now, they want to adhere to His call.
Now, He will not listen to them, at all.

They’ve been set upon a path, they all wished they seek.
There is no infinite reward, but only punishment bleak.

If you do not wish, for this to be your fate, do not be the one who is heedless.
Obey Allah, as one ought to; your reward with Him is everlasting & priceless.

Gareth Bryant/2009