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Stuck in the Matrix


Zeshan Raja

Did y’all really expect Obama to make promises he could keep?

All this talk about change but still the masses are just a bunch of sheep
Freedom is solely a justification for tyranny when the NSA bugs your phone
Democracy is just a facade when the skies are covered in drones
And how is capitalism acceptable when it benefits the %1 and them alone?
People without homes freezing in the cold
Covered in tarp to stay warm,
“For the People by the People” but you neglecting the weak and the old
Don’t even get me started on “Muslim” rulers, buncha greedy fiends
Deceived by The White American Dream
bowing down to Israel the Western Machine
Now riddle me this, explain this shit
By feeding the homeless, you get on 10 government watch lists
But drop chemical bombs on your own people and get a slap on the wrist?
Your moneys riddled with the masonic eye
Your television feeds you celebrity gossip and poorly thought out lies
Your politicians are a bunch of wolves in a sheeps’ disguise
A word to the wise, get out of the Matrix and open your eyes
So rise up and let errybody know
better wake up and reap what you sow!
Zeeshan Raja/2014