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The Suddeness of Life & Death!!!



I saw a beautiful Bird, just lying on the ground.
At first, I thought it injured, didn’t make a sound.

It wasn’t till I edged closer to it, that realized it dead.
My appreciation of the Bird’s beauty turned to dread.

It was a stark reminder, of the fact that Life is so short.
And, that Allah may take our lives, without any report.

He gives & makes Life so incredibly lovely.
But, then He imposes Death which is ugly.

It’s so painful, to witness the lifelessness of something once so elegant.
It stands as a sign that nothing lasts forever, lest we become arrogant.

The purpose of passing through life into Death, is to meet Allah on a higher plane.
But, if you choose to do what you wanna do, then, your Hereafter will be bane.

Gareth Bryant/2014

Wanting to get closer to you!!!


It’s like time just flies by, when we are together.
No care for duration, season or kind of weather.

When you’re in my presence, I’m often struggling to sound sensible.
Your smile unforgettable and your soft, silky touch is just incredible.

The time just burns out, so quickly, whenever I’m with you, just like unleaded-fuel.
Being around you is spectacular-You can make any 100-degree day seem so cool.

I think that I have found the one, who has given me hope, again.
She’s opened my eyes to new things, and encourages me to win.

The want to be closer to you is just so vivid.
It’s just all I wanna do; I’m being so candid.

It’s just miraculously wonderful, how I’ve been given a great sign of hope.
Having this special someone in my life has really changed view and scope.

But, I sometimes feel like they wanna push me away, thinking they’re not good enough for me.
This person has changed almost everything, and I just wanna hold on & let beautiful things be.

This person has appeared in my life as a precious gem.
I love this person dearly, and do not want to lose them.

Now, I’m pretty sure there’s someone in your life, who means this much to you.
So, just make sure that whatever love you have for them is pure, as well as true.

Gareth Bryant/2012

My thoughts on the girl of my dreams:


What I see when I see you:

Your intellect-
You’re so thoughtful & pensive; you’re so strong, yet so sensitive.

Your faith-
Your belief in Allah is unshakable; your conviction & integrity is unbreakable.

Your smile-
Unforgettably pleasant, it’s what magnifies & adds to the beauty of a present.

Your form-
No deficiencies, flaws, nor brakes; Allah is the best of Creators; He makes no mistakes.

Your charm-
You can light up a room with your radiance; your aura is free from all decadence.

Your warmth-
Being with you always makes me glad; you bring a softness to my heart that I’ve never had.

Gareth Bryant/2011

My thoughts on a Woman’s beauty:


The Canvas & the Painter!!!The woman is like a canvas, and I am like her painter.

I’ve used my long, brown paintbrush, with its gentle bristles, to paint her entire body.
I’ve longed to give her blank body expression; it is just as though she consumes me.

I’ve drawn ridges up and down her tender spine, similar to the lengthy mountain ranges.
I’ve drawn for her a smile unforgettable, like the radiance of the Sun & without changes.

The woman is like a canvas, and I am like her painter.

She never worries about me making mistakes; I keep her mind at ease.
She is always in awe of my expertise; I always produce a masterpiece.

On her canvas, I have placed lush green valleys, with beautiful lakes, rivers & springs.
Her arms and legs are drawn & painted delicately like an Eagle’s noble, golden wings.

The woman is like a canvas, and I am like her painter.

I have made her skin, as soft as clouds in the Sky; the woman’s canvas is certainly a treasure.
A woman’s grace and beauty is simply priceless; a woman’s value has absolutely no measure.

So, whenever you see a woman, think of a beautiful painting.
She is a perfect display of artistry; she’s just simply amazing.

Gareth Bryant/2011