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Malcolm Shabazz…In Memorandum:


Malcolm Shabazz pic

Allah says:

“Everyone shall taste Death. And, We test you with the worst & best of a trial. And, you will be returned to Us.”.(Noble Qur’an: Chpt.21, V.35)

“Oh, you whom believe!!! Revere Allah, revering Him is correct, and do not die, except as Muslims.”.(Noble Qur’an: Chpt.3, V.102)

“Death comes to us all. However, it matters not why, or when we die, it’s how we die; and, I do not mean how by what circumstances under which we died, I’m exclusively referring to what state, what condition, what position with Allah, the Creator/Lord of the Universe, at the time of Death, which will be the most important.”

Gareth Bryant

Malcolm Shabazz, the maternal-grandson of Malcolm Little (AKA Malcolm X [May Allah mercify him]) has been reported, (via twitter from Terrie M. Williams) as being found dead, murdered, in Tijuana, Mexico, as a result of being shot & thrown from a building, during being robbed. This is very hurtful news to hear, not just because he was the maternal-grandson of Malcolm Little, but, more importantly, because he was my Muslim brother, a Human being, whom I had actually known personally. This really hurts!!!

And, also, I had recently discovered that this man had even went to my old High School, Benjamin Banneker in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. A former High School schoolmate of mine had revealed this info. to me, and, I had never known it, until I had found out about his death, which is so ironic, and displays, so ver clearly, how small our world is, where we could be in the same vicinity, sharing the same space, being in the same crowd, or clique, or school, or class, with someone, and not even know or care about their narrative, their history. Fortunately, I was able to be on a first-name basis with Malcolm, instead of just being a passer-by, or an admirer of his family-legacy, or a commenter, criticizer, of his personal-past.

So, for now, sadly, he is gone from us. However, he is still someone whom I’m glad that I had an opportunity to know, dialogue with, be connected with, in some way. And for whatever he was, it surely didn’t consume him, nor prevent him from becoming the man he was: He was a Muslim, a Human being, and a friend. It is very sad to know that he is no longer with us.

May Allah mercify him…#Amen

Gareth Bryant/2013

My “Dear-John” letter to John Fitzgerald Kennedy:


JFK pic

Author’s note:

John Fitzgerald Kennedy has been dead a long time. And, ironically, people are still clinging to the classic lone-gunman story, of how one many shot JFK, from at least 3-directions, causing 3 completely different bullet wounds, on 3 completely separate parts of his body. With that being said, I’ve made a poem, describing what I would say to him, if I were able to speak with him, to tell him about what happened after his own death.

Dear JFK:

They still haven’t captured any of your killers, yet they got away, scott free.
You were a thorn in their sides, they had to remove, you wanted true liberty.

It’s truly a shame, that none of those assassins were not ever brought to justice.
The Warren-Commission covered it up, ruled your death an open & shut case.

There are, still, so many theories, as to why, and how, you were eliminated.
All of the things you tried to push through, after you, were never attempted.

You being the last U.S. President, to date, to ever be assassinated is of no surprise.
You took on a lot more than you could’ve chewed, that’s what led to your demise.

You had tried your very best to do away with the CIA…
…they used espionage attempting to propel Doomsday.

You attempted to remove American-involvement from Vietnam…
…you wanted to end the Cold-War, get the World nuclearly calm.

You tried to abolish the Federal Reserve, decrease the power of Banksters controlling the economy…
…and, with you out of the picture, there was no one else to stop them from playin’ real-life Monopoly.

Everyone abandoned you, left your side: you were the blood-sacrifice of dissent, as well as defections.
Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t kill you, even the Zapruder film shows you being shot in at least two-directions.

They silenced him quickly, because he was gonna tell it all, spill the beans…
…Jack Ruby was the ideal hitman for the puppet-master’s dirty schemes.

Your Secret Service detail made you such an easy-target, leaving you all alone.
Your motorcade driver drove you to your death, into the Dealey Plaza kill-zone.

You made too many enemies & not nearly enough friends.
People viewed you as a threat, to influence and dividends.

Most people are too afraid to know the truth…
…we cannot afford to keep lying to our youth.

They must know what & why you died for…
…it was the 1st-casualty of an internal-war.

This is not a war of bullets & bombs…
…but, it’s a conflict of honesty, integrity.

Those responsible for your death want the American people to just remain ignorant & blind…
…following trends, spending aimlessly, until for the next generation, nothing’s left behind.

All that they really want is destruction, for small-gain profits…
…they want to place into power whomever follows the scripts.

Gareth Bryant/2013