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My thoughts on Aisha Khan (Part II):


This poem is in celebration of the confirmation of Aisha Khan, a student of Johnson County Community College, in Kansas, being found alive as well as unharmed in any way:

Welcome home, Aisha!!!

You’re back, and we’re glad that you’re safe & sound.
I’m happy that you’ve finally been discovered & found.

You had us so worried about you; but, now our hearts are at ease.
There’s a sense of content at your return, now we can have peace.

You’re very special to us, all though we don’t even know you.
Our love for your safety & concern for your well-being is true.

You’ve returned to your family & we’re glad that you’re back in their arms.
We are happy that Allah has chosen to protect you from any and all harms.

We were hoping only for you to just be okay, waiting for news about you day-by-day.
We were so anxious about you being gone, sad, afraid of the fact that you were away.

It’s good a joyous occasion that your safe and sound.
It’s a true blessing from Allah that you’ve been found.

Gareth Bryant/2011