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Pro-Life Vs. Pro-Choice: Where do the Muslims stand?


The issue of Abortion has and will always cause significant controversy among all people, regardless of religious beliefs, political stances, cultural traditions or social affiliations. Whether for or against it, there will always be debates over this topic. This issue has become one of the most debated subjects concerning people around the world, as well as in the United States. It is my attempt to clarify the Islamic position on Abortion. Although, there are many Muslims who may not share my views, I want to make it very clear, based upon sources from the Qur’an & Prophetic-Tradition, in order to prove my point. In order to get a clearer picture of the entire issue, it would only be fair to define Abortion, from the Linguistic/Medical perspective, in order to have a better understanding of the entire process.

The expulsion of the Fetus, from the womb of the Human female. This is usually done surgically, or manually, resulting in the Fetus being physically removed, from the womb of the Human female.1

This is often done, for several of the following reasons:

1. The potential mother-to-be experiences complications during her pregnancy. Thus, causing serious health risks, possibly life-threatening, to the respective mother-to-be.

2. The potential mother-to-be was either a victim of Rape/Incest. Thus, causing her, or her relatives to rid themselves of the reminder of the rape (i.e. ridding themselves of the potential child).

3. The potential mother-to-be may have gotten pregnant, without planning to. She may be afraid of having the responsibility of bring another life into this world, as well as taking care of it.

4. Also, either her family, or her significant-other (husband, boyfriend, lover, etc.) may not want her to have the baby. Thus, placing immense pressure upon her to make a decision, which would be in their personal favor. The parents of this female may think that she is too young to have a child of her own. While her significant other may not want to be a father yet, or ever, or just not with her.

Now, on the surface (as on a Universal level), these are probably all acceptable reasons to abort a child. However, from the Islamic perspective, there are many issues at hand. This is mainly due to the fact that as Muslims, we believe that Allah alone creates life. Knowing this, then how can anyone just take the liberty of taking something out of existence, when they were not even responsible for it coming into existence?2

We all know that in order to take someone, or something out of existence which already exists (such as Humans & Animals), you have to kill it. According to Islamic-Law, killing is an act of Worship. Since killing is an act of worship, then a Human does not have the right to kill whoever or whatever he wants. Whoever or whatever they do kill must be in accordance with the Qur’an & Prophetic-Tradition.3

What I intend to present is whether or not the reasons people have abortions are valid or not, according to Islamic-Law.

Analyzing the reasons for Abortions:

1. In the case of the Fetus causing a health risk, or death to the potential mother-to-be, then there is no harm in having an Abortion. The reasons are very simple: according to Islamic-Law, self-preservation is valid. In a situation of this nature, it becomes crucial that the potential mother preserve her own life, since she is already alive. As for the Fetus, then there is no sin on the woman, or those who advise her under these circumstances, to eliminate it.

2. In the case of Rape/Incest, then the Fetus should most definitely be spared. Why should the Fetus be eliminated, because its potential mother was a victim of Rape/Incest? It is not the fault of the potential child-to-be, that it was conceived under this condition. If anything, the potential child is just as much of a victim as the potential mother. Every Human has the right to live, even before they are born.4

Rather, it was the fault of the sick bastard who committed the Rape/Incest. Realistically, if anyone is to be killed, it should be the one who committed the Rape/Incest. After all, it was they who deliberately decided to dehumanize someone, by robbing them of their sexual-integrity.

Also, less than 10% of all women, around the world, who get Abortions are in fact Rape/Incest victims. In the U.S., it’s even lower…..less than 5% of all women, who get Abortions are in fact Rape/Incest victims. Now, they want the quick-fix, the Abortion. This basically sends a message to your child that: “As long as I don’t get pregnant/get someone pregnant, I can screw whoever the hell I want….yessss!!!” They are now programmed to use the following rationale: In order to avoid the responsibility of caring & providing for another Human (which I helped to produce), the ultimate way-out is going to a Doctor and solicit their Medical expertise, in murdering your unborn child.

3. In the case of an unwanted pregnancy, it should also be kept. Why should a child have its existence snuffed out, just because its mother & father didn’t want it? The whole reason why guys & girls have to deal with unwanted pregnancies is because of their own foolish choices. So, basically, a male & female can have sexual-intercourse all they want. But, when a baby is on the way, then they are just given the liberty to get rid of the their child, like some worn-out clothing?

This is so wrong!!! Then, you have these parents, who don’t really care about how many times their children have sex, who their having sex with, whether or not they are practicing safe-sex, abstinence or getting married (Marriage of course being the best possible option).5

The youth have basically been given a free-hand, to act exclusively upon carnal impulse, instead of their parents or communities cultivating them with values & morals/ethics. All until someone gets pregnant. Only then, are these types of parents on the war-path, wanting retribution. It’s too late for all of that now!!! You should have been better parents!!!

My closing remarks would just be this, any Muslim or Non-Muslim, who reads this must really ask themselves: “After learning all of this, would or should I still support Abortion?” That is all that I leave with you, to think about. If nothing else, just think of yourselves. How would it make you feel, if you were that unborn child, who was denied their right to live? How would you feel, if your parents saw you as just a nuisance, or just some piece of garbage, ready to be trashed? How would it make you feel, if your parents disregarded you, to such an extent, that they were willing to kill you, just so they would not have to care for you? If you really just think about that, it’s really messed up.

Anyone who reads this, should know very well how precious life is, and it should not just be wasted. Just because an unwanted pregnancy occurs, does not give any of us the right to erase that person from existence. I know that it’s easy for me to be against Abortion, because I’m a guy. But, just try to think about the unborn child who is suffering. Keep in mind that Abortion inherently is a very inhumane & brutal procedure to begin with.

Even in the case of Incest or Rape, realistically, the one who was sexually violated is not going to feel any better about herself, just because she had an Abortion. The Abortion itself is not a fair compensation, for the fact that she was robbed of her dignity. Honestly, that’s not even justice. The sexual offender does at the very most ten years, and he is free, to live the rest of his life. However, the victim is forever emotionally & psychologically wounded. These wounds never heal sometimes-My point is to take the children, who are also victims, into strong consideration. Abortion is not reversible!!! When the damage is already done, it’s too to change one’s mind.

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Gareth Bryant/2012