My Evolution:

I’ve been called a “Nigger”, ”Boy”, ”Coon”, ”Goon”:
Stereotyped, mystified, demonized in the eyes of society.
Labeled “Savage” & “Criminal”, unworthy of cultivation.
The hood & penal-system have become my only homes, no residential variety.
I’ve become an endangered species, all across this nation I face extermination.

I’ve been called a “Nigger”, ”Boy”, ”Coon”, ”Goon”:
“Nigger” was my first name, as I came off of congested boats to a land I’ve never seen.
Forced to be another man’s property, abducted from my motherland, never would I return.
Forced to worship a blonde, blue-eyed man, instead of Allah who created both of us.
Not allowed to question Christianity, no opinion or opportunity to think or even learn.

I’ve been called a “Nigger”, ”Boy”, ”Coon”, ”Goon”:
For me, learning to read & write was a crime; literacy will always mean liberation.
They never intended for me to rise & become free in this White man’s free nation.

I’ve been called a “Nigger”, ”Boy”, ”Coon”, ”Goon”:
I’m finally freed from my physical shackles, yet still mentally sedated until the 1950’s.
Sick & tired of settling for low-wage jobs in the South, I make way to northern cities.

I’ve been called a “Nigger”, ”Boy”, ”Coon”, ”Goon”:
After Slavery, all throughout Jim-Crow, I was given two other names: “Boy” & “Coon”.
Tired of being treated like a boy, I joined the Civil-Rights Movement for simple liberties.
The liberties enjoyed by any White man, just to chase the American-Dream.
Fighting for the right to be a man; I joined protests & marches in the 1960’s.

From the 1970’s to the 1980’s I’ve been a “Goon”, a victim of Heroin, Crack-Cocaine & Reagan:
Selling-out my people, I’m selling them poison.
Hustlin’ in the street, constantly in out of prison.

But, I’m no longer a “Nigger”, “Boy” “Coon” or “Goon”:
Now, I’m a Muslim, given honor by his Lord.
Never must this history be repeated ever again.

I have evolved, how about you?

Gareth Bryant/2009

The King-Cobra:

All men are snakes, but I am the King-Cobra.

I’m as stealthy as a Mamba, and as vicious as a Viper.
I’m avoided, like a Python, and as feared as a Cantor.

My victims have absolutely no match against me.
Once in my grasp, there’s no chance to get free.

When my sights are on my prey, it is all over.
There’s no way to hide or even run for cover.

I have the body of a Boa Constrictor.
I can’t be defeated; I’m a true victor.

My victims are women, who think that they can handle me.

Once I wrap myself around them, they’re trapped.

They are in awe as I puncture them with my eight-inch fang.

They love the way that I move, with my slithery rhythm.
They beg for the release of my addictive sensual venom.

I leave them paralyzed, utterly mesmerized.
They remain tantalized, yet always satisfied.

Once they’re mine, there’s no turning back, it’s all over.
They will always forget the memories of any past lover.

I hail me…..The King-Cobra!!!

Gareth Bryant/2009

My Poetic Anatomy:

I inhale concepts, thoughts & world views, then begin to exhale Haikus.
My long hair keeps growing, just like a never-ending line from a rhyme.

I hydrate my body with emotionally infused water, then sweat Sonnets.
The ink from the pen flows through me instead of blood all of the time.

Everything about me is poetic, from the tips of my toes, to the base of my neck.

I constantly ingest tragedy; but, then I always manage to regurgitate joy.
My body is a literary masterpiece, literary prowess is all that I yield.

As I salivate integrity & confidence, I always spit truth & swagger.
My weapons in life are my pen & paper, they’re my sword & shield.

Everything about me is poetic, from the tips of my toes, to the base of my neck.

And, everything about me is poetic, for all people to enjoy, reflect upon, read and see.
So, whenever I look in the mirror, I see the awesome me: my awesome poetic anatomy.

Gareth Bryant/2011

This is who I am:

I am…..
the white flame of a fire burning brightly, it’s never diminished.
My light will always shine for all to see, until my life is finished.

I am…..
the cream of the crop, I go hard, I never stop.
Nothing will prevent me from reaching the top.

I am…..
every woman’s fantasy, while every man’s envy.
I’m the total package, the haters can’t stand me.

I am…..
a breeze, flowing through the valleys and meadows, giving coolness to the eyes.
Always victorious, never a lame or a looser; that’s what all my enemies despise.

I am…..
like the flash of Lightning and the roar of Thunder.
Try going toe-to-toe with me, I’ll tear you asunder.

I am…..
the courage of a Lion & the strength of a Bear.
Once I am on the scene, you’d better beware.

Since this is who I am…..
then, who are you?!!!

Gareth Bryant/2011

This is what you don’t call me:

Don’t call me an Islamist, that’s just a code-word for terrorist.
Don’t call me Fundamentalist, this just means I’m not tolerant.

Don’t call me a Sufi, this means I have my head in the clouds.
Don’t label me Salafi, this just means I treat people like dogs.

I don’t wanna be red-flagged as being anti-modernity and referred to as Conservative.
I don’t wanna be highlighted as a Liberal, just comfortable following their prerogative.

I despise being thought of as Jihadi, this means I wanna blow myself up.
I keep wondering to myself when all of this lame name-calling will stop?

You don’t know me; you don’t own me; so, who gave you the right to name me?!!!
This name calling is just a void, used by the enemies of Islam, because they’re guilty.

They’re resentful, because every system that they’ve invented has done nothing but fail.
And, they know that the Way of Allah, which is Islam, is the only thing that will prevail.

They are willing to use & do anything to encourage division among us.
When we indulge in sectarianism, for them this is just a strategic plus.

They only call us what we’re willing to call ourselves, we must  not give them ammunition.
Let them call us the most honored name Allah calls us in the Qur’an….just call us Muslim.

Gareth Bryant/2011

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  37. Just want to say your article is as amazing. The clarity in your post is just spectacular and i could assume you are an expert on this subject. Well with your permission let me to grab your feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please carry on the enjoyable work.

  38. One of your poems really touched my stomach. As in, I want to barf.

    Why? Cuz you’re full of yourself. How you can publish a poem bragging about fornication, and yet still preach about Islam, is beyond me. I get that we all make mistakes. But we’re not supposed to brag and talk about those mistakes. How you can crudely talk about penetrating a woman with your 8-inch penis, whom you are not married to, and yet chastise others for their sins? Where is the decency and morality in talking about her being your victim, or her begging you to release your “sensual venom” i.e. ejaculate? Doesn’t sound to me like you value women all that much. You want to think stuff like that, fine. But when you put yourself out there, and claim to be a person with religious knowledge, you automatically make yourself held to a higher standard. Step your taqwa game up son.

    I hail Allah, not some loser 30-year old who calls himself King Cobra. Perhaps crap like this is why you’re not married.

    • This entire blog shows that this guy is full of himself. His poems all promote himself and shows his cockiness. It’s quite disappointing and he gives a bad name to young black Muslim guys everywhere. This might be one of the main reasons why he’s not married. I’m not surprised. “King Cobra” sees himself as the ultimate dream guy. That’s really sad.

      • Well, I have the choice to express myself, the way I see fit. Now, for you to even comment on my blogpage proves that I must have some validity and/or relevance. Because, if I were not relevant, why even bother to even comment on my blogpage?

        Also, have you not seen my other blog-writings, like the one bringing light to the epidemic of Domestic-Violence, within the Muslim-Community & communities period, which has actually inspired others to do positive things to create awareness, concerning Domestic-Violence & to also fight against Domestic-Violence?!!!

        Oh, ok…I get it…you were too busy focusing on one poem, hoping only to complain about that particular poem, as opposed to viewing my writing as a whole, as how my blogpage has helped to enlighten other people, both Muslims & Non-Muslims to view Islam, Muslims, the World, around them, much differently.

      • Your poems all try to show how much “swaggerific” you are but in reality, you are full of yourself.
        “I am…..
        every woman’s fantasy, while every man’s envy.
        I’m the total package, the haters can’t stand me.”

        Why are all of your poems a homage to your so-called greatness?? What gives you the right to think you’re every woman’s fantasy?? And every man’s envy?? What’s with the ego of young black guys?? What gives you write poems like this and then post it? Every single poem is full of your over-flowing proclaimed greatness. So what if you wrote about domestic violence and other topics. Just your poems alone make you look so cocky and so proud of yourself. You flaunt your “greatness”. Stop it with the self-praising. No Muslim should be so unashamed and think so highly of himself.

  39. gareth, thank you for following my poetry blog. i just wanted to say your blog is very relevant. and its amazing that people like you share a good story to make people aware of what is the truth.
    i count you in as a friend from now on.

  40. As-salaamu’alaykum
    I just have to say that you sound arrogant, conceited, and disrespectful of women. Your King Cobra makes me sick to my stomach. Stuff like this is why you’re not married

    • Salam…whatever Jameelah…your opinion is exactly what it is: your opinion. I have the liberty to write what I want, and if it doesn’t sit well with you, you have an option: don’t read what I write…cheers.

      • Are you married yet? What crazy girl would marry you after reading your poems about your greatness? Some batshit crazy girl maybe.

  41. What a narcissistic personality disorder you have. Swag? All hail king cobra?

    Tell me: are you even marriage material? Are you even an eligible bachelor? Do you have what it takes to be a Muslim husband and father? No I dont think so. You are so full of yourself.

    • You’re commenting on a Poem which was authored several Years ago, and for which purpose? Also, why’re you even concerned as to whether I’m Marriage-Material or not? That’s honestly not even your Business. Instead, why don’t you reflect upon why is it that this Poem is the only Thing written on my Blog-Page which you’ve decided to donate so much of your Time/Energy.

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