If I were a Bird!!!

If I were a Bird, I would fly all day.
I would let the Wind under my wings carry me far away.

Across Land & Sea, where no one knows me.
I would not be worried, not even of being lonely.

I would rule the Sky, and soar over the Earth.
Observe all of its landscapes, and appreciate its worth.

I would have the Wisdom of the Owl & the Wings of the

The Talons of the Falcon & the Eyes of the Eagle.

The Plumage of the Hawk & the Slenderness of the Stalk.

The Beak of the Kestrel & the Swiftness of the Peregrine.

The Voice of the Robin & the Gentleness of the Penguin.

Whenever I am bored, I would go to a brand-new place.
Sense the essence of Freedom & enjoy my own space.

I would be able to escape the ordinary.
I would fly to the South Pacific, in January.

I would tan my feathers, on the Sands of Tahiti.
Watch Volcanic eruptions, in Fiji.

If I were a Bird, for just one day.
I would always be free to fly away.

Gareth Bryant/2008


When Nightfall arrives, all is quiet.
The mood is calm, and the movement is silent.

Wolves are howling, while thieves are prowling.
Darkness covers the Sky, like jet-black shrouding.

The Moon is high & bright, shinning with crisp, clear light.
The Stars glitter in the Heavens, in colors of red, blue, and white.

There is a constant struggle as to which are the brightest.
They play all night, like naughty children, all yearning to win this contest.

It is a beautiful sight to see.
I observe it under the canopy of a tree.

It never ends, until Dawn.
The Sun rises, the Night is gone.

Gareth Bryant/2008

Rainy Days!!!

My Life is full of Rainy Days.
Oh, how I yearn to see Sun-rays.

I yearn, to see the Sun, breaking out of the Clouds.
That its radiance may shower over people in Crowds.

The Sun sheds its Light, from the Sky, all around.
It causes Trees & Plants to spring from the ground.

The Sun shines on every town.
If one sees it, they reverse their frown.

Oftentimes, Rainy Days keep me at bay.
Stalling my progression made through the day.

Storm-Clouds must not dampen my way.
My Rainy Days must end today.

Gareth Bryant/2008

The Skyline!!!

Tall buildings scrape the Sky.
Starting underground, then erected high.

In the Nighttime, the Skyline looks like the Sky, upside-down.
Whole city blocks have the similitude of a Celestial Constellation.

In the Daytime, the Skyline houses Corporate dungeons, from City Hall to Midtown.
They imprison their employees, with long hours & very little monetary compensation.

Ordinary folks intoxicate themselves, at their jobs, in an office cubicle.
Drunk with loyalty to the Skyline, yet the inebriation is not reciprocal.

The Skyline is a Leech, it just sucks you dry.
By the end of the day, you’re like a bird, which can’t fly.

The only relief is when one gets home.
The next day, you return to the Skyline, like a drone.

You wake up extra early, just to beat Rush-Hour.
There is barely enough time for breakfast or a shower.

You get to work 20 minutes early, and your boss is still pissed.
Still bitching about last month’s deadline you missed.

You feel like snapping his neck, but think of the family you have to feed.
You calm down, take the abuse, and then get working, with lightning-speed.

It’s like a dog chasing its tail, with no end in sight.
That is why the Skyline is only beautiful at night.

Gareth Bryant/2009

My love for Home!!!

I’ve been around the World.
To different lands & places.

I’ve seen magnificent sites & locations.
I’ve met people of many colors & faces.

But, as much as I travel & no matter where I go.
I miss New York, my home. I just love you so.

I love the way your old streets & avenues attract millions.
Even though, the cost to upgrade you annually costs billions.

Your History involves others constantly coming towards you.
I’m sort of heart-broken when it’s time to leave you….it’s true.

The World has great places, but they’re not you.
When I go to different places, it’s just a temporary duration.

You are my one true love I can’t be without you.
Whenever I leave you, my heart develops a regretful sensation.

I’ve had a lot of loves, people & places, both near & far.
However, you are the one who always takes me back.

It’s like the World is the Sky, and you are the biggest star.
New York is the town I love, there’s almost nothing you lack.

No matter where I ago, I will always love you.
You are my joy, when others have made me blue.

I’ll never forget that you showed how to thrive.
In tough times, taught me how to hustle & survive.

You will always have a place in my heart, for all-time.

Gareth Bryant/2009

(New York City)!!!

This city is often wild & gritty.
To survive, you must be tough & witty.

The M.T.A. doesn’t always go your way.
However, you do what you can, to make it through the day.

The Rush-Hour causes immense tension.
Bumper-to-bumper traffic always causes congestion.

There is always strife & struggle.
Expect nothing less from the Concrete-Jungle.

However, I wouldn’t have it any less.
The NYC is still the best, even with the stress.

I love the Bus & Subway.
I can’t get enough of Broadway.

In all the Five-Boroughs, there is something good.
People always show love whether you’re in the “Burbs” or the “Hood”.

The whole World is in New York, all Colors & Races.
Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Arabs, even Asians.

When you think of New York, imagine the World united.
Now I know why tourists come here and are so excited.

There is no place in the World, like the NYC.
It’s a place I would always want to be.

Gareth Bryant/2009


If only these Trees could talk:
They would tell of the first Africans arriving at their shores.
The men turned into slaves, the women turned into whores.
Constantly beaten, told to work & serve.
Torturing anyone, with courage or nerve.

If only these Trees could talk:
They would recall our people being stripped of our religion, languages, and cultures.
They would tell of our people being presented as a feast for the blood-thirsty Vultures.
They cry to Allah, that He may save these people, from their oppression.
But, they were used as an example, to teach the world a valuable lesson.
The atrocities done to our people are a proof that tyranny is wrong.
Still, we endured. We accomplished so much, because we are strong.

If only these Trees could talk:
They would weep, over countless Black men, who hung from their branches.
They would yell out in fury for those who were cut down, by rifles & lances.
They would remember those who resisted slavery, and decided to fight back.
They killed every Cracker they saw, sought revenge, and went on the attack.
These Trees would never forget Nat Turner. He had every White man living in fear.
They couldn’t wait to catch him. The Trees are the only ones who tell the story clear.

If only these Trees could talk:
They would rejoice at Harriet Tubman, leading others to freedom.
Taking them north and to Canada, seeking a Slave-Free kingdom.
They would tell us of the Mass 54th, fighting for their freedom & their lives.
Showing bravery & skill on the battle-field, they caught everyone by surprise.

If only these Trees could talk:
They would tell of the hard road to freedom, equality & justice.
Telling the world what strength we had to deal with all of this.
That we’re not leaving, we built this country & are here to stay.
That we have conquered every challenge placed in our way.
They would tell of a people degraded to the lowest degrees.
But, still, they emerge & succeed. They are as strong as trees.
Gareth Bryant/2009

The Sunset!!!

The Day is just about nearly done.
The Sun sinks slowly, in the West.

The Sun is almost gone.
It has to leave, for rest.

The Sky gets darker; the Horizon becomes pink & yellow.
There’s a slight breeze; the atmosphere is quiet & mellow.

The Night begins to chase the Sun far away.
It has shed enough of its light, for one day.

There’s a dark blue tint, stretching & covering the Sky.
The Sun leaves us with its Solar glare, saying goodbye.

The Sunset has arrived, the Sun must give way.
We must endure the departure of our sunny day.

We look on, as we see the Sun being devoured, by the land.
We are helpless, as if we’re watching it sink, into quicksand.

The Darkness has overtaken the Light.
The Day is gone, it is now the Night.

The Sunset reminds us that nothing lasts forever.

Gareth Bryant/2009

The Sunrise!!!

Bright rays of light cut the Sky.
They form shades of pink & blue.

They give chase, to the dark shadow of the Night.
The Sun begins a day that is bright & brand-new.

From the long-stretched Horizon, the Sun’s golden rim emerges high.
As if it were a mighty Tree, it springs rapidly above, from the ground.

Its glow is greater with each moment, as it ascends to the Sky.
The Sun is big & bright; it begins shedding its light all around.

The mood is calm, as the Sky becomes lighter, yet clearer.
The Sun floats in the Sky, just like a leaf floats on a River.

In a Rainforest, the Sun makes the leaves of the Trees greener.
In a Desert, it makes the winds of a Sandstorm a little meaner.

It rises from the East every day, without the slightest hesitation.
It is one of the signs of Allah, made for Human contemplation.

In Nature, the Sun shines on Mountains & Valleys.
In cities, it even shines on street corners & alleys.

The Sunrise is a reminder, that we’ve made it through the Night.

Gareth Bryant/2009

The Four-Seasons:


It’s the rebirth of the Earth.
It contains so much worth.

Grass springs from the ground.
Birds sing & chirp all around.

Like our own beginnings, it’s all brand-new.
The colors of the season are all a bright hue.

The blood in our veins flow, as fast as a river, down a snow-capped Mountain.
It seems like our lives are just like this, heading towards a bottomless Fountain.

It is the time of year for growth, as well as youth.

Plants & Trees blossom beautiful Flowers & bear fresh Fruit.

The once dead land is now alive, with much couth.

Spring is like a person’s Childhood, fresh, yet delicate.

It must be sheltered, to avoid any type of impediment.

We are all Spring, at one point, in our lives.
These are the precious moments, which flee so quickly.

Just the mere thought of aging, we despise.
Before you know it, we grow up, so sudden & swiftly.

It’s the most innocent time of our existence.
We just frolic in life, without any instance.

Gareth Bryant/2009


It’s the season of Maturity; now, the stage of Accountability.
We are fully developed, like the earthly Foliage & Shrubbery.

We are fully aware of who we are, and what we do.
There are very little surprises, not many things new.

All Fruits are at their highest, ripened peak.
We have attained strength, no longer meek.

There is no limit to our greatness.
We’ve all inherited our destinies.

We use our skills & talents, to the absolute fullest.
Success is attained, through all of our capabilities.

We can conquer all, of what stands in our path.
Our bounties are plenty, no need to do the Math.

This, our seasonal, youthful, Summer of Life.
There is only content, not struggles nor strife.

We are as reckless as the Summer heat, we do not care who we scorch.
Our ambitions are like a white Flame, supported by our egos, its torch.

We are merciless, adventurous, hot, humid, unpredictable, unbearable crude and crass.
Our actions are as relentless as an untamed beasts; our speech sharp, as a blade of grass.

We are as free as the Wind; we fly through the Sky, like a winged Horse.
We accept no one’s approval on how to live; we set our very own course.

Gareth Bryant/2009


This season is reserved, for reflection & regret.
Wisdom is acquired, for what we don’t see yet.

We’re approaching the end of the road; we’re getting closer, to our final destination.
It is called the Hereafter; once at this point, we will know what our infinite abode is.

Tree leaves begin to wither & wrinkle, just like our once young, beautiful, smooth skin.
We had no idea that this would happen to us, wondering how we did not see any of this.

It is one of the facts of Life, aging without warning.
It reminds us of Death & what is still in the waiting.

We often think that our Springs & Summers will last forever.
Think again….those times are gone, youth will never be given back to us.

This is our season of breakdown; we begin to be less clever.
Our bodies get old & brittle; we begin to be grumpy, often making a fuss.

Allah has given us plenty of time.
Yet, we did not think to use it wisely.

We had the chance to do so much good.
However, we were very selfish & miserly.

We thought our time would never come to a halt.
Soon, we will cease suddenly, as a Lightning bolt.

We’re getting closer to our meeting, with our Lord.
It is He, who will decide who gets the punishment, or reward.

So, in conclusion, learn your lesson, before it is much too late!!!
Worship Allah, all your days, before your appointed death date!!!

Gareth Bryant/2009


It is so very cold & bleak.
Our Souls are getting weak.

This is Life’s dreadful, final chapter.
We are at the gates of the Hereafter.

Our Souls have been taken, from our physical shell.
It’s time for Allah’s judgment upon us; all is not well.

On the Day of Standing, the Earth will be like a barren, snowy, fruitless, leafless forest.
Standing before our Lord, His wrath we can’t even hide from, not in a bunker or fortress.

It will be the coldest Winter, ever; the only warmth will be His mercy.
It will only be given to those who served Him, this is a mere courtesy.

His punishment is more frigid, than an unyielding, blistering, merciless Antarctic wind.
His anger will shatter our Souls, just as Icebergs shatter mighty ships, without any end.

This is the torment He’s promised, for all of those who rejected His signs.
They ignored His warnings, until they aged & began to see wrinkle lines.

Now, they want to adhere to His call.
Now, He will not listen to them, at all.

They have been set upon a path, they all wished to seek.
There is no infinite reward, but only a punishment bleak.

If you do not wish, for this to be your fate, do not be the one who is heedless.
Obey Allah, as one ought to; your reward with Him is everlasting & priceless.

Gareth Bryant/2009

The Rivers of the Street!!!

When it rains, it pours, as the torrential bathing of New York, keeps us wet & cold.
Winds direct this Rain, to every corner, block & sidewalk; it just does what it’s told.

The day-long down-pour, from the Sky, funnels down avenues & alleyways.
The Storm-Clouds are gray, thick & heavy, with Water; there are no Sun-rays.

At every corner, there’s a junction of the Rivers of the Street.
Storm drains are where all these mighty concrete Rapids meet.

The homeless dwellers, of our underground city, use these rains, to shower.
They only get one chance to get clean; sometimes it rains less than an hour.

For them, these Rains represent hope, that Allah has not abandoned nor forgotten them.
They just take what they can get; it’s nothing to us; to them, the Rain is a precious gem.

So, the next time that we complain, about the Rain, we ought to be more grateful.
This Water, from the Sky, nourishes the Earth, making plants grow big & fruitful.

The next time we get drenched, we should think about our poor, homeless counterparts.
We don’t care how it feels, being at the bottom of the barrel; it doesn’t affect our hearts.

They’re the homeless, living in Train Stations & Sewers; they wait & hope for the Rain.
We ignore them, without realizing that they’re those whose only lifeline is a Storm drain.

Gareth Bryant/2009


Every day, we rush to underground conduits, which take us to our morning destinations.
Pushing & shoving, trying hard to fit in; missing the 5:30 express could make some sob.

We pack ourselves in, as if we’re canned Sardines, shipped to a local supermarket.
We cause constant inconvenience to others, no sense of courtesy, not even respect.

We start fights & arguments over a train seat.
We puke, at the smell of a bum’s funky feet.

There’s no relief, until you reach your desired stop.
Then, you are getting your bag searched, by a cop.

This ordeal will cost you over twenty minutes.
“I’m no terrorist”, you say, “This is ridiculous.”

The worst is yet to come, as you head back on the train for home.
You think, “Why me?!!!” it’s just your life as a commuter-drone.

The ride home is long, hot, stuffy, crowded; you’re really thinking of just buying a car.
But, this is the way life works for you, being a strap-hanger is just part of who you are.

You wouldn’t trade it for anything, as crazy as that may sound.
There is nothing like riding the Subway; it takes us all around.

The life of a Human-Sardine isn’t at all easy.

But, it’s just the life of the average New Yorker.

Gareth Bryant/2009

The Canvas & the Painter!!!

The woman is like a canvas, and I am like her painter.

I’ve used my long, brown paintbrush, with its gentle bristles, to paint her entire body.
I’ve longed to give her blank body expression; it is just as though she consumes me.

I’ve drawn ridges up and down her tender spine, similar to the lengthy mountain ranges.
I’ve drawn for her a smile unforgettable, like the radiance of the Sun & without changes.

The woman is like a canvas, and I am like her painter.

She never worries about me making mistakes; I keep her mind at ease.
She is always in awe of my expertise; I always produce a masterpiece.

On her canvas, I have placed lush green valleys, with beautiful lakes, rivers & springs.
Her arms and legs are drawn & painted delicately like an Eagle’s noble, golden wings.

The woman is like a canvas, and I am like her painter.

I have made her skin, as soft as clouds in the Sky; the woman’s canvas is certainly a treasure.
A woman’s grace and beauty is simply priceless; a woman’s value has absolutely no measure.

So, whenever you see a woman, think of a beautiful painting.
She is a perfect display of artistry; she’s just simply amazing.

Gareth Bryant/2011


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  38. Dear Rabb, I pray each day
    that Thou be pleased with me
    The yearning keeps growing stronger here inside of me
    For Rabb, I am truly ever so pleased with Thee
    Oh Rabb, it is Your Blessed Face that I forever seek
    You are the Best, of this there is no doubt
    You are the Peace for the seekers and devout
    And very morn that I am fortunate to awake,
    I am truly grateful for Your Kindness and Your Grace
    I have my ups and sometimes my downs
    But, after all, this world is our testing ground
    And throughtout it all, Your Noor still shines, Divine!
    Cleansing and Nourishing,for Thou Art the Most Kind.

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