A Response to the Article, “the Qur’an does not prohibit women’s marriage to people of the book – and other facts about interfaith marriage in Islam”



The Following is a Response to an Article, sent to me, regarding this Pathological-View that Muslim-Women are Islāmically-Allowed to “marry” Non-Muslim Men. The Name of Source of the Article is, “Freedom from the Forbidden” and here’s the Artcle itself:


The Author of this Article is being completely Dishonest, pertaining to the Islāmic-Prohibition of Muslim-Women “marrying” Non-Muslim Men period. The Qur’ān states Clearly, within Chpt.2, V.221 that unless a Man believes (if he’s a Mushrik/Committer of Shirk/Association) then it’s 💯%-Unconditionally Mahrūm/Islāmically-Prohibited for a Muslim-Woman to give herself to any Non-Muslim Man. Now, let’s examine what Shirk is: from the Verb “Sharaka”, meaning “To partner, to share, to collaborate, to conspire, etc.”.( Lisānul-`Arab: Lexicon of the Arabic-Language) The Islāmic-Definition of Shirk, among countless places within the Qur’ān Word4Word define what Shirk is: to state, think/believe, pontificate, promote, etc. anything about Allah which isn’t based upon Revelation.(Noble-Qur’ān: Chpt.5, V.18; Chpt.9, V.30; Chpt.18, V.1-6)

Based upon the Proofs from the Qur’ān directly, this proves that any/every Non-Muslim Man is Mahrūm for any/every Muslim-Woman & any/every Muslim-Woman is Mahrūm for any/every Non-Muslim Man. It’s very simple: Marriage is an Act of Worship Islāmically, and any/all Acts of Worship must at all Times possess Precedent within direct orders within Revelatory-Texts (the Qur’ān&Sunnah). And, there’s absolutely Zero-Precedent for Muslim-Women to either be “married” to any Non-Muslim Man, or for any Muslim-Woman to remain “married” to any Non-Muslim Man. If “marrying” Non-Muslim Men/remaining “married” to Non-Muslim Men would’ve been Mahlūl/Islāmically-Allowed, then all of the Female-Companions (May Allah be pleased with them) of Muhammad (Peace be upon him) who had Non-Muslim Husbands would’ve been Allowed to remain “married” to their Non-Muslim “Husbands”, meaning that V.221 in Chpt.2 of the Qur’ān would’ve either never been revealed, or it would’ve been made Mansūkh/Abrogated.

Moreover, if this were True, Umm-Habībah: one of the Wives of Muhammad (Peace be upon him) & and the Daughter of Abī-Sufyān (May Allah be pleased with her), would’ve been Allowed to remain “married” to her Non-Muslim “Husband” prior to being married to Muhammad. Also, as with the Case of `Ikrimah (May Allah be pleased with him): the Son of Abī-Jahl, who became a Muslim during/after the Conquest of al-Makkah; his Wife became a Muslim prior to him, and she explained to him that if he didn’t accept Islām that they couldn’t be together.(ar-Rahīq-ul-Makhtūm/The Sealed-Nectar; Hayāt-us-Sahābah/Lives of the Companions) In other words: stop being Dishonest & stop try to commit Tahrīf (Distortion of Islāmic-Texts either in Word or in Meaning). Because, in all actuality, all you’re doing is encouraging Muslim-Women (under this False-Flag of Women’s-Liberation: a Euphemism for Feminism, Feminism itself, Religious-Reformation which Islām does not need, etc.) to commit az-Zinā/Sexual-Lewdness (THOT-Like Behavior) with Non-Muslim Men. This Article is just as Evil, and its Author is Misguided.

Gareth Bryant/2017

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  1. Thank you for engaging! I actually address this claim of yours in my article. I won’t repeat it here, but I don’t understand why the women of the People of the Book are NOT mushriks but the men of the People of the Book are. Do you see what the issue is here? Because if you argue that men, too, are prohibited from marrying People of the Book because of the latter’s shirk, then that’s all fine – it’s an issue only when the shirk of the POB is invoked only when it comes to women’s marriage.

    And that’s where the logic of those with your viewpoint becomes circular, dishonest, and inaccurate.


    • Allah makes the Exception in the Qur’án, allowing both the Food & Women of the Jews&Christians to indulge in (via Marriage). The Reasoning why is 2-Fold: 1. In terms of Patriarchy/Leadership, the Man is more influential in a Sexual-Relationship than a Woman is. I can prive this Arbitrarily: when’s the last Time/how often have you ever heard of a Man leaving Islām, because of some Non-Muslim Woman?!!! I’ve literally only persinally heard of this happening once since I’ve been a Muslim & I’ve been a Muslim since I was 15. Conversely: when’s the last Time/how often have you ever heard of a Woman leaving Islām, because of some Non-Muslim Man?!!! It occurs all of the Time. The Purpose is to shield the Muslim-Woman from the Non-Islāmic-Influence of Non-Muslim Men. Moreover, why would/how could any Muslim-Woman be Comfortable giving herself Sexually to a Man who commits Shirk/Association with Allah?!!! It’s Disturbing & Disgusting…it’s Shameful.

      2. Simply based upon the Reality of Influence Men have over Women in Sexual-Relationships: Women are Wesker than Men, in all Categories of Existence, except: Spirituality, Freewill, Intelligence. Specifically pertaining to the Psycho-Emotional States of Humans, Women are significantly more Fragile than Men are, esoecially when Pipe-Game is a Factor. So, by virtue of the Nature Allah created Men&Women with Naturally, this is why from a Revelatory perspective: Muslim-Men are Allowed to marry Non-Muslim Women (Jews&Christians): so we can Screw da Shirk out of em.

      The End

    • Chpt.5, V.5 completely debunks your entire Article. If it were Exceptionally-Allowable for Muslim-Women to marry Jewish/Christian Men, then within the Qur’ān itself (at least within the same Verse which Exceptionally-Allows Muslim-Men to marry Jewish/Christian Women), there would’ve been Revelation stating Word4Word that Muslim-Women are Allowed to be married to Jewish/Christian Men. But, you have a Serious-Problem: this doesn’t exist in any Revelatory-Texts: neither within The Qur’ān nor within the Sunnah/Prophetic-Tradition. So, you basically keep proving how Ignorant, Arrogant, Islāmophobic, etc. you truly are, everytime you write and/or speak. You obviously don’t know/care concerning the Severity of your Lies. So, I strongly suggest that you stop lying upon Allah, before your Lies land you into the Fire.

      • Wait, you didn’t read the article at all. That’s not cool. You shouldn’t respond to something unless you read it fully. I’ve addressed this convenient claim of “exception for men” in there.

        Never mind – I thought we could actually have a productive conversation about this. That’s disappointing.

      • No, what’s Disappointing is your Feministic-Agenda. What’s Disappointing is your Thirst to distort what Allah has already set in Order via Revelation (the Qur’ān&Sunnah).

      • I see. But you see, I’ve a hard time taking this seriously because this is clearly an emotional and over-reactionary response to the title of my article. No engagement with the content whatsoever. Once you’ve calmed down a little and recovered from the shock that you’ve been taught wrong, get back to me & I’ll explain to you what all you’ve got wrong here.

        Looking forward.

        Salaam ❤

  2. No, you’ve clearly proven that you’ve absolutely Zero-Respect for the Revelation of Allah. Your Article blatantly manifests Tahrīf (Textual/Interpretive Distortion) against Revelation (the Qur’ān&Sunnah). I’ve Serious-Questions for you: why is it so Important for you to outlandishly rebel against the Revelation of Allah?!!! Why is so dire for you to compromise your Connection to Allah, in order to promote an Islamophibic, Feministic Agenda?!!! Why are you following the Footsteps of ash-Shaytān/the Devil?!!!

    • What “Emotionalism” are you actually referring to?!!! The Author of the Article is blatantly pontificating/promoting at-Tahrīf/Textual-Distortion & I was able to prove that…what exactly is your Point?!!!

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