Seductive Selfies


A terrific article about “Selfie-Culture”…very thought provoking. Kudos to the author: Scotland’s Sweetheart.


Seductive Selfie-Side Effects

When I joined the ‘Social Media Craze’ almost instantly, I felt vulnerable.

I felt like I had entered a dark world in which self-worth was determined by the number of seductive and glamorous selfies, likes and follows. A place full of young girls and woman, mimicking the flirtatious poses of celebrities in order to prove their worth.

The pressure of taking the right picture, with the right filter, wearing the right outfit, at the right place, with the right people, with a full-face of makeup is putting immense pressure on young girls and woman and is a major cause of depression.

The high rates of depression seen in social media-friendly people is also attributed to the inconsistency they observe between their ideal cyber self and their self-image. The desire to be seen positively has taught us to silence our troubles and we now do not know how…

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