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  1. Or rather perhaps it’s because Allah doesn’t want our dua for our oppressed brothers and sisters…. Perhaps it’s that He wants us to take meaningful action. There is no where I have come across where someone is in need and Allah says – Make dua for them. It’s always help them!

    • @Mazen…Muhammad (Peace be upon him) always made Du`a’ for People, when they were in need. For example, whenever someone was sick that Muhammad had ever visited, regardless to whether they were even a Muslim or Non-Muslim, he would make Du`a’ for them. Now, obviously, those whom are Ill are in need of Cures, are they not? #ThinkAboutIt

  2. Bismilah.

    Allah answers our prayers! And will answer every plea we make for ourselves and for the oppressed. Oh Allah please increase us in prayer ameen.

    We just need to be more proactive in rectifying ourselves and doing what we can that wil help the oppressed even if they are small deeds.

    Oh Allah forgive us ameen.
    May Allah swt lift the oppression from all those that are suffering injustices around the world and bless the Muslims to rectify and to do righteous actions that affects postive change in this world. Ameen

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