My Somali-Rose:



At 1st-glance, my heart yearns to dance…
…Longing for your gleaming countenance.

When the morning-dew rises over Mogadishu…
…Your bright smile shines, makes the day new.

Even though you are kind of rowdy and moody, you are still just as pretty as Djibouti…
…Since the day you were born, you’ve encompassed all the beauty of the African-Horn.

Your mysterious, yet curious persona, hailing from the land of Punt…
…It makes me even more sure that you are the one that I really want.

Your dark-brown, sweet-sounding, vocal complexion…
…Your incredible vibe and touch, needs no explanation.

You have grown from the most able fertile soil…
…That Earth has been carefully selected for toil.

I’ve just met you; yet, your fragrance of your pleasantry smells amazing…
…The aroma from your delicate stride, all the time, makes my heart sing.

The rivers of your curves flow, which shape a beautiful delta…
…Your luscious forestry are as exotic as the island of Socotra.

Your coastline, like your waistline, slim, long, slender…
…Your beaches are pure and your sea-breeze is tender.

You’re so noble & dignified when you don your honorable clothes…
…Even though so far away, you are so near, my sweet Somali-Rose.

Gareth Bryant/2014

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